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Khakaan (@guest_1775386)
January 10, 2024 21:04

DP: Opened SmartStart Savings account with $1k funded using CIU ($5 membership fee + $995 deposit. You have to make sure your total is at or under $1000 otherwise you will not be allowed to use a credit card.

Shazz (@guest_1758415)
December 14, 2023 18:16

Opened Affinity CU account using $1000 CC funding via Citi DoubleCash & everything went smooth.

Joe (@guest_1726308)
October 30, 2023 14:15

Original offer is expired. Referral offer:

“Get $100 when you open a Cash Back Debit account and establish direct deposit of $100 or more within 60 days”

Easy online opening, no minimum balances or monthly fees, and $1,000 in CC funding …!34230dcf44!a

Dev (@guest_1583798)
March 24, 2023 01:05

For those who received the bonus in the tax year 2022, have you received your 1099-INT forms? I closed my account in 2022 and have not received it yet in the mail nor can I access my account online.

Ostrich Rider
Ostrich Rider (@guest_1583868)
March 24, 2023 05:54

Dev Type in “Affinity” in the search bar in the comments. You may have to call them and have them email it to you since you can’t get it with your old login.

VeggieTable (@guest_1562545)
February 23, 2023 15:22
jd (@guest_1560974)
February 21, 2023 15:07

P2 got a targeted email for new round of DD offers, $150 for 3 months with a $1500 DD (single shot)
First one must hit by 3/31, payout by 6/30
nothing for P1, neither got the offer last year….seems like only real DDs worked for this?

Rico (@guest_1561072)
February 21, 2023 17:27

I see this 150 (3x DDs of 1500 or more) offer when I log into my account. P2 does not. P2 never got the SUB last time. We used Capital one, wells fargo, chase, amex business checking, sofi. None of them triggered a bonus for P2. P1 used real DD. Bonus was received for P1. There are DPs of some institutions triggering the bonus, but it did not work for P2.

Acid Bath
Acid Bath (@guest_1561314)
February 21, 2023 23:56

I did not get an email. Do not see anything when I sign in. Seems to be targeted I guess?

SP (@guest_1541576)
January 25, 2023 08:26

Was about to close this account out and noticed Chase DD did not work for me.

Miki (@guest_1501782)
December 4, 2022 13:23

I don’t see the option to fund with CC anymore

Himanshu (@guest_1418543)
August 2, 2022 00:46

Chase didn’t work for the extra $50

Schwab Brokerage is what got me the initial $150. Probably could have used that one again, but thought the system might not have picked it up the second time around.

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek
Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek (@guest_1420839)
August 5, 2022 22:48

FWIW, P2 had to contact them to get the $50 Direct Deposit bonus, using real (P1’s) DD’s. P2 sent an SM Monday night (8/1), and the bonus posted Tuesday night (8/2) after they responded.

P1 never received the targeted $50 emails, so I am not going to bother contacting them. I did put a couple of random fake DD’s on the account to see if what would happen. I got my answer: NOTHING.

EK (@guest_1431743)
August 24, 2022 22:59

thank you for this, going to send them a message for P1 and P2

Jack231 (@guest_1408224)
July 13, 2022 06:49

Closed account with SM. They made ACH deposit to an external bank instead of mailing the small remaining balances.