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James (@guest_1779246)
January 16, 2024 19:51

What’s the promo code I should enter in the application for either a $200 or $500 bonus?

When I opened the “sboffer500” link, it redirected me and didn’t show the $500 bonus. Does it mean I’m not eligible?

The “sboffer200” link works, but I’m not sure about the promo code to enter.


Jack (@guest_1779323)
January 16, 2024 22:00

Hi James. It’s targeted James

nycdpj (@guest_1697488)
September 19, 2023 12:27
Jimmy (@guest_1694214)
September 14, 2023 20:06

Does have any of you already have bank of america business advantage credit card and still received the bonus ? I don’t have BOA biz checking and I do have BOA business advantage credit card. I don’t know if my credit card will make me ineligible due the term of: “This offer is intended for new customers only; you are not eligible for this offer if you were an owner or signer on a Bank of America Business Advantage Banking account within the last twelve (12) months”. Thanks.

Boozi (@guest_1691400)
September 12, 2023 02:54

I have targetted for 1k for 30k deposit for 60 days

Lakers (@guest_1674254)
August 17, 2023 19:38

In one of the paperwork they sent me it said DBA. I applied as sole prop w/SSN. Is this normal or should I call?

Albert (@guest_1670935)
August 12, 2023 09:03

Here is my timeline for 1.5k bonus”
4/24 applied with a snail mail code, and went pending
4/25 approved
5/12 called in to confirm the code has attached
5/23 transferred 50k in total
7/31 45k out
8/11 1.5k arrived.
Plan to transfer out and close. Does not want to keep 5k to get the fee waived. If someone was able to get the fee waived by 250 cash app reload, I would keep it for a few months though.

Shirah Schwartz-Jacobs, MD
Shirah Schwartz-Jacobs, MD (@guest_1687650)
September 6, 2023 23:14

Do you by any chance have the offer code. I opened a business account with this targeted offer and now b of a is telling me that they don’t have a record of the code. I unfortunately did not keep the offer letter.

Albert (@guest_1687664)
September 6, 2023 23:35

I think this is specific to me. The code I received was “SPP12344B”. Hope you get your bonus.

ntn (@guest_1668323)
August 7, 2023 20:19

PSA: if you’re applying for the 1k bonus for 30k deposit (targeted offer in your dashboard), don’t check the box where it asks whether you have a promo code. I did, and it auto-populated the wrong code. Was able to get the Sales department to activate the right offer but only after numerous calls (the code was in the URL:SSPCIS).

Jim (@guest_1668967)
August 9, 2023 01:37

Thank ntn

I see if we click on “Open Now” links for either account type, the URL has a SGDDIG promo code. If I progress to the app and check the box for a promo code, that’s the code that auto-populates, also.

Did the phone reps you spoke with mention SGDDIG in lieu of SSPCIS? I would guess either works

ntn (@guest_1668970)
August 9, 2023 02:08

Hmm, there may be several codes floating around. The link I used was targeted and it had SSPCIS in the URL.

Lakers (@guest_1669327)
August 9, 2023 16:29

I got the same code

Liang (@guest_1682637)
August 29, 2023 22:59

Going to apply with the SGDDIG code and hope it works! This is the 1K bonus for 30K deposit right?

RobertL (@guest_1669598)
August 9, 2023 22:32

Do you guys have any DPs on churning BOA Biz checking? This target 1K bonus offer pop up everyday when I log to online banking and looks so yummy….
My previous biz checking was closed just 5 months ago, does BOA enforces the ’12 month’ cooling restriction?

ntn (@guest_1669615)
August 9, 2023 23:25

I don’t as this will be my first. I think you should wait until you’re eligible though as there are plenty of other bonuses to go after. If you’re targeted now, you’ll likely be in the future.

HarryTheFirstHarry (@guest_1702648)
September 26, 2023 11:44

Do you ave a direct number for the sales department ntn ? my targeted URL shows SSPCIS but it populates SGDDIG. So I will have to call in as well I guess if what you say is right.

ntn (@guest_1702660)
September 26, 2023 11:55

I don’t have the direct number. I also don’t know for sure if I am right about the code. I did receive a promo confirmation letter about a month after opening with the SSPCIS code.

Others in the more recent thread are saying that both codes should work?

Lakers (@guest_1661105)
July 27, 2023 15:31

Found out that special offer of $1K bonus will disappear if you don’t go for it when you log out damn! Hope it pops back in the future!

Lakers (@guest_1662711)
July 30, 2023 15:42

Well it popped up again today! Applied and went pending.

Lakers (@guest_1663186)
July 31, 2023 12:21

Approved today!

ntn (@guest_1663443)
July 31, 2023 19:06

Have you confirmed that the offer is attached? I chatted with a rep who said there is no promo on my account but I wonder if it’s because the account is too new (approved a couple of hours ago).

I also made the mistake of checking the promo box and a different code auto populated so that could have been the error as well.

Lakers (@guest_1663505)
July 31, 2023 21:42

Just called and the rep said it’s too new. I also checked the box because there was no promo code in the offer. Phone rep told me to do it when I was applying. I will call back on Wednesday.

Lakers (@guest_1665853)
August 3, 2023 22:02

The offer is not attached to my account according to the numerous phone reps. I’ve been calling everyday. I took a screenshot of the offer when you log in the app as proof and will be going to a branch on Saturday to fix the bs!

Lakers (@guest_1665865)
August 3, 2023 22:48

Just got off the phone and rep said it’s now showing attached to my account. Either they fixed it or many phone reps don’t know where to look according to phone rep Hugo.

RobertL (@guest_1658010)
July 21, 2023 22:09

Anyone has any experience on churning BOA Biz checking. I also received the offer of $1000 bonus with $30k deposit for 60 days, however my previous biz checking was closed just 5 months ago, does BOA enforce the ’12 month’ cooling restriction?

Yj32 (@guest_1658528)
July 23, 2023 11:35

Did the offer came by email?

RobertL (@guest_1658557)
July 23, 2023 12:29

It’s under the special offer when I logged in online banking.

Yj32 (@guest_1658629)
July 23, 2023 15:00


BillT (@guest_1664805)
August 2, 2023 14:13

What type of account did you have with BoA when you got the offer?

RobertL (@guest_1665440)
August 3, 2023 11:43

I have a BOA personal checking, personal credit cards and a biz credit card when I got this offer.

RobertL (@guest_1663089)
July 31, 2023 09:26

Anyone has any DP on churning BOA Biz checking? My previous biz checking was closed just 5 months ago, does BOA enforces the ’12 month’ cooling restriction?

nycdpj (@guest_1657313)
July 20, 2023 13:31

A new offer showed up today for $1000 bonus with $30k deposit for 60 days. Available until Dec 31.  Chuck  William Charles

William Charles
July 20, 2023 21:10

Targeted unfortunately