Posted by William Charles on November 14, 2017

Published on November 14th, 2017 | by William Charles


Best Comments October

This is a bit later than normal, but it’s been a busy start to the month. The idea behind these posts is twofold:

  • Reward readers for posting useful/insightful comments. Every comment on this list will receive a $10 Amazon gift card to encourage this.
  • To highlight useful comments that might have been otherwise missed. Most readers aren’t able to read every single comment on the site, so hopefully this helps in pointing you towards some you might have missed.


Bank Bonuses

Credit Cards


Big thanks again to all those who left a comment last month, even if you weren’t chosen. Without readers contributing this site wouldn’t be nearly as useful as it should be, so I appreciate each and every reader that does contribute.

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anyone know what counts as DD for Charles schwab?

Think I saw it in last months best comments post

Congrats to the winners, but I feel as though one additional comment should have been included (and was nominated by multiple readers):

Thanks for nominating and bringing up this comment, Justin
Although Mr. Charles remain ineligible to receive the $10 gift card, I personally agree it’s the best comment of October.

+3, at least deserves mentioning.

Plus 1

About Costco $25 code, it says one coupon code per Costco member. But both owner and the second card can use one. So one costco member can use 2.

Thought I’d mention–if you are trying to do the holiday challenge for AA you need only to sign up for Lifelock (if you are a new member) during the promotional period. I spoke with AA customer service today at length and they clarified that for me. The website says the miles need to post during the promotion, which is impossible with available time.

I love this site. There’s so much goodwill here. Not a lot of negative stuff posted here, 99% positive environment. People avoid politics. It’s about helping each other know how to maximize finance, basically, with our extreme version of churning and deals. Thanks William for an amazing place and all that you and Chuck do with it.


Thanks for reading! 🙂

William for President muahahahhaha

Wow — thank you! I don’t feel worthy with the post about Yelp ads (especially given the amazing contributions that your readers make daily), but I appreciate it so much.

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