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Lefty (@guest_1800930)
February 21, 2024 08:58

Regarding a 1099 tax statement, I contacted customer service and they said there were no tax statements on the account since the account didn’t have any dividends paid.

cine (@guest_1820672)
March 27, 2024 13:15

They said same to me.

Atomic (@guest_1799128)
February 17, 2024 14:12

Anybody get a 1099 for this? I don’t see one in the online documents section for my account.

Lefty (@guest_1799443)
February 18, 2024 09:13

I closed my account in 2023 but was able to login to online banking. There are no statements showing which probably means the feature is deactivated when there are no active accounts. I sent a secure message in online banking and am waiting on a response.

RS (@guest_1780725)
January 18, 2024 17:20

account opened: 10.20.23
CC funding: $100, $10 donation
deposit: 11.3.23 (with cap1) + did 10 debit transactions (with cash app)
Bonus: did not come…. after looking through recent DPs… it seems that this is a trend… so I chatted with them and they added the bonus right after the chat finished.

DJ K (@guest_1692648)
September 13, 2023 12:51

Hi, This is back. For new and existing members if they don’t have the cash back checking account. Need to hit the qualifications for 3% rewards the month after application.

Fred F
Fred F (@guest_1696213)
September 17, 2023 21:02

Are all CUs pretty much real DD only?

Eric (@guest_1696724)
September 18, 2023 15:08


Raynor (@guest_1600417)
April 18, 2023 12:49

12/17 account Opened
12/30 real DD 500$
02/13 10 Debit card purchases
60 days maintained 1000$ as well
No Bonus as of 04/18/23
Had to call 30min on the line to get the bonus.

Piyush (@guest_1597277)
April 14, 2023 00:53

12/29/2022: Account Opened
01/18/2023: Legit $500 DD posted
01/31/2023: 10th debit card transaction posted
04/11/2023: SM’d inquiring about the bonus
04/13/2023: Received the bonus

Harold (@guest_1580746)
March 20, 2023 10:28

I received the $200 bonus today. No SM needed. Qualified on 1/29/23.

Eric (@guest_1583389)
March 23, 2023 15:39

When was the account opened if you don’t mind sharing? I’m trying to be patient based on your DP but would love to move on from this one.

Bdon (@guest_1584026)
March 24, 2023 11:49

I’m in the same boat. Applied 12/15/2022. Did 2 DDs, 10x Amazon reloads. Didn’t receive $200 bonus, nor the cash back that some are mentioning below. Have been waiting, but might SM in a few days.

MAC944Turbo (@guest_1584032)
March 24, 2023 12:01


As far as the cashback goes, they really make you jump through hoops to get it. Did all 10 transactions post in the same month (along with the other two requirements: $500+ DD & enrolled in electronic statements) ?

Bdon (@guest_1584050)
March 24, 2023 12:17

You’re right, I realized the $500+ DD posted 31 Jan, while the Amazon reloads were on 1 Feb. Bummer. Anyway, I just messaged customer service on the app (using the Chat function), and they promptly credited by $200 bonus after 15 minutes. In case this is helpful for anyone!

Harold (@guest_1585195)
March 26, 2023 13:26

Sorry for the late reply. I opened the account on 12/09/22.

Atomic (@guest_1578204)
March 16, 2023 12:06

12/06/2022: Applied for account
12/07/2022: Rep emails me asking for DL pictures. Sent in later that day.
12/08/2022: Accounts opened with $1,500 funding using Citi Premier, coded as purchase
12/13/2022: $2,600+ employer DD
01/20 – 02/05/2023: 10 debit card purchases of at least $10 (6 gas station, 4 Google Fi prepayments)
03/14/2023: Saw Lefty’s DP of sending a SM after still not receiving the bonus by 03/09/2023 (my expected date). Sent a SM at 12:15 PM CDT. Rep responded at 4:00 PM CDT saying bonus had been credited. Sure enough, $200 bonus was posted as “Deposit HOLIDAY22”.

Sandy (@guest_1577449)
March 15, 2023 10:25

If you have completed the requirements you may chat with customer service executive to confirm the eligibility and they will credit the bonus to the account. I did that just now and in 5 min the $200 bonus was posted to the account ( during the chat). Rare chat support experience 🙂

Lefty (@guest_1576322)
March 13, 2023 18:15

12/8/2022 Account Opened – $1500 Wells Fargo Active Cash Credit Card Coded Purchase (2% Rewards)
12/9/2022-2/5/2023 – Met All Requirements Within 60 Days
* $1,000 Average Daily Balance
* $500 Direct Deposit (Real DD)
* 10 Debit Card Purchases of $10 Or More
3/8/2022 Bonus Not Paid – Sent Secure Message in Online Banking
3/13/2022 $200 Bonus Paid (“Deposit HOLIDAY22”)

Atomic (@guest_1576951)
March 14, 2023 13:54

Hmm, I opened my account on the 8th, too. Thanks for the DP. Just sent in a SM for the bonus.