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Mr G
Mr G (@guest_1872426)
July 10, 2024 16:28

Did anyone receive an e-mail saying they qualified for the bonus? Asking because I did get one at the half way point back in May but nothing after June 25th which was somewhat surprising.

shoreman (@guest_1872452)
July 10, 2024 17:29

Not surprising at all. Why would you need THEM to tell you you qualified for the bonus? You would know if you met or didn’t meet the requirements. It’s pretty straightforward.

Mr G
Mr G (@guest_1872918)
July 11, 2024 13:47

No need for the snarky comment. I was asking because the Savings Boost Bonus FAQ states the following…

How will I know if I’ve qualified for a Savings Boost Bonus?

If you’ve met the Required Deposit Amount ($15,000 or $25,000) and fulfilled the Hold Amount and Hold Period requirements, we’ll send you an email confirming that you’ve qualified.

Frito Pendejo
Frito Pendejo (@guest_1871303)
July 8, 2024 18:26

When money?

Otto (@guest_1871315)
July 8, 2024 18:56

Account must be open when Bonus is credited by 07/25/2024.

neo (@guest_1868181)
July 2, 2024 11:47

Lurking around for any DPs on bonus received.

Otto (@guest_1864999)
June 26, 2024 06:56

Reminder you can withdraw now.

Raymond (@guest_1857559)
June 8, 2024 19:33

any reason to keep this open after receivng bonus. I did mine in 2022.

Celia 🔗
Celia 🔗 (@guest_1857570)
June 8, 2024 20:47

Discovers offers existing users offers from time to time as in the post.

Raymond (@guest_1859415)
June 13, 2024 16:13

had account open since Nov 2022, not seeing any in last two years lol

Celia 🔗
Celia 🔗 (@guest_1859427)
June 13, 2024 16:33

Are you subscribed to promo emails? They are targeted, not sure how. P2 opened theirs in early 2021 and has had two offers since then (only used the first). I’ve had two offers in the same timeframe and have had my account for a decade or so.

1 (@guest_1830522)
April 13, 2024 22:30

Looks like the 400 for 45k is back. Tmf324

Mf1 (@guest_1827151)
April 6, 2024 23:33

Received the offer with a few k in account BH

shoreman (@guest_1826947)
April 6, 2024 12:42

I got the offer yesterday ($5.14 in my account). The ‘opportunity cost’ of doing this offer with the $25000 deposit is about $43, as I earn 5.28% on my money in my current account, but would only be earning 4.25% for two months with Discover. So the ‘net’ bonus is $157. I’m deciding whether to jump on it. Need to make a decision within about 2 weeks.

Otto (@guest_1826960)
April 6, 2024 13:20

I came to similar conclusion. I normally don’t go for something small like this but this doesn’t involve opening a new account, so I may go for it.

Sarah (@guest_1827078)
April 6, 2024 20:37

Go for it, it is a super easy offer to do.

shoreman (@guest_1827279)
April 7, 2024 11:15

Hey Sarah,

At your ‘urging’, just pulled the trigger!

KE (@guest_1827179)
April 7, 2024 01:44

9.4% effective APY if you keep the money in there for the 60 days. Only the Cap1 offer recently has beaten this (it was slightly more than 10% APY). The Discover one is easier if you already have the account (no need to fiddle with linking accounts).

Frito Pendejo
Frito Pendejo (@guest_1826910)
April 6, 2024 10:17

My wife was targeted for this, but I was not.

We both have three Discover savings accounts from the new account bonuses years ago. We actively use them all as ACH hubs and balances are always nonzero.. .anything from a few bucks to (briefly) thousands

I suspect targeting truly is random.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT THE TARGETED LANGUAGE SAYS “selected account ending in XXXX”. So if you have multiple accounts make sure you put the money in the right one that it tells you in the email.

Barrytuneup (@guest_1826988)
April 6, 2024 14:45

good to know. I have 3 and did this last year (targeted) and new offer on different acct.

Jswarrior (@guest_1826752)
April 5, 2024 20:07

I swear the only offers I get targeted for by anyone is balance transfers and personal loans.