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Dougie (@guest_1089433)
November 12, 2020 12:26

Cannot open in-branch if OOS, they require an AZ address w/ proof (such as a utility bill).

N M (@guest_1040427)
August 21, 2020 09:12

Bonus given about 10 days after required deposit (Wells Fargo for me)
Thanks DoC and all posters!

hal98x (@guest_1048709)
September 4, 2020 09:47

Thank you for posting, I tried this approach. It hasn’t been 10 days yet but where do I confirm that the bonus posted. I don’t have their credit card. Will it just be on the running statement or somewhere else?

hal98x (@guest_1048714)
September 4, 2020 10:01

I found the rewards. I used paypal first so not sure if Wells works or not but it did code as income in Mint.

Ryan (@guest_1036656)
August 14, 2020 18:04

This bank showed up on my wife’s ChexSystem report from last month (July 2020)

John (@guest_1035177)
August 12, 2020 15:49

Opened new account and funded with BOA premium rewards card and counted as a purchase.

Talent90 (@guest_1031265)
August 6, 2020 17:26

It appears that this bank is NOT churnable. I just received this message from CS:

“Thank you for your patience while we researched your request. Upon review of your past Memberships, we have identified that you have received two other promotional bonuses from Vantage West prior to closing the accounts. We will not honor any additional promotions of this kind on your existing or future accounts.”

The two referred to bonuses were:

11/30/2018 – personal rewards checking
5/27/2019 – select business checking

N M (@guest_1015554)
July 13, 2020 12:51

While filling in the online application, there was a box asking for the Promotion Code. A customer rep told me to leave it blank since there is no code for this promotion. I hope he is right.

ho9984 (@guest_1014203)
July 11, 2020 00:48

Any one know what is the format of the account number or how to find it? When I click Account Details the number shows xxxxxxx**xx. I’ve never seen ** in a account number before

Yunggooch (@guest_1020846)
July 22, 2020 06:07

If you have just created an account that’s the account number you will see. Your ACH accout number will be different and generate after a few days.

ho9984 (@guest_1033042)
August 9, 2020 14:01

Thank you!

Jon (@guest_1031480)
August 6, 2020 22:14

I had the same problem. The CSR told me that the ACH account number would appear after my funds cleared ($25 credit card funding). I opened online on 8/2 and he said funds would clear on 8/10. Seems slow. No other bank i’ve dealt with was like this. I actually thought I had real account numbers and tried to set up an external transfer at Wells Fargo. The trial deposits failed.

Chris (@guest_1009934)
July 4, 2020 22:00

Got the same message at the part of generating security questions to verify identity:
Either your identity or other personal information could not be verified, certain application criteria has not been met, or the application has expired.
Although I’m out of AZ, I’m prompted eligible for Premium Rewards Checking…

J (@guest_1003708)
June 25, 2020 00:08

On the first Eligibility step after the checks, it said I do not qualify for the offer but am offered “Regular share” instead. It seems kind of odd–there isn’t much information. I assume that this is a no-go then but wanted to check if anyone else ran into this?

Ki (@guest_999591)
June 17, 2020 14:32

2020-06-16 APPLIED for Checking and Credit card and got DENIED. Called customer service and they said because of all the Covid-19 scams they are not going outside of their geographic coverage area at this time.
BUMMER I was hoping to get that credit card because it has 5% cash back on utilities category that you can select. That’s been a hard category to find in 5%.

DATA POINT:::: They did a Soft and HARD CREDIT REPORT PULL which sucks, especially since I got denied.

Dear Ki,

Thank you for your interest in Vantage West Credit Union.

Please be advised that at this time, we are unable to open the account you applied for, and/or add your name as an owner/signer on the account.

Either your identity or other personal information could not be verified, certain application criteria has not been met, or the application has expired.

If you would like to pursue your application, please visit one of our branches or contact us so we can assist you. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.


Vantage West Credit Union

Looney Tunes
Looney Tunes (@guest_999599)
June 17, 2020 14:56

Ki You could apply for the U.S. Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card*, they have utilities as a 5% cash back category that you can select. This category covers electric, gas, trash and water bills up to $2,000 per quarter so you might find it suits your needs. There is also a $150 bonus.


Ki (@guest_999605)
June 17, 2020 15:01

Thanks. I appreciate that suggestion. I’ll give them a try though they did deny me for a checking because they said I owed $100+ in fees for a checking account I asked them to close some years ago that the didn’t but then eventually after they ran it up in fees