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Published on March 22nd, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] [AZ only] VantageWest Credit Union $200 Checking Bonus

This deal has now expired and is no longer valid. You can view more checking bonuses by clicking here.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $200
  • Availability: Must live, work or worship in Pima, Pinal, Cochise, or Maricopa Counties, Gila River Indian Community Reservation, Arizona’s “Copper Basin” Area
  • Direct deposit required: Yes, $500+
  • Additional requirements: One debit card transaction
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft pull
  • ChexSystems: Unknown
  • Credit card funding: $2,000
  • Monthly fees: $5, avoidable
  • Early account termination fee: Six months, bonus forfeit
  • Household limit: None listed
  • Expiration date: June 30th, 2018 September 30th, 2018

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • VantageWest Credit Union is offering a bonus of 20,000 points (worth $200 when you open a new Rewards Checking or Rewards Plus Checking account and complete the following requirements:
    • Setup Direct Deposit on your account (minimum $500).
    • Have at least one debit transaction within 60 days

The Fine Print

  • The account must be opened between 03/01/2018 – 06/30/2018 and remain open for at least six months.
  • If it is closed within 6 months of the open date you may be responsible for reimbursement of any bonus awarded.
  • Offer valid for new Rewards and Rewards Plus checking accounts only.
  • Members with an existing Rewards or Rewards Plus checking account are not eligible for the bonus.
  • Direct deposit must be from source other than income tax return.
  • Minimum opening deposit of $20.00 for Rewards checking and $100.00 for Rewards Plus Checking.
  • The 20,000 points will be credited to your account within 30 days of the date the last requirement is met.
  • See Vantage West Rewards Terms and Conditions for details and restrictions of the program
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

Early Account Termination Fee

Account must be kept open for six months, otherwise bonus will be deducted.

Rewards Checking

This is the easiest account to keep fee free. It has a $5 monthly fee. This is waived if you do any of the following:

  • Have an average daily balance of $1000 or more
  • Complete 10 or more credit and/or debit card transactions in a month
  • If you have a first mortgage loan with Vantage West

Our Verdict

You might be familiar with this credit union as they also offer a credit card with 5% categories. Overall this seems like it’s worth doing if it’s a soft pull given the $2,000 in credit card funding and how easy this bonus is. It’s also nice that you should be able to pair this with getting the credit card as well.

Big thanks to reader, Spartan24 who let us know. Learn how to find bonuses and contribute to the site here.

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I don’t see where it has geographic restrictions. I joined the credit union for their credit card and I’ve never even visited Arizona.

Just a warning, I tried doing this as well and was declined due to not living in arizona. Applied in january. So YMMV i guess

Were you a member of the Arizona biking association or whatever it is?

According to the VantageWest credit card thread, anybody can join this credit union by becoming a member of Greater Arizona Bicycle Association for $15

Same here bro…

I just got an email from Vantage West inviting me to take advantage of this deal. Find print says “certain restrictions may apply, so maybe they’ll disallow me because I’m out of state.

I am a member since last summer (signed up for their CC) and was able to open up the checking account even though I’m out of state. So you shouldn’t have a problems, at least in this regard, to opening the checking account!

I’ve had the Vantage West credit card for a while and was approved for the checking account. I’m a member of the credit union on the basis of my membership in the Greater Arizona Bicycling Association. I don’t own a bicycle and I’ve never been to Arizona. Made a $2000 deposit using my Chase Freedom Unlimited, and it coded as a purchase.

Applied from out of state. Geographic restrictions are listed during the application process. They do have the usual live/work/worship/school in several counties. They also allow if your a member of “hundreds” of group affiliations. None are listed and they supply a phone to call to check. Of course CSR had no idea. I work for corporate of a national company (inside their footprint) and that has always been my go to answer I have seen this identical app process several times in my bank churning. Funded $1955 on Citi DC. First time ever happened to me but the ID questions never loaded, just had spinning wheel. Had to upload ID and app under review. I expect decline but will rebuttal with eligibility and can prove if needed. Now we wait.

You are a legend, Sir!

I live in AZ & also got the spinning wheel with no identity questions appearing, which is fine b/c I usually get them wrong anyway…

Great data point, thanks much for sharing.

Please keep us posted! Have a few Chase card MSRs to take care of

Received denial email last week, same letter printed via mail today. Spoke with CSR. Advised membership shouldn’t be an issue but need to go in branch to open. Well I won’t be in AZ for the foreseeable… ever so I’ll count this as a no go. Don’t waste your time if out of state unless you can visit branch in person.

I am in Arizona and went through the process. However, you need to add a saving account on the way for the application. So, I called the customer service and was told that I have to add the saving account to be a member since I am new to the bank. The bad part is that you need to pay $5 per month for the saving and there is no way to avoid the fee. So, I gave up after the call.

That’s not correct. There’s no fee for the savings account. There’s a $5 minimum balance for savings for all members (which seems to be the case with all or most credit unions).

Yup, the savings is free, never call the bank. What I did was (try to) open the mandatory savings first with a $2k CC funding (application pending). If/when that clears, then open the checking for the bonus with another $2k CC funding. With $18k of MSR to get through in the next 1-3 months this’ll help… if all works out.

Did you open the savings account? did they do a hard pull on it?

Parts Unknown

I did open the savings, had to upload a copy of a utility bill. No hard pulls from CB’s, but they do pull Chex.
Funded with $2k on my Citi Premier. Haven’t gotten around to opening the checking yet.

Parts Unknown Did you ever open the checking and if so were you able to fund it with another $2000?

After I opened a reg checking and savings (with a Credit Card fund of $2000) I was then able to open an essential cking and was able to fund it with another $2000

All. And. Every. Single. CU. Requires. A. Savings. Account. To. Join.

It’s federal law. You can’t join a CU without opening a deposit account. Some give you $5 or whatever the minimum balance for that account is, but you need to open nevertheless.

And no, it’s not a monthly fee, just a one-time deposit.

Does this work even if you have a different kind of checking account with them? You don’t have to be a brand new customer, right?

It says on the offer page, “Members with an existing Rewards or Rewards Plus checking account are not eligible for the bonus.” So I think as long as you didn’t have one of those checking accounts, you’d be able to apply for this bonus.

So, the terms say: Setup Direct Deposit on your account (minimum $500).

Does that mean I need at least a one-time DD of $500? Or is that a $500 DD/month?

Any DP’s on what banks would meet the direct deposit requirement rather than a paycheck?

sorry, wrong reply thread

I do not live in AZ, but I applied for the rewards CC and membership last year and was approved using the membership to Greater Arizona Bicycle Assoc. I applied for the checking account today with my existing membership and funded with Citi DC for $2k but it went pending. Will report back with more DPs.

Was approved later this afternoon. Looks like if you are out of state and already have a membership, you’re eligible for the checking account.

I second this DP.

Aside from trial and error, is there a strategy to find out what credit card will code the funding as a purchase?

I’d like to use Capital One Quicksilver

Funded $2,000 with Chase Sapphire Preferred, coded as Purchase.

2k w/USAA Limitless (unknown cash advance limit, but probably more than 2k) codes as purchase on 4/12/2018

Do you have to keep the checking account open to keep the credit card?

I had the credit card without a checking account, so I would think that you do not need to keep the checking account open to keep the card.

I got the CC before I got the checking account. I was required to have a savings account with $5 minimum.

The DD page says that PayPal counts, but it doesn’t link to any source/DP.

It actually does, but that page is huge. I had to keep scrolling down to get the whole page in my browser (Firefox).

Gerald or Josho, either of you get the bonus yet? Just satisfied the requirements and wondering how long they take to payout. Thx for the info!

I had a PayPal DD on 5/4 and an actual payroll DD on 5/11 but no bonus yet.

Thanks for the update! Same here re: payroll DD. Don’t forget you have to have one debit transaction too. Hoping it only takes a week or two for the bonus to post and doesn’t turn into one of these lame “wait until the promotion is over, then wait another month, then you get the bonus” kind of things!

Thanks, MM, for the reminder about the debit transaction. I had forgotten it. Once I did it, it took only a few days for the bonus to post.

5/15 Funded $2000 with Chase Freedom Unlimited
5/31 Direct deposit $500+ CardCash/ABC Gift Cards
6/27 Debit transaction
7/3 Bonus appeared

How did you do a direct deposit with CardCash/ABC Gift Cards?

Today I opened new account but I wasn’t able to fund through credit card. I tried through chase sapphire preferred.the transaction was declined. So I ended up funding through debit card.

Update: Chase charged non-chase ATM withdrawal fee. So it appears that Point-of-Sale Terminal in the bank is treated as ATM withdrawal. So be careful while funding the account through credit card to avoid chase advance fee.

Note: I reduced my cash advance limit to $100 before swiping the card. Maybe that is the reason my chase sapphire preferred card transaction was declined on both attempts(1st attempt $2000 and 2nd attempt $500)

DP: Paypal transfer posted 05/07. Amazon reloads posted 05/08. Bonus posted 05/18. I notice another user got his bonus posted on the 18th as well last month so I’m guessing they post on 18th of every month if the requirements are met.

DP: CC $2k funded 4/26 (Arrival). WF ACH deposit on 5/1. $1 debit payments for my trash utilities bill on 5/6. Hadn’t checked rewards points since but logged in today and it says on 5/6 I earned 20,000. So I can’t say for sure if the 20k was actually available on 5/6 or if it posted today with a 5/6 “earn” date but either way, really nice to see a quick bonus.

It must have posted today with a 5/6 earn cause mine said 5/8 earn and I’ve checked my points religiously every day and only showed up yesterday.

Matt K Are you saying you didn’t do a DD from your employer but were successful in receiving the 20k by doing a Wells Fargo ACH deposit?

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