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Matthew (@guest_1809705)
March 7, 2024 12:29

Retention offer for P2: 35K points for $4000 spend in 3 months

howard (@guest_1803186)
February 26, 2024 11:58

I did a simple google search for “no fx fee amex”
and first link to their page w/150k Plat 90k Gld and
$400 Bcp 1st yr waived…and yes got dreaded the pop up.
Many elevated offers on their cards, used brave w/ shields up.

Paul (@guest_1595258)
April 11, 2023 10:40

I wasn’t able to get 150k but I did get 125k + $200 using a referral from a friend. I had to use incognito mode, otherwise I was getting 80k. Friend got 15k I believe (may have been 12.5k).

Pretty FI for a White Guy
Pretty FI for a White Guy (@guest_1586989)
March 28, 2023 19:39

$150k + $200 still available, I got a referral link on UScreditcardguide.

Johnny (@guest_1571719)
March 8, 2023 18:38

Why do a lot of people prefer this Resy offer for 125,000 + up to 250,000 points, to the 150k points?

Johnny (@guest_1570868)
March 7, 2023 13:58

This deal is not good unless 150k. 125k for $6k spend is average. Better ones out there, with this card having $700/annual fee.

Anuj (@guest_1566736)
March 1, 2023 20:39

Deleting my previous comment.

dbzdeals (@guest_1564320)
February 26, 2023 12:10

previously had Amex Plat (many years ago) with the bonus, downgraded to Gold and cancelled that (a year or two ago). I am getting targeted upgrade offers for the basic (fee free) Amex cards I have (Amex APP).

Clicking into the Amex “upgrade” card offer in-App takes me to an authenticated browser session (in-app Safari iFrame) for the card. Ignoring this, navigate to the All Personal Cards screen. There I see a personalized “for you” offer for AMEX Platinum for 150K with 6k over 6 month **without** lifetime language. It’s authenticated to my app login session, so I can easily apply (haven’t yet as I am debating another card).

For anyone that has previously had plat and wants to take Amex Plat. for a spin again, this seems to be a safe route as the recommendation is made specific to the account owner and they appear to intentionally remove lifetime language clause.

Dbzdeals (@guest_1565495)
February 28, 2023 07:48

applied and approved instantly for 150K offer without credit limit. It was between this and USB Altitude CC

churnandburn58 (@guest_1504096)
December 7, 2022 14:11

The 150,000 offer is still available via some browsers. I saw it on mobile but not desktop.

James (@guest_1504770)
December 8, 2022 11:07

which link you using? none seem to work for me on mobile

Vaughn (@guest_1517069)
December 22, 2022 19:32

I got this offer while logging in via Firefox on my desktop.

Justin (@guest_1518784)
December 25, 2022 21:08

Which offer? The 150k for resy? Through cardmatch?

Warren Munger
Warren Munger (@guest_1486299)
November 12, 2022 11:58

This is probably not the right place to post this. My apologies. Where is the appropriate place for a broader question?

I currently have AMEX platinum and I am on the fence about renewing. It will probably come down to the amount of any retention bonus. One credit I value very little is the entertainment credit. I use it for Disney+, but I personally only value it at about $1/month because I rarely use Disney+.

My question: would it make sense to stop my Disney+ subscription? My thinking is that Amex would then view me as a better customer and would be willing to give me a bigger retention bonus. Any thoughts?