Posted by William Charles on July 14, 2017

Published on July 14th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] Amazon: Get $55 Off $60 By Using One MR Point & Stacking Two Deals [YMMV]

Sadly the AMEX17PRIME deal is no longer working, but the other deal is still working. Follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss these great deals.

The Offer

  • It’s currently possible for some users to get $55 off $60 on Amazon by combining two deals and using one Membership Rewards point. Not everybody will be eligible, but it’s worth trying. Here’s what you need to do:
    • Go to this link to see if you’re eligible (there should be a button that says Click here to qualify if you’re eligible. If you’re not eligible it will say ‘Thank you for your interest in this offer. Unfortunately you are not eligible for this offer”
    • Add $60 or more of eligible products sold and shipped by to your shopping cart.
    • Go to your payment options and choose your linked AMEX card with Membership Rewards or link a card now
    • Pay for at least a portion of your order with Membership Rewards points; you can use just use one point and pay the rest with the credit card (click ‘choose different amount’ to do this)
    • Enter the promo code AMEX17PRIME in the box provided on the checkout page
    • $55 of savings will be reflected on the final order checkout page.

The Fine Print

Our Verdict

This is only good for items shipped and sold by Amazon and not everybody will be eligible but lots of readers are (it’s worth trying even if the AMEX17PRIME code wasn’t working before. If it still doesn’t work then read this post for more tips). As always the best option is to purchase something you want/need. The other option would be to purchase gift cards, electronic gift cards are probably your best bet as you can purchase a $60 gift card and pay $4.99 & one Membership Rewards points. You can view all the electronic giftcards Amazon sells by clicking here. Some of the more popular options are as follows:

This post contains our affiliate links, if you think we do a good job with the site please consider using them. Just keep in mind you could be earning 3x JetBlue points instead, I’d also recommend reading our complete guide to saving money on Amazon.

72 Responses to [Expired] Amazon: Get $55 Off $60 By Using One MR Point & Stacking Two Deals [YMMV]

  1. zara says:

    worked for me. i went through the link and clicked for the coupon, added 75 dollars of merchandise to my cart and at check out changed my payment to my amex platinum and added 1 cent of MR to pay. I entered the code AMEX17PRIME and it said in red underneath something like we’re sorry you already used this code (which isn’t true, i tried the day before prime day and it didn’t work) and then when i looked at the cost at check out my total was $15 (-$25, -$30 and -$5 that I earned for getting a $25 gift card on prime day) pretty awesome deal!

  2. Matt says:

    Fantastic deal – thanks! I got a $75 Safeway Gift Card for $10 after these two promos, leftover Dash Wand credit and a Dash Button credit from that 99 cent deal.

  3. Pat S says:

    Side note – I have an spg card that will be coming up on one year….

    I like the Amex offers I’ve been getting with this card but want to down grade correct? Is there a good card to ask to be down graded too?

  4. adam d says:

    Minor typo: 3 bullet point. “to your shopping card” should be “shopping cart”?

  5. Aleksandar Dogandzic says:

    Worked for me, I bought $60 AirBnB e-gift, and used 0.01$ (1 MR point). Thanks!

  6. John says:

    DP: I did both offers separately and it worked on two different amazon accounts. I’ve used my MR earning AMEX on these accounts before, didn’t work on brand new accounts (gave me an error linking the card to it)

    2 Player Mode Gift Cards ($330 value) paid only $165.

  7. chris says:

    Worked! Had to link a new MR card, sign out then sign in again to be able to use points.

    Thanks DoC!!!

  8. Loki says:

    Thanks so much!
    I was able to use the $10 credit from the recent CVS/amazon promo, and $30 and $20 for this promo to get $60 worth of safeway giftcard for free! (Not sure why mine wasn’t $30 and $25, but good enough!)

  9. Spencer says:

    Yesterday I got the $30 off $60 to work using 1 MRP and code AMEX17PRIME. Now today I was able to clip the coupon and use 1 MRP to get $25 off $50! Thanks!

  10. Kevin says:

    Worked for me, thank you

  11. Diana says:

    Worked just as stated $55 off with spending 1MR. THANKS!

  12. Gaurav says:

    I’m surprised that gift cards work to meet the sold by Amazon requirement since they are technically sold by ACI and have given me trouble in the past. Will have to try this again. Thanks Sox.

  13. Joe says:

    This promo worked perfectly. Picked up on a $65 Lowe’s Gift Card for $4.00.
    Amex stackable promo for $55, and $5 Prime Day Coupon, $1 Amex MR, and $4 Amex CC.

    Thanks DOC.. Much Appreciated!

  14. CatLover says:

    AMEX17PRIME didn’t work for me two days ago but today it worked! Those who didn’t get the coupon code work before should try it again.
    Thank you DoC!

  15. Wong says:

    Has anyone successfully cancelled their previous order with the AMEX17PRIME $30 off $60 just to reuse it with this current offer? I should have waited!

  16. Evan says:

    Thank you! Bought $60 Whole Foods gift certificate for $4.99

  17. FrustratedAmexHolder says:

    Haven’t been able to get the Shop with Points option to show up now for 2 weeks. Amex says they’ve enrolled my cards but at checkout, there’s no option to use MR points. It says Click here to link and when I click on Link Account, I get an error. Very frustrating experience.

    Has anyone successfully fixed this issue?

  18. ZJ says:

    Worked for me! This is insanely awesome! Thanks Doc!

  19. Alex says:

    Worked for me. Thanks Doc!

  20. YZ says:

    DoC is always awesome

  21. Jordan Nelson says:

    Got it to work. $60 at lowes for $4.99, appreciate the e-mail heads up on it.

  22. L T says:

    Wow, this is a great deal, worked for me and I thought I had already exhausted all AMEX related MR deals 🙂

  23. M P says:

    Worked for two accounts… One for me and other for my wife. Thanks DOC.

  24. Joe Giorgianni says:

    Worked for me! Thanks!!!

  25. susa says:

    Thanks DOC. I was able to triple dip on this with 25$,30$ and 20$ Amex offer and 10$ Promo for loading amazon cash.
    You Rock!

  26. borntobehermit says:

    “Thank you for your interest in this offer. Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this offer.”
    Who knows why…
    I am a Prime member, buy stuff on Amazon, and live in CA.

  27. Kuddel says:

    I got the Platinum and the Gold but Amazon keeps telling me that:

    “American Express® reports that you do not have a Membership Rewards® account.”

  28. Attila says:

    It worked for me! At first it did not (I think it did not like some items in my cart), so then I just bought a $50 Airbnb card and a $25 Cold Stone Creamery card (total $75) all for $20. Thanks Doc!

  29. T says:

    Amazing. I got a $50 Burger King and $20 Wendy’s for $9.99 plus one MR point between these stacking codes plus my $5 credit from the Prime day gift card deal. I don’t often get fast food, so these will cover my cravings for a year!

  30. tribesman55 says:

    Worked, $60 BJ’s Brewhouse for $4.99 thanks Doc!

  31. Srini says:

    The link when clicked “Click to Qualify” is showing this message:
    “Sorry we have reached maximum number of participation for this promotion”…purely FYI.

    In my household – this promotion worked with non-prime account (for non-prime a few days ago the $30 AMEXPRIME17 was not working…but after activating this promotion, both stacked….items worth $66 — I paid $12 including tax in CA. Thanks Doc).

    This promo did not work on the prime account (the prime account – we used the AMEXPRIME17 code earlier…but this $25 promo said that account does not qualify).

    Thanks Doc – this post is for Data points 🙂

  32. Lynn says:

    Worked just now on both of our accounts. Thanks!!

    • Lynn says:

      And we don’t have prime

      • tinytavosa says:

        Always love when terms on certain offers require prime and then it isn’t enforced – how bad can such a huge companies back end tech be to not easily prevent this – more power to them though, we win.

        Also not sure if this deal is suppose to require prime, so just kinda saying this as a general thing haha.

  33. DW says:

    -25, -30, -5, and I’m in a no sales tax state….thanks Doc!

  34. P says:

    anyone know if the Hyatt gift cards on amazon still have no pin?

  35. JC says:

    Worked for me as well Doc. Thanks! Bought $70 dollars worth of merchandise and only payed $15! Also, because I still had $10 dollars to spend on the amex offer promo to get the 2000 membership rewards points this order will probably get me those points, making it basically free!

    That’s a deal!

  36. Deborah says:

    Thanks so much….the two Amex offers stacked so I got a physical $100 Safeway gift card for $45 and chose slow shipping for a $5 credit for Prime Now.

  37. Gibunono says:

    Worked for me; however, the amex17ever 50-25 which worked before (order not placed yet) stopped working after I used this combo deal.

    Dunno know if it will work again soon.

  38. NinjaX says:

    anyone recently tried Whole Foods e-gift or Lowes e-gift GC to buy other GC?

    didnt work for me awhile back. never got past cashier.

  39. X-ray says:

    Can you use safeway gift cards to purchase their visa gift cards? I went to vons and abertson today and was told I can’t. Any comments?

  40. TY says:

    Whole Foods hard coded against using Whole Foods gift cards to buy other gift cards a few years ago. It happened pretty soon (<1 month) after they started selling the $500 visa/mc. Plus, while the cashiers at WF initally were pretty laissez-faire about selling $$$ visa/mc gift cards, they are now highly sensitized to possible fraud and you should count yourself lucky to be able to even use a credit card (with ID) to make the purchase. Some locations are cash or debit only.

    Lowe's has hard-coded against using Lowes gift cards to purchase other gift cards for as long as I remember.

  41. Curmudeon says:

    Picked up some SK tools, paid 1 cent with Amex points, $55 promo discount. SK quality at Harbor Freight prices!

    Thanks DoC!

  42. captainsave says:

    Wow thanks. The before deal didn’t work for my primary acct. So i didn’t bother trying on my other accts. But $55 off $60!? Got $225 staples gc for $60!

  43. Victor says:

    One of the best share from DoC and love it!!! Got $25 subway and some car brake parts for FREE after $1 tax..Thanks team!!!you rock!!!

  44. Dan says:

    Interesting, it worked for me also. 55 off of my order and it was something I was needing to purchase so it really was straight saving.

    Important note / data point. I tried the AMEX17PRIME code a week ago during the last DOC post and it did not work at all. I tried and tried to no avail. Tonight I added the coupon via the line in this post first fine, and when checking out the 17 code above worked perfectly. Odd, but I’m sure not complaining!

  45. Happy Lyu says:

    I am not the prime customer but got the 55 off

  46. Preacher says:

    Well, this was a bonanza. 8 members of our Churn Team each got $60 Whole Food GC for $4.99. $480 in stuff for under $40. Thank you DOC, Amazon/Whole Foods and Amex!

  47. Kurt says:

    gosh that was a good tip, thx. 25+30 off paper towels, tp, etc. just has to come from used a single MR.

  48. Dean says:

    Amazing! Thank you. A $60 Airbnb card for $4.99. My lifelong dream is to buy you a drink (preferably with some sort of coupon/deal).

  49. William says:

    It works for all my four accounts, great deal, thanks DOC!

  50. JT27MP says:

    When using “AMEX17PRIME” I am getting the following message:
    The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.

    I am trying to buy a $60 uber e-gift card.

    Any suggestions on how to get around this?

  51. AM says:

    It’s dead… says expired now.. others had it work on 4 accounts?!! darn, tried every day and no dice..

  52. Josh says:

    Seems like mine expired too. “The promotional code you entered has expired.” My screen shot clearly stated it won’t expire till 12/31/17 though.

  53. Eli says:

    30 off 60 is dead for me as well, but 25 off 50 still working

  54. Some GUy says:

    Same. 30 off 60 not working for me, but 25 off 50 is good!

  55. karen says:

    The $25 is only coming off if I add $70 to my cart…. no thanks

    • Joey says:

      Karen, you only need 50 to get the 25 off. The extra 30 has expired.

      Has anyone returned or exchanged their item and lost the credit? I want to exchange mine but worried will lose the credit as another member did when he returned his item.

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