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Published on July 23rd, 2014 | by William Charles


Chase Ink Plus Now 70,000 Points When You Apply In Branch, Annual Fee of $95 Not Waived

The Offer

  • Receive 70,000 Chase UR points when you apply for a Chase Ink Plus in branch and spend $5,000 within the first 3 months
chase ink plus 70k offer

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The Fine Print

  • Annual fee of $95 is NOT waived for the first year (this is usually waived)
  • Limited time offer, the same offer was available last year and it lasted approximately a week
  • These are business credit cards. You can apply using your SSN instead of an EIN, but you’ll  normally be denied. You’ll then need to call reconsideration and plead your case. They will ask you some basic questions about your “business” before either approving you or keeping you denied.

[Read: Tips for calling reconsideration]

Card Overview

  • Earn 5X points per $1 on the first $50,000 spent annually at office supply stores and on cellular phone, landline, internet and cable TV services (first $25,000 for the cash card)
  • Earn 2X points per $1 on the first $50,000 spent annually at gas stations and for hotel accommodations when purchased directly with the hotel (first $25,00 for the cash card)

Our Verdict

Unfortunately I applied for the Ink Bold back in May. If I had applied for the Ink Plus card instead, I might have been able to get Chase to match this offer (which they usually do if a higher offer becomes available within three months). You might encounter a couple of roadblocks if you did apply for the 60k Ink Plus offer:

  • This new offer doesn’t have the annual fee of $95 waived (the new offer is still better though as you can get a minimum of 1¢ per point)
  • The new offer is only available in branch (although some have reported receiving similar mailed out offers)

If you did get the 60k offer back in May, let us know how you get on with trying to get Chase to match (update: TBB had success with getting the 10k points added) Update 2: Lots of data points of people being able to successfully get their offered upgraded to 70k points. Nobody has had the annual fee added either. Additionally this might mean it’s possible to sign up for the current 50k offer without annual fee and then request an offer match to the 70k offer, although I personally don’t think this is worth the risk. If I hadn’t already got the Bold I’d definitely be going after this offer. I’m actually disappointed in myself for getting worked up into an application hype when the 60k offer came around, fortunately there has been a number of good Staples + OfficeMax/Depot deals between now and then that it isn’t a massive deal that I am missing out on 10,000 Chase UR points for a cost of $95.

If you don’t have a Chase branch near you, you can try your luck by checking your special offers with Chase, but I haven’t heard of anybody seeing business offers there.

Make sure you enroll your Visa business cards with Visa Savings Edge. This program allows you to earn additional cash back on purchases.

For example you can currently earn an additional 1% back on all Staples purchases.

I’d also use this as a chance to see how much your favorite bloggers really care about their readers. No bloggers will receive affiliate commission on this offer, whereas a lot of bloggers did receive commission on the last 60,000 deal (I never receive commission from Chase). Check to see if they do cover it and how much attention they give it when compared to the 60,000 deal. If they don’t cover it or don’t cover it as much, chances are they care more about their bottom line than you getting the best offer.

We have a policy of always posting the best offers, if you know of an offer which is higher than one we have listed. PLEASE let me know so I can add it to the site, I can’t be everywhere at once and occasionally miss deals.

Hat tip to FlyerTalk

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Denial isn’t “automatic” when you use an SSN instead of an EIN. You can, and my wife has, be approved just by waiting a few days. And having an EIN is no success- they approved my wife using her SSN only without a called, but when I applied for a second biz card after already having the ink bold, I was denied despite having a real business with an EIN with nearly 100k/yr gross, due to lots of new accounts on my personal credit report.

Credit Card Joint

I don’t see how you can get SM for the extra 10k. You stated that you applied for the BOLD, I only see the 70k offer on the PLUS.


Speaking of undisclosed offers, here in Michigan a Sapphire Preferred card has a 90-day $2,000 minimum spend (instead of $3,000) for 40,000 miles if you apply in the bank branch rather than online.


Thanks for the tip. I applied for the 60K offer and as you said, cant’t edit the past. But I am happy that there have been numerous deals on Staples lately.
To leave no stone left, I have sent an SM to Chase. Should see how that goes.


Are people getting the matches having to go in to the branch? I just called in and tried to get them to do it but they said I would need to go in person.


What about INK Bold? Any offer for that


Thanks for the info! But I already applied and approved for Ink Plus on May when they have 60k offer. Can I write a secure message to Chase to match the 10k difference? But since I am new to this I have no idea how to write to them, would you mind to please advise and give example on what to write in the message to them to match the sign up bonus. Thanks a lot in advance!


Looks like Chase has stopped the matching because they are classifying the card as a different product because the annual fee is not waived the first year.


[…] seem to want customers to visit branches which was not my assumption. Chase continues to have an Ink Plus 70k in-branch offer (some people get targeted for the same offer by mail). Citi has a Prestige 60k […]

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