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Fuel Points

Published on July 13th, 2017 | by Chuck


3x Fuel Points on Visa Gift Cards at Giant, Stop&Shop, Martin’s [7/14-7/20]

The Offer

Stop&Shop, Giant, Martin’s

  • Get 3x fuel points on the purchase of Visa gift cards at Giant, Stop&shop, and Martin’s

Gift cards generally don’t earn fuel points at all at Giant/S&S/Martin’s, but occasionally they release offers like this to get points on gift card purchases.

The Fine Print

  • Valid 7/14 through 7/20 (starts Friday, 7/20)
  • Must use store card to get and use the points
  • Be sure to double check that your local store is running this offer before buying
  • “We now accept credit cards for the purchase of Visa, Mastercard, and American Express gift cards”

Gas Points Details

Every 100 points gets you 10¢ off per gallon at Shell, up to 20 gallons. If you have 1000 points, you’ll get $1 off. If you have 1500 points, you’ll get $1.50 off per gallon. 

  • Max discount in some areas is $1.50. In other areas, there might not be any max.
  • You have 30 days to use the points. The day of purchase is Day #1. (Giant PA and Martins might expire at the end of the following month.)
  • Points can only be used at partner Shell stations. You can redeem the points in a different area from where you got the points, but only if that Shell station is a partner. Check out the gas locator for Stop & Shop and for Giant for exact listings of which Shell stations are included. (Giant PA and Martins might only be valid at their own gas stations.)
  • See the FAQ for more details. Some of the details vary by area and store.
  • Points usually are available immediately, but I’ve had on occasion where it took a day until they showed up and were usable.
  • Pro tip: Use a Shell gift card and you’ll usually get the cash price; it’s especially worthwhile to get the lower cash price when using fuel points.

Our Verdict

Nice that they are offering 3x this time; deals are usually for 2x.

For each tank of gas you’ll need over the next month, buy a $500 Visa gift card to get $1.50 off the tank. If you’ll need 4 tanks, buy $2,000 worth. You might still have some gas points for the next week or two from the previous Mastercard promo, so factor that in.

Max of $5,000 can be purchased in a day. They’ll copy your driver license number for purchases of $2,000 or more. Time to pull out those grocery credit cards.

Hat tip to reader scott

23 Responses to 3x Fuel Points on Visa Gift Cards at Giant, Stop&Shop, Martin’s [7/14-7/20]

  1. NBG says:

    I am on 3rd month straight of free gas. At this rate, I should set up a mini private gas station :).

  2. Jon says:

    Havn’t been following closely because I’ve been laying low for a few months. Is Wally World the only place to liquidate these GCs nowadays?

    • Joe says:

      Some of us are still on BB. Those of us who are of course go to WM.

      WM is good for MO, but isn’t the PO good as well? Some people have grocery stores they go to for purchasing MOs. If I was doing MOs I’d try to find some local places to do everything. When things get too popular and go nationwide they get shut down quicker.

      • Jon says:

        I don’t think MOs can be bought at PO with the GCs that they sell in Giant/SS anymore.

      • MarcoPolo says:

        Can’t buy MOs with these GCs.

      • Frank says:

        I buy WU MOs at other grocery chains with the VGCs purchased at Giant.
        For the Mastercard GCs, I have to go to USPS to get MOs.

        What is a BB? thanks

        • Joe says:

          BB is the WM/Amex “poor man’s bank account”. They’ve had a lot of shut down waves. The reason my account wasn’t shut down was probably because we took a couple of years off from this game, but we were also loading it with a (now cancelled) Skymiles Debit card and paying off normal bills with it. Once you’re shut down you’re probably done with them for life. We still have my wife’s account to use once mine is done.

          In the past people were able to get numerous BB accounts. That also appears to be no more.

          BB is still there for a few, but only while it lasts. Definitely not something a heavy hitter could rely on but someone who uses MS to hit a few category bonuses and signup bonuses can use … while it lasts.

    • scott says:

      among other ideas for vgc: loading prepaid debit cards like accountnow (which I used to do via Kroger) …. or buying mo’s at certain grocery outlets (like Kroger)

  3. NBG says:

    Hey Chuck, The shell thingy works on in Giant of Maryland. Not the Giant of PA (giantfoodstores). I am not sure if the points can be shared across these 2 Giants. Im in PA. at least the app doesn’t show points in Maryland giant.
    Anyone in PA tried the Shell?.

    • scott says:

      Have similar question about Martin’s — and if their fuel points can be used at “participating Shell stations.” (Obviously they CAN be used at Martin’s fuel centers, and at 25 gallons at a time — just hoping to find other outlets)

      Just called the # off the Martin’s web site — and a chipper rep. based in Maryland thought the answer was yes….. However, after asking her for confirmation and info off the Martin’s web site, we hit an impasse …. She conceded she was reading off a Giant foods web site — and I still can’t find Shell confirmation and/or locator off the Martin’s web site. Confusing.

      Any fellow Martin’s customers here with insight on this? (That is, can we really use Martin’s fuel points at “participating Shell stations?”

      • Chuck says:

        @NBG @scott
        Are you saying that at Martins and Giant/PA the points can only be used at their own gas stations, not at Shell?

        • Max says:

          I would like to know this, too (my store is Giant PA – The website states the gas points can be redeemed at Giant stations and doesn’t mention Shell at all.

          • Deb says:

            Just look at their ads to see where you can use their gas points. Might depend on if they have Giant or Martins gas stations at the stores in your area. My local PA Giants have gas pumps so the points do not work at our local Shell stations. Go to the cs desk at the front of the store and ask where the gas points are good to redeem at.

            My understanding was they partner with other stations like Shell when they don’t or can’t have their own pumps. They cover so many areas in different states and in different regions with different laws, etc. I think they have to have several different rules for all the areas to meet the laws.

            If you have the 25 gallon limit, and no limit to the discount, like I do, I suspect you probably live in an area where they have gas pumps at the grocery stores and therefore, the gas points do not work at Shell. I think the ones who have access to Shell are the ones with the lower gallon limit, and the lower discount limit.

          • Deb says:

            Thinking about it some more, I see that the real question might not be, where do you redeem gas points normally, but can you redeem them if you travel to a place where they can normally use gas points at a Shell station. That might depend on how each reward card is set up. Like comparing a Stop & Shop reward card number to a Giant Pa reward card number. Do they use the same number of characters? Do they have the same format? Those sorts of things.

        • NBG says:

 least that is what i infer from thier website. No mention of shell anywhere. And no option to link them in FR.

  4. dood says:

    Time to add another couple jerry cans of gas to my collection in my basement. Sounds safe.

  5. Frank says:

    I still haven’t bought gas from the last promotion where I earned $1.50 off per gallon. Have a week or so left to buy the gas before the points expire.
    If I earn more points using this promotion, before I have purchased the gas using the last promotion….will it be a waste, because all spend will get lumped into the same max $1.50 per gallon discount?

    • Deb says:

      The points you earn are kept track of by when you earned them. And they expire at the end of the month, in the month AFTER you bought them. So points earned today would expire at the end of August. Points you got in June will expire at the end of July. So you can earn more points now before you redeem the ones that are set to expire at the end of July and it won’t interfere with your expiring points. Those will be used first as long as they don’t expire before you use them. Then-it will move on to the next set of points that expire soonest.

  6. Frank says:

    I have some data that may or may not be helpful, depending on where you buy gas.

    I’m in Northern Virginia, but last week drove to Scranton PA and did some testing along the way.

    I shop at the Giant here, so already am a Giant rewards member with the Giant card and get my gas here at the Shell nearby, using the Giant gas program, limited to $1.50 max discount.

    I stopped at a Giant close to Harrisburg, PA. I noticed the store had a different logo, etc – when I entered, everything else looked the same or similar – sale flyer, store set up, etc. I picked up a couple items, including a Google Play GC (last week’s promo) and went to make my purchase.
    I handed my Giant card to the cashier – she immediately commented that that my hometown Giant and that Giant in PA, have the same parent company, but they are different companies, with different reward programs. I then went to the CS counter where they issued me a rewards card for that other Giant chain – so now I have two Giant reward memberships identified with the same phone number but for two different chains belonging to the same parent company (following along 🙂 )
    I didn’t see any mention of Shell in the fuel rewards program there and noticed that Giant has its own gas stations – separate from the Giant store. I purchased gas at a Giant gas station there as there are too few Shell stations in the area and I did not want to drive far to find one. I got a $1 off, I might have gotten a bigger discount but I didn’t want to buy another Google Play card to test that out….
    I drive from Northern VA to PA quite often, so depending on where I am at the time – that will depend which Giant rewards card I whip out to use.

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