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Published on February 15th, 2018 | by Chuck


Swagbucks: $24 Moneymaker with Gamefly Subscription

Update 02/15/18: Reposting because it’s now 3,400 SB.

[08/29/17: Reposting since this it’s up to 2,800 SB now. Hat tip to  to readers zap and J.]

The Offer

Direct Link

  • Signup for a two-month Gamefly subscription at the cost of $10 and get 2,500 2,800 3,400 Swagbucks


The Fine Print

  • This offer may only be redeemed one time per user
  • You must be a new GameFly customer
  • Swagbucks awarded within 24 hours
  • This is a recurring billing subscription; after the first 2 months, you’ll be billed $15.95/month
  • Alternate coupon codes/discounts may void offer
  • If you cancel your order, your SB may be revoked
  • Some report the deal not showing properly on mobile

Our Verdict

A similar offer has run numerous times in the past, but it was always 2,000 Swagbucks; this one is $14 better. If you did a previous deal, you can’t do this one.

Swagbucks are worth at least one cent per point, and you’ll net $18 on this deal, plus 2 free months of service. It’s especially worthwhile for someone who is interested in the actual service offered.

Remember to set yourself a reminder to evaluate if you should cancel the subscription before the two months are over. To cancel, login to your Gamefly account and click on your name on the top right > account setting > cancel my membership.

Points are reportedly posting instantly with this deal. Just bear in mind that with other Swagbucks deals, some people have had problems either with the portal tracking or with Swagbucks deactivating their account for reasons which aren’t clear, so keep the risks in mind.

If you’re new to Swagbucks then please read our review. You can also get a bonus of up to $13 by using a referral link.


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What a sweet deal. The gamer in me loves it.

Also, this offer qualifies you for a free month of Hulu as well–sweetens the deal even more.

Easy peasy. Posted instantly for me too. Came out to a few cents less than $15 because of tax, but still a great deal since I was considering buying a new game anyway over the next couple months. Thanks Chuck!

Welp, maybe spoke too soon… “There is a problem with your account. For further assistance, contact GameFly Support.”

Sent them an email, hopefully SB doesn’t clawback anything…

No biggie but they charge tax too. Points posted instantly. Thanks Chuck!!

When exactly did u sigh it up?

about a minute before I posted the comment

Just FYI if you’re not a gamer, gamefly will mail you DVDs/Bluray movies like non-streaming Netflix. So non-gamers can get some enjoyment from the subscription as well.

good to know, thanks!

It worked, but the email I registered for swagbucks with isn’t the same as my paypal email. I didn’t realize this would cause a problem redeeming SB.

Signed up, 2500 pts posted instantly! Lego City Undercover here I come.

Got my account deactivated after signing up for Dollar shave club and then Hulu. No idea why.

Is the direct link dead for anyone else?

Thank you got it

Signed up this morning and didn’t get the swag bucks yet – just tried to click through again to see and it says it has been deactivated…may be because I already did it but someone who hasn’t may want to check the link just in case.

FYI, for people who have already done swagbucks gamefly deal, there are similar deals on mypoints. Rewards are worth less, though. They have Hulu for 2500 points (there are ways to make this work without paying $7.99 just as for swagbucks FYI – google will be your friend) and then through their trial pay portal 2500 pts for gamefly 2 month $10. With 5k points you have enough for $25 via PayPal

How do that without paying? I couldn’t find it off google

Just completed and got instant credit on swagbucks. Super easy deal, Thanks!

Seems like it’s down to 1,000 SB now, so no longer a moneymaker.

It went back up again to 2500SB. Did it. Points posted instantly and got a code for a free month of Hulu.

how do you apply the free month of hulu if you are already subscribed to hulu?
Sorry for the nood question, I do not use it, I just got hulu because of the hulu/swagbucks deal. Thanks

Still waiting to get paid out for last time. Swagbucks is garbage imo. Never got paid for this or ProActive

What happens when you contact support?

For GF they said originally they were aware of the issue and are working with their partners. It has been a month now – how long does it take when they are paying out new members instantly now.

For Proactive I told them after 5 days it didn’t show in my pending or anything and they didn’t respond until 3 days later saying it was a delayed payout. Terms said should be paid within 10 days even though most people got it much sooner. I emailed them again today (day 12) and there has been no response.

I even posted on their facebook page on Friday about both issues and they did not respond but some other people said they have had issues with the offers in the past and quit doing them.

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