Posted by William Charles on September 25, 2017
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Published on September 25th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Targeted] Gap/Banana/Old Navy Visa Card – 5x On Groceries, Dining & Travel With No Cap

The Offer

  • Select GAP/Banana Republic/Old Navy cardholders are receiving an offer for 5x points on groceries, dining and travel with no cap between October 1st & December 31st, 2017

The Fine Print

  • Targeted offer
  • No cap
  • Redeem 500 points for $5 in rewards (can only be used on GAP brands/stores)

Our Verdict

This is why this card is listed as one of the best store cards available.

Hat tip to reader Paola C

16 Responses to [Targeted] Gap/Banana/Old Navy Visa Card – 5x On Groceries, Dining & Travel With No Cap

  1. CM says:

    The problem I had a few years ago is that you basically lose out on GAP points in returns — it seems like you don’t really get it back, IIRC, especially on partial returns.

    I stopped using the card. Would be good if they offer statement credit towards purchases.

  2. JASON says:

    Jesus Christ!!! 5% no cap!!!! I need this so bad! Going to get it! Must have! MS in 3 months for millions! But wait, targeted…

  3. riya says:

    for which card is this? DO SPECIFY

  4. Dave says:

    You should mention that the rewards points are for future purchases at Gap brand stores.

  5. NinjaX says:

    people need to understand this isnt 5% UR or 5% Discover CC. this is in the GAP ecosystem. very niche use. but if u love GAP/Banana Republic/Old Navy, then its good.

    • Elmer says:

      C’mon man, can’t you eat cheap t-shirts or Moreno sweaters?
      Don’t forget you can use them on Gap Home products too. That’s flexibility! Hahaha.
      It’s a good deal, but definitely not “same as cash!”

  6. CMB says:

    I wonder what % of cardholders get these targeted offers. I’ve yet to get one since I got my card 1 year ago.

    • Big says:

      I used to be the same way. I noticed that if you don’t use your card outside of their brands or hardly use it at all, you’re more likely to get them. I only use the card when I get an offer, and have had one constantly for nearly a year now.

  7. Ozzie says:

    I got a different offer for my Gap Visa Card.

    + 1 POINT on all other purchases made outside our brands
    + 100 POINTS EACH DAY [when] you use your Gap Visa Card outside our brands

    • CMB says:

      Was this offer from an email, or snail mail? Thx

      • Ozzie says:

        Snail mail. I also got one of these in the spring. However, I didn’t get that mailer right away because I was travelling. I saw a post about this offer online and decided to try a few small purchases anyway and realized I was getting 100 pts each day in my account.

  8. AndyP says:

    Can the points be used towards the purchase of a GAP gift card that could then be resold?

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