Posted by William Charles on May 9, 2015
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Published on May 9th, 2015 | by William Charles


Will Chase Match A Higher Checking/Savings Bonus?

I recently signed up for a Chase total checking bonus for $150, then I received a $300 offer in the mail. Will Chase match this higher sign up bonus like they do for credit cards?


I’ve never heard of Chase matching a higher checking or savings bonus before. A reader recently sent me an e-mail sharing their experiences:

Opened an in-bank chase savings account with the recent $175 coupon that you could get sent from chase. A couple of weeks later they sent me both by email and snail mail a $200 voucher for savings account….seemingly it takes their marketing machine 3 months to recognize a new checking account user without a savings account.

Tried by SM and phone to get the bonus matched/extra $25 but they didn’t seem too interested unlike the credit card bonus matching. They were polite suggesting I go to the bank or couldn’t change to 200 since the 175 had posted. I’m sure it would be easy to do a $25 credit but I didn’t push it any further.

Anonymous reader

So it looks like it might be possible to get it matched by going into the branch you applied for the bonus, but it’s not possible to do it online or by phone. If anybody has successful been matched in branch, please let us know in the comments.

This is why it’s important to always wait for the highest sign up bonus (even though these bonuses can be churned). I wouldn’t sign up for the Chase total checking for less than $300 and with savings bonuses it depends on the requirements, if it’s $15,000 invested for 90 days then also wait for a $300 bonus. This year I only did $175, but the requirements were much easier to meet.

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they won’t.. i opened saving for $175 after three days i got $200 coupon. tried SM and Phone, they finally suggesting to contact branch,,and apporched branch , they never give up..they just blamed phone CSR for the suggestion..
I gave up finally.


Did anyone get asked by the bank clerks why you are closing and re-opening your Chase accounts. There is only one Chase branch in my area but even if you go to a different branch I assume they can see that you’ve done this in the past year.

I’ve only opened accounts once before with Chase. I live in a small town, I think they already remembered me…….

Any thoughts?


I currently have $200 offer to open a Chase savings account. Should I jump on it or wait for a $300 offer? I recently applied for Citigold checking acct. Would it hurt if I apply for Chase savings acct in a short span? Its a 15k requirement.

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