[CA] AmEx Offer: Gelson’s, Spend $50 & Receive $15 Statement Credit (Can Be Done 3x)

Update 3/4/24: Deal is back and valid until 5/31/24

Update 9/15/23: Deal is back through 12/15/23 for $15 back on $50 spend (3x). (ht travelingformiles)

The Offer

No direct link, targeted offer

  • Get a $15 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to make a single purchase of $50+ in-store at Gelson’s. Offer can be done three times.

The Fine Print

  • Available in store at Gelson’s
  • Excludes all orders placed online for delivery, online pharmacy orders, and Viktor Benes Bakery and Renaud’s Bakery locations.

Our Verdict

You can buy third party gift cards at Gelson’s or store gift cards for Gelson’s.

Hat tip to GC Galore

View more Amex offers here & if you have any questions about American Express offers then read this post.

Deal History:

  • Update 4/24/23: Deal is back, this time it’s up to $15 off $50, and can be done up to three times. Valid  through 6/24/23. (ht RM)
  • Update 4/2/22: Deal is back and valid until 5/31/22. Hat tip to reader Diego
  • Update 8/31/21: Deal is back and valid until 10/24/21.
  • Update 2/26/21: Deal is back and valid until April 24, 2021.
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Dominique (@guest_1852909)
May 31, 2024 13:10

Love this offer, I’ve completed it every time it’s been offered. Expires today!

5/14 – Purchased 3 separate Amazon gift cards in the amounts of $50, $51 and $52, Amex offer completion emails were also received on this date
5/15 – $15 credit posted for each gift card, offer disappeared from Amex online dashboard

I should also be receiving 3% cashback since it’s a grocery store and I used my BCE for this offer. This amounts to almost 33% cashback on each gift card. I am an authorized user on P2’s account and only I received the offer. No actual groceries were purchased. I made sure to purchase gift cards in slightly different amounts so as to avoid any potential fraud alerts on my CC while at the register, and it worked.

nela22 (@guest_1820457)
March 27, 2024 00:57

DP: $50 gc purchase successfully triggered offer and credit posted within a few days. Amex offer email was sent eventually but not instantaneously like it has been in the past.

lilurbanachiever (@guest_1808116)
March 5, 2024 09:46

Too much of a schlepp for me. Did not use it last time, did not get it this time. But the Ralphs offer on the Chase cards of 10% is back.

Mikey (@guest_1807608)
March 4, 2024 13:03

Folks, every time this offer resurfaces I see the same old comments about how expensive it is to shop at Gelson’s.

Really? 30% higher? Because that’s what $15 back on $50 equals. Plus the benefits you already get on your AMEX, like another 3% on BCE or 6% on BCP.

All I’m saying is that if you can’t find $50 worth of groceries in that store that isn’t 30% higher than other stores then you simply aren’t trying.

And please don’t complain about grocery prices and inflation when you aren’t doing your homework to fight it!

Susan (@guest_1807495)
March 4, 2024 11:00

I think you can stack with Upside, too. The app usually has percent back on Gelson’s. Mine is currently 5% back up to $10.

RM (@guest_1807535)
March 4, 2024 11:56
RM (@guest_1806532)
March 2, 2024 04:34

 William Charles This is back, with an expiration of 5/31/24. Spend $50, get $15, 3x.

Michael (@guest_1763366)
December 22, 2023 11:09

Just used this offer to make 3 separate $50 gc purchases a couple days ago but I never received a notification or email saying my offer was used and haven’t receive the credit yet either. Anyone have same experience?

sg77 (@guest_1763735)
December 22, 2023 19:24

I haven’t done Gelson’s recently, but Amex offers in general are posting slowly now, e.g., 10 days. And half the time Amex doesn’t send an email.

chris (@guest_1807779)
March 4, 2024 18:02

Did you ever recieve the credit?

hbs2018 (@guest_1760320)
December 18, 2023 00:16

Potentially extended? MaxRewards showing me that the end date is now 12/31/23.
Edit: confirmed, one of my cards still showed it in app as expiring on 12/31/23.

Great deal if anyone is near there, I just bought a ton of $50 amazon GCs.

hbs2018 (@guest_1695136)
September 15, 2023 21:39

Have it on 4 amex cards (Plat/Gold/Green/Delta Gold)

Roxanne (@guest_1695186)
September 15, 2023 23:34


JJ (@guest_1695195)
September 15, 2023 23:50

Gotta be able to add it to all 4

Hbs2018 (@guest_1695596)
September 16, 2023 15:42

Added via MaxxRewards and seems they are still there. Will try in a few days as a DP.

lilurbanachiever (@guest_1695117)
September 15, 2023 21:07

Gelson’s is quite a schlepp for me. Can you do three transactions on the same day and get the credit ?

RM (@guest_1695149)
September 15, 2023 22:08

lilurbanachiever Yes. However, their POS system will block consecutive transactions with the same card in the same amount. So, three options: (i) do a split tender and use the same card three times in a single transaction, (ii) take a break of a few minutes between transactions, or (iii) buy variable cards with different amounts.

lilurbanachiever (@guest_1695152)
September 15, 2023 22:13

RM Thanks !

sg77 (@guest_1695196)
September 15, 2023 23:52

For me it seemed that 2 $50 transactions were ok, but it rejected the 3rd. I then did $51 and it worked.