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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on September 20th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired][AK, NY, OH, ID, IN, ME, MI, OR, PA, UT & VT] KeyBank $300 Checking Bonus

10/02/18: Bonus has expired and is no longer valid. View the best current deals here.

Bonus was expired from September 2nd until September 19th, it’s now live again. I wouldn’t rely on it lasting until December 28th though.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $300
  • Availability: Offer available in the following markets ONLY: Alaska, Central NY, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Hudson Valley, Idaho, Indiana (Central and Northern), Maine, Michigan, Northern Northwest Ohio, Oregon, Philadelphia PA, Utah, Vermont
  • Direct deposit required: Yes, $500+ required
  • Additional requirements: Use promo code
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft pull
  • ChexSystems: Mixed DP, most likely doesAlso reports of being ChexSystems sensitive. 
  • Credit card funding: Up to $100
  • Monthly fees: $7 avoidable
  • Early account termination fee: $25, 180 days
  • Household limit: None
  • Expiration date: December 28th, 2018

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • KeyBank is offering a bonus of $300 when you open a new eligible checking account and complete the following requirements:
    • Receive a single direct deposit of $500+

The Fine Print

  • Offer available in the following markets ONLY: Alaska, Central NY, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Hudson Valley, Idaho, Indiana (Central and Northern), Maine, Michigan, Northern Northwest Ohio, Oregon, Philadelphia PA, Utah, Vermont
  • You must open a Key Express Checking® Account (this is the basic banking account in NY), Key Advantage® Checking Account, Key Privilege® Checking Account, or Key Privilege Select Checking® Account by 12/28/18 and make ONE single KeyBank direct deposit of $500 or more within 60 days after account opening to get $300.
  • Direct deposit transactions are limited to: payroll, Social Security, pension and government benefits. Accounts titled as Trust Accounts, Estate, and No Access are excluded from eligibility.
  • Employees of KeyBank, its affiliates and subsidiaries are not eligible for this offer. Offer/Reservation number cannot be sold and is required to qualify. Limit one gift per qualifying account.
  • Limit one gift per individual.
  • The value of your gift will be reported on Form 1099-INT and deposited into your account within 90 days of meeting requirements.
  • If you close your account within 180 days of account opening, you will be charged a $25 account early closure fee
  • Offer not available to individuals who have had a KeyBank checking account or a KeyBank Hassle-Free Account® in the last 12 months.
  • Accounts overdrawn or closed at the time of gift payment are not eligible.
  • Offer is subject to cancellation without notice and cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • KeyBank is not responsible for and will not honor promotional offers that appear on third-party websites that are not authorized by KeyBank.
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

Monthly Fees

The $7 monthly fee on this account is waived if you do either of the following each statement cycle:

  • Direct deposits of at least $500
  • At least 8 customer initiated transactions (any deposits, withdrawals, which includes transfers)

Early Account Termination Fee

If you close your account within 180 days, you are required to pay an early account closure fee of $25

KeyBank Relationship Rewards Membership Fee $30

This is optional so make sure you opt out of it.

Our Verdict

KeyBank frequently has bonuses, the best bonuses are when you get $300 and can open the express checking account to get the bonus. This is the case with this bonus thankfully. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a bonus as good as this from KeyBank so I’m really happy to see it make a come back. I’ll definitely be adding this to the best checking bonus page as it’s well worth doing if you live in the targeted area.

Big thanks to reader, Justin P who let us know. Learn how to find bonuses and contribute to the site here.

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AL is Alabama.

Need to change AL in title to AK (Alaska). Got my hopes up in Alabama haha


Anyone know what does “Central NY” mean? more specifically, does it include NYC as there does appear to be a branch in Manhattan and scattered in Bronx.

I don’t think NYC is included. Central NY means upstate area such as Syracuse

“Central NY” is the greater Syracuse area (and perhaps Utica), one of the 8 regions in Upstate NY.

How do I get a reservation code?

Trying to apply for Express checking and getting an error that the Promo Code is not valid with that type of account. Suggestions? In Idaho.

Had the same issue. I had the code sent to my email and the application kept saying my reservation code was unable to be processed. I live in central NY.

Talked to their customer service and she recommended I apply in branch. I’ll try to apply again online tmrw, and if it still doesn’t work, then i’ll stop by a branch.

Closest branch is 120 miles from me, that sucks if I can’t get it to work!

I could not apply online, but did find that the email was misleading, the first part of the offer code in the email is the offer code, the second part after the dash is the referral code. You may be able to call to get it applied given that information.

Instanty denied due to Checksystems. I recently opened Chase Business Checking, PNC personal checking and US Bank personal checking accounts (all in the last couple of months).

I got denied – I live in Philadelphia Suburbs, and work in Philadelphia. Got this denial message “We regret that we are unable to open the account you requested online. Please visit your local KeyBank branch to apply in person.” Will try to drive by a branch location to try to open an account this weekend

Sean, I’m in the burbs as well but it did let me proceed with opening the account. However, I had to refresh because I noticed an error and it eventually said to visit a branch.

The 12 mo. language really sucks!

too bad they are chex sensitive..

Does Key Bank match bank bonuses if you received a lower one for the same account within x amount of weeks/months?

Same question. I recently opened for the $200 bonus.
I will ask for a match and report back – just curious if anyone had any tips/experience.

No..they don’t honor/match a better offer.

“Please know, we are unable to apply a different promotion to your account.

It is important to know that our promotions do have strict guidelines that we must abide to. Please know that we are unable to make exceptions for a promotion via email, chat or phone request. If you wish to see if an exception can be made on your account, it would be necessary to contact your local KeyBank branch for further assistance.”

Tried to open the Key Express Checking account, denied to due ChexSystems; opened many bank accounts for funding/bonuses in the last year.

However, Key’s site did say I could open the Hassle-Free account but that’s a no go since it’s not included in the promo.

Won’t accept my code either. As usual. I’m beginning to think Key Bank keeps a list of those who have taken advantage of one of these offers before and then closed their accounts because I’ve never been able to successfully complete one of these offers online since the one and only successful time I did it with them about 3 years ago. But don’t worry, I’m probably the only one on that list. Figures.

My code isn’t being accepted and I’ve never had an account with them. Hopefully it’s just a glitch in their system

Ive never had an account either and Im getting the “Reservation Code We were unable to process your request. Please try again or proceed to the next page.” message as well.

I had the same Code issue. Chatted with a rep and she was not helpful at all. Told me to call their CS #. I just saved my application and I will try again later tonight. We shall see..

I got really excited until I read the fine print on the bank website. I wish it was Alabama instead of Alaska. AL = Alabama, AK = Alaska, AZ = Arizona, AR = Arkansas

My husband got a target KeyBank for $400 only needs to have account opened for 180 days. Needs DD for $500 ~ regarding the promotional codes you guys are having issues with. It’s Key Bank’s Fault. They said their marketing department is “working on it” and that you have to go in to the bank to use the code.

Denied instantly due to chexsystem report. I have only opened two checking accounts in the past 10 months (several more in the past year and tons in the past two). I previously got a bonus from Keybank in July 2016.

Has anyone successfully opened this yet?

Can I apply out of state ?

How long does it take to get the email with the code? I’ve been waiting a few hours

Tried sending to a different email and it worked, but as others have said, the reservation/offer codes do not work

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