[Expired] [Targeted] AmEx Offer: ANA, Spend $1,000+ & Receive 25,000 MR Points

Deal has ended, view more ANA deals by clicking here.

Update 2/4/24: There is another variation with a 3/10/2024 end date.

The Offer

No direct link, targeted offer

  • Get 25,000 additional Membership Rewards® points one-time by using your enrolled eligible card to spend a minimum of $1,000 in one or more purchases online at fly-ana.com by 2/20/2024

The Fine Print

  • Flight must originate in US and be charged in USD to qualify.
  • Not valid for purchases made through partner sites, agents, affiliates, and third parties.
  • Excludes tickets purchased by phone or in-person at airport ticket offices, event organizer purchases, charters, car rentals, transport to/from the airport, Mozio eSIM service, and purchases made on-board flights.

Our Verdict

Nice offer if you plan to fly with ANA anyway.

View more Amex offers here & if you have any questions about American Express offers then read this post.

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Brian (@guest_1799124)
February 17, 2024 14:05

DP: I was able to get this offer credited for paying award taxes/fees. I was worried it might not trigger after seeing some DPs on here and Reddit that the taxes/fees gets charged in yen instead of USD, but I was charged in USD and the offer was credited the same day the charge posted. Here’s what I did in case it helps someone else:

  1. Opened an incognito window with the Amex site and clicked on the link in the Amex offer (https://www.ana.co.jp/en/us/). It should say USA – English in the top right. Be sure it does not say Japan – English; the site looks almost the same. I found the site would often revert to the Japan site if the site times out (so that’s why I started with an incognito window).
  2. Click on Flight Awards > Award Reservation, and proceed to search and book your ticket. Note this screen (at least from what I can tell) doesn’t show if you are still on the USA – English site, but all amounts shown throughout the booking process were in USD. After making the booking, the e-ticket PDF also specify the charges being done in USD.

According to ANA’s website (https://ana-support.my.site.com/enjp/s/article/answers3349en), the country site you book from determines the currency being used so make sure to start with “USA – English” in the top right before making the flight award reservation.

SF (@guest_1793515)
February 5, 2024 18:31

nice, might be helpful for award bookings. not sure about the website though… usually i go to https://www.ana.co.jp/en/us/ and the website in the terms seems to redirect there anyways

Corey (@guest_1792849)
February 4, 2024 20:50

Ana prices are god awful right now fyi!

Stan Lane
Stan Lane (@guest_1794245)
February 7, 2024 09:25

All of Japan is overpriced, and I agree the prices are insane. $700 a night for an average 4 star hotel in Tokyo, and that’s with the best conversion rates of USD holders in 33 years!

KM985 (@guest_1783608)
January 22, 2024 23:48

Has anyone been able to trigger this offer while paying award fees? I have seen DPs that they are being charged in yen and the offer is not triggering.

J (@guest_1793104)
February 5, 2024 09:16

My award fees are $211.40 for now and will report back if I have more later. I was charged in USD instead of yen, so I *guess* if you are on the right website, the offer will be applied.

Robert (@guest_1801826)
February 22, 2024 21:41

Any updates? 🙂

Jamie (@guest_1808380)
March 5, 2024 14:52

My friend successfully got it after using ANA USA website to book award ticket and I also got the bonus points after booking a Economy round-trip ticket from JFK <–> HND <–> TSA.

Billy Bob
Billy Bob (@guest_1769536)
January 2, 2024 22:36

Never any travel offers on the travel cards…

Yangon (@guest_1769455)
January 2, 2024 21:08

I had it for a day and it disappeared before I clicked. I really want the zip air more than ana

Lu (@guest_1770156)
January 3, 2024 19:07

I got the zip air on 3 cards????, but I really want the ANA, but didn’t get it.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd
Harcourt Fenton Mudd (@guest_1792832)
February 4, 2024 20:22

I had it also and it’s gone now.

Andy (@guest_1769443)
January 2, 2024 20:47

none of my card has the ANA offer, wondering what card may get this offer

szz (@guest_1769343)
January 2, 2024 18:45

typo “2/200/2024

Zac H
Zac H (@guest_1769330)
January 2, 2024 18:31

ANA IS HAVING A fire SALE! Aaamazing Grace!! Oh I can’t even see the door!! (And scene)

rip_kb24 (@guest_1769262)
January 2, 2024 17:15

Anyone try it on ANA award taxes/fees? Curious if that will trigger. Don’t have any bookings coming up so unfortunately can’t be the “DP I want to see”

Bob (@guest_1774343)
January 9, 2024 13:04

It did not trigger for me for award taxes/fees. Bummer. But also it was charged in yen, even though I started from the American site, not sure if there is a way to have the taxes/fees for awards be charged in USD, would love to know

Mike (@guest_1786151)
January 26, 2024 10:40

It would trigger it if you’d booked it via the US ANA website as that is the only way get charged in USD

Bob (@guest_1791735)
February 3, 2024 00:00

I started from that site. But as soon as you click Flight Awards -> Award Reservation it takes you to a site that ends in .jp