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Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1852433)
May 30, 2024 18:12

I was declined for Chex yet they oddly implied that they would open an account for me if I go to a branch. Due to this, I will consider disputing the Chex inquiry.

What’s really annoying is that they requested several docs from me yesterday only to deny me for Chex over a day later.

John R
John R (@guest_1853134)
May 31, 2024 18:43

Did you get this message as well?

“Unfortunately, Bank Independent is unable to open the requested deposit account online. Please feel free to visit a sales office location if you would like to proceed.”

Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1853204)
May 31, 2024 20:22

Yes, I did. It’s a similar situation to what happened with CCCU. 🙁

favo🔗 (@guest_1853141)
May 31, 2024 18:57

That was really annoying. They should had looked at the chex before requesting a bunch of documents. What was your chex status before applying?

Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1853210)
May 31, 2024 20:29

I’m not sure as I haven’t checked Chex lately but my stats are pretty high as I’ve applied for several accounts in the past 2 or 3 months.

marauder (@guest_1851587)
May 29, 2024 17:06

Just applied OOS but nearby. $500 cc funding, trying my cap1 card as I’ve had good luck with them the past few times. Judging from the backend (same as our golden goose, RIP after at least one moron here opened >50 accounts and then cursed them out on here when he got shut down).

John R
John R (@guest_1851588)
May 29, 2024 17:12

Are you referring to the Blupeak savings accounts or something else? Just curious, I haven’t been keeping up with the gossip lately.

marauder (@guest_1852378)
May 30, 2024 16:34

declined OOS after asking for DL front/back, DL again with different background, bank statement, and cc statement. Told to visit a retail branch to open, no thank you even if they were local! Bankers are sooooo sloowwww

Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1851488)
May 29, 2024 13:07

 William Charles,

They allow $500 in credit card funding. I tried a higher amount and the system told me that was the limit.

Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1851487)
May 29, 2024 13:07

I just applied and it went pending. I received an immediate email from OnAlert so they did pull my Chex.

Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1851446)
May 29, 2024 11:58

 William Charles,

I think you might have accidentally copied this from the template of another bonus as I don’t see those requirements in the terms.

Additional requirements: 5 debit card transactions and online banking”

Carlzjr (@guest_1851667)
May 29, 2024 18:41

That is definitely in the ReferLive $150 biz offer terms, not seeing it on the bank’s $200 offer.

Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1851718)
May 29, 2024 20:08

The referral bonus is not mentioned in this post at all so it’s hard to believe that  William Charles meant to include that term.

The personal referral offer requires 15 debits and most people will be applying for a personal account rather than a business account so even if he did mean to include that, it doesn’t make much sense.

Smurfit (@guest_1851433)
May 29, 2024 11:32

Now I’m tempted to see if they actually enforce the restriction “*One per customer or household.” for P2

Smurfit (@guest_1851428)
May 29, 2024 11:18

Here are the details of my history with Bank Independent
4/30: Account opened
5/3: Trial deposits from Ally both coded as “ACCTVERIFY ALLY BANK PPD”
No actual money transferred from Ally, only trial deposits.
5/15: Real DD coded “DIR DEP XXXXXCompanyXXXXX PPD”
5/29: Pending $200 bonus coded “NEW CUSTOMER CASH BONUS”
Hope it works out for you all as well.

Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1851436)
May 29, 2024 11:35


That’s a great DP!

Since you only had 1 “real” DD post, I think that proves that any ACH transfer will work as the offer requires 2+ ACH transfers. Your test deposits from Ally must have counted.

I just reviewed your initial comments in the other post and it appears that there was never any code and the banker simply noted your account. Is that accurate?

I am very tempted to apply as the bonus is just too easy not to.

Do you happen to know your Chex stats before applying?

Smurfit (@guest_1851511)
May 29, 2024 13:58

There was no code and I mentioned the lack of code for the promo to the CSR when they called or emailed me. I asked “Am I still eligible for this promotion without a code?” She said yes I’ll make a note of the bonus on your account. I tried getting my Chex online, but it wouldn’t let me. It’ll be due in the mail sometime next week. My chex score should’ve denied me.

Smurfit (@guest_1854523)
June 3, 2024 21:54

Got my Chex report today. There were 12 chex inquiries reported for me in 2024. Bank Independent was one of them. I looked back at my records and I applied to 30ish banks/CUs in 2024

Desert Rat
Desert Rat (@guest_1851149)
May 28, 2024 16:15

Looks like OOS is OK. I got this email re my application: “This is _____ with Bank Independent, and I am reaching out about your online account application. I wanted to ensure you are aware that we are a bank local to North Alabama. This means you may not have access to a Bank Independent ATM and could acquire ATM fees. While we do offer online banking, we cannot guarantee that all mobile deposits or electronic transactions will be approved. With this in mind, would you like to proceed with the application?”
So I continued with my application. Then they sent me another email asking me to upload DL and proof of residence. But they don’t accept scanned docs – you have to have a smart phone and photo them.

Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1851154)
May 28, 2024 16:23

Did you ask about the code for the bonus though? That’s the snag that MOTDOC ran into.

Desert Rat
Desert Rat (@guest_1851207)
May 28, 2024 18:26

I didn’t ask about the code, but I replied to their email that I still wanted to apply for the account if I would be eligible for the bonus even tho I was OOS. They didn’t respond directly to that so I don’t know how that might work out. Near the end of the application there’s a place you can add a comment and I stated that I was applying for the account with the bonus, that I didn’t see anywhere to put in the code in the application, and asked them to pls add it to my application.

Charlotte (@guest_1850527)
May 26, 2024 16:26

They have a referral offer that stacks too!

$50 Personal

$150 Business

Matt (@guest_1850367)
May 26, 2024 06:44

Applied OOS (TN), got message pending review after identity questions. Got a docusign about an hour later that was actually a denial letter – unable to do address verification online & showed Chex score of 851 (opened 5-6 in last 6 months).

Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1850374)
May 26, 2024 07:00

Ouch. They must be very Chex sensitive as your stats are not high at all (relative to most of us).