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Published on June 18th, 2017 | by Chuck


Staples: Purchase $300 In Visa Gift Cards & Get $15 Visa Gift Card (6/18-6/24) [Not Found in Ad]

The Offer

  • Get a $15 Visa gift card via Staples Easy Rebates when you buy $300 in Visa gift cards at a Staples store

This offer is not showing in the weekly ad, but can be found here with the search Blackhawk Network or rebate ID 17-16506. Valid on SKUs: 763604, 763602, 374172, 763607, 374177, 866291.

The Fine Print

  • Valid Sunday 6/18 through Saturday 6/24
  • In-store only
  • Limit one rebate per household

Our Verdict

The $20 rebate deals are better, but a pretty good deal. It offsets the fees for purchasing the cards, plus a dollar or two extra.

Learn more about Staples Easy Rebates in this post. As always, be sure to use a credit card that earns bonus points for office supply stores.

Hat tip to Slickdeals

39 Responses to Staples: Purchase $300 In Visa Gift Cards & Get $15 Visa Gift Card (6/18-6/24) [Not Found in Ad]

  1. CM says:

    The $20 deal was hardly worth it, and this one is a complete bust, especially if you have to go out of your way to visit a store.

    The 20 dollar cards were already quite annoying to keep track of.

    • joE says:

      2k+ UR’s and $6 per transaction, all for free is “hardly worth it”? Thanks for the good laugh.

      • Evan says:

        Those deals are only worth it if you have an Ink card or sth similar. Otherwise I’d agree with him, they aren’t worth the hassle involved.

        • joE says:

          hence why you don’t go around making a blanket statement like he did. It’s not worth it to him, but it is to many others.

        • CM says:

          To confirm, I don’t think it’s worth it even with Ink, especially as long as OD/OM continue to run their instant rebate deals. Just as I said — too much hassle for a mere non-scalable 2k UR when you can make 10k UR for same effort elsewhere.

          We have a dozen of OD/OM here, and only a couple of Staples in inconvenient locations. Just my opinion.

          • Captainsave says:

            Where can i make 10k UR plus a few bucks?

          • scott says:

            Still not following your reasoning. What’s a non-scalable UR? And sure, I can and do make 10UR elsewhere (like PPDG) easily….. But how does that make the Staples deals not worth it — you seem to be claiming for anybody?

            Yet if it’s a matter of office stores near you, then sure, if you’re one of the luckier who have an OD/OM near you, then sure, great. For me, nearest OD/OM is over 70 miles away. (and I’ve got two staples minutes away) And if memory serves, there are over twice as many Staples locations left (around 1500?) compared to OD/OM….

            But I’d be even happier if I could partake of promos at both. 🙂

          • scott says:

            I haven’t seen any OD/OM instant rebate deals in a while. So I don’t mind getting a $20 Visa gift card.

      • Roberto says:

        For us INK cardholders, there’s no easy way on the Chase Biz website to track how many UR points we’ve earned in the office supply category yet, is there? Wish they had a wheel or graph like they do for CSR travel credit or Amex $200. Just wanted to check!

        • cdelorim says:

          You have to go the the Ultimate Rewards site for your Ink card. It will show how much has been earned in the 1x extra and 4x extra UR bonus categories.

    • scott says:

      How was the $20 deal hardly worth it? Not only do you earn 1500 free points but you make a profit.

  2. Ashok says:

    do the meta bank cards work for USPS money orders ?

  3. scott says:

    Wow, thanks for the alert; I’d likely have missed it otherwise. Sure, $20 VGC is nicer; yet $15 not bad either, especially when racking up valuable Chase Ultimate Rewards points via Ink. $400 in cards (net free) translates into 2,000 CUR points. Do that 2 & a half times and we’ve earned a “free” night at many fine Hyatt Place locations…. (among many ideas.) Much worth the “hassle” to me. 🙂

  4. kevin says:

    good enough for meeting spending requirement

  5. Captainsave says:

    Now i wait for these deal then go recycle ink and grab some vgc while at it. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone

  6. Emmanuel Ruiz says:

    Me? I don’t care. I buy 2 x $200, Staples, OD/OM. I make $ 2.00 on a $15. rebate I make 2000 UR. I make a little more if its $20. When the Visa Gift Card arrives, I turn around and do an Amazon GC reload…easy-peasey. Now, if its OD/OM – oh my! I use United Mileage X app to get 5x + 5x on the Ink plus the rebate and you say holy-moly!!! You can’t go wrong guys. To those who says its just not worth it, then you are missing out my friends…be smart.

    • Jason says:

      How are you getting 5x via United Mileage X and then 5x UR too?

      I wasn’t sure OD/OM gift cards could purchase VGC and really didn’t think Mileage X earned 5x UR?

      • Beth says:

        Although technically Mileage X isn’t supposed to be used for gift cards, some (emphasis on SOME) cashiers will allow it and it does work at both Od/OM and Staples. The problem arises when you buy the gift card with mileage X and then the cashier says “oh no you cannot use a gift card to buy a gift card” sometimes you can say “yes, you can use a Staples (or OD/O) gift card but you cannot use any other type” sometimes they just won’t let it fly. YMMV but you may get stuck with a $413.90 mileage X gift card at an office supply store.

        • jason says:

          Thanks for the info. I knew you could occasionally get Staples employees to run them, but had heard they could get/would get in trouble for it because it’s against company policy. I’m assuming the same is likely true at OD/OM?

          Knowingly doing something that could get an employee in trouble is across my line, but maybe not so for all.

  7. Don't says:

    Don’t buy it people! They’re testing it out. If they still sell alot with $15 rebate then we won’t see $20 again.

  8. calwatch says:

    The one good thing about Staples deals is that they always seem to be in stock, moreso than OD/OM which run out the first day of the deal. So I have a better chance of getting in on it. Unloading is tougher anyway since they got rid of WM kiosks. They are advertising it in store BTW, it’s just not in the ad.

  9. Ed says:

    Liquidation methods drying up, reports of cards already drained within hours of buying it and now a lower rebate. We are a desperate sort aren’t we? I used to buy other items (household, candy, something) when going into buy these when the rebate was $20. Now, I won’t buy anything except the cards just for the measly $15 + cc rewards. Sure, I’ll buy vgc, but my small protest will be to buy nothing else. Doing same with OM since they (or vendor) lowered their instant rebate down to $10 last time in prep for their higher store rewards program. At least with OM I’ll get some household/office supply with my eventual OM reward points to make up for the lowered instant rebate if that’s the way they want to do it. Not that I’m not grateful for a little sale from these stores, but there’s a limit when it becomes more time consuming for some (time is money).

  10. Bill says:

    Very new to MS. If I buy a $$$ VGC, do I then by a MO with this or is that I now just use this instead of my credit card for the next $$$ in purchases. I see that my original VGC purchase is earning points, but I’m missing the next step to start padding points. I also do need to meet my spending requirements on new card I just got. Thanks!

  11. Jonathan says:

    Bill: how you use your VGC is up to you. If you want to turn it immediately back into cash, buy an MO and deposit that MO into your bank account. That’s the most common procedure. Before you start, I suggest reading up on manufactured spending until you’ve got the basic concepts down.

  12. MarcoPolo says:

    Not sure about Walmart but you can’t buy MO at post offices or grocery stores using these gift cards.

    • Jerry says:

      Not even walmart unless you know someone working at the customer service area and is willing to accept these gift cards. They only accept cards with our name on it.

      • Rick says:

        Around me, Walmart, Kroger, and USPS didn’t care or ask to see the card when buying MO. Those were all USBank Visa Gift Card or MasterCard Gift cards. MCGC didn’t work at WM though because I didn’t know about the “hit Cancel after swiping” trick to enter a PIN to prevent it from running as credit.

        At Kroger I was automatically prompted for a PIN for both MCGC and VGC. Is it possible/probable that the behavior will be different, given that these are apparently Metabank instead of USBank?

        • MarcoPolo says:

          AFAIK Metabank GCs don’t work.

          • Rick says:

            DP: Surprisingly, using the MetaBank Visa gift cards at my favorite Kroger worked fine. Bought an MO for $500… 2 MetaBank VGCs plus one USBank MasterCard GC that I got from the $10 off $100 Safeway promo.

            I know MO purchases with gift cards are highly location & cashier dependent, but just wanted to post my DP to let people know that it may be worth a try at your local store.

      • Eugene says:

        DP: Bought MO yesterday in Walmart with Metabank cards from Staples. Worked like a charm.

  13. twistedlogic says:

    Can confirm Staples $200 Visa GC (SKU 375429) triggers the $15 Easy Rebate after $300+ even though it isn’t one of the listed SKUs.

  14. Jason says:

    Is there a new policy limiting one customer to 5 Visa GCs per day? I heard that twice this last week from ONE Staples store. Never heard it anywhere else.

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