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Published on January 3rd, 2017 | by Chuck


Chase Sapphire Reserve will Drop Signup Bonus to 50,000 on January 12th [In-Branch on March 12th]

Chase will lower the signup bonus on their Sapphire Reserve card from 100,000 points to 50,000 points on January 12.

Via TPG, the public 100k signup bonus will be lowered to 50,000 points with the same $4,000 spend requirement on Thursday, January 12th. This isn’t shocking being that Chase lost $300M due to the card.

There’s a chance that it’s only affiliate links which will be lowered or that there’ll be a backdoor link. We won’t know until then.

Another thing is that Chase has indicated, via TPG, that the in-branch offer will remain until March 12.

I’ll be curious to see whether “Selected for You” offers – which incidentally work to bypass 5/24 – will remain at 100k until the January date or the March date or even further.

Key dates:

  • January 12th ends the public online 100k application
  • March 12th is probably when the in-branch 100k offer will end

Branch applications do have other advantages as you can sometimes bypass 5/24 with preapproval in-branch.

Quick Update:

  • In branch offer will definitely be staying at 100,000 points
  • There will be no exception to the points reduction online (e.g Chase Private Client will also receive 50,000 points)

75 Responses to Chase Sapphire Reserve will Drop Signup Bonus to 50,000 on January 12th [In-Branch on March 12th]

  1. Justin says:

    So big question will be where the CSP bonus ends up. Not sure it makes sense to keep both at 50k. Didn’t think Chase would lower CSR to 50k, thought maybe 75k

    • JA says:

      Citi had both Premier and Prestige at 50k for a while. Not to say that what citi does in indicative of anything, but it’s happened before.

  2. Mo says:

    No!! I’m under 5/24 on January 16!! Of course gonna try anyway, anyone have any experience whether chase is lenient within a few days?

    • Chuck says:

      I guess a branch application after 1/16 is best for you, if that’s an option.

      • Raul says:

        Maybe apply on the 12th as close to midnight as possible and if u get rejection call in the 16th in the am and call recon line or wait till the 16th and go for the lesser bonus.

        • Jd says:

          I can answer this as I have first hand knowledge. I applied on 8/15/16. I was under 5/24 as of 8/12/16. Turns out chase goes by the month not the day so I was denied even after appealing to a Recon rep. I asked if I could call back on 9/1/16 and ask for recon then since it is before the app goes stale. Rep said no promises but it should work. I called back 9/1 and a different rep approved the app no problem. So go ahead and apply now, get rejected, and call for recon on 2/1. You should be good.

          • Very useful info, added this to the master thread.

          • TJ says:

            I can confirm they go by the month and not date. Mine has been 24 months but since I applied in January I’d have to wait until February. Tried to recon 4 times and all reps said the same thing as far as how they see the application number & month. It sucks so bad! I’ll just apply in branch if the offer still stands.

          • kmbanana says:

            I had the opposite experience. Under 5/24 as of 3/1 (only at Experian, the bureau that was pulled). Applied in branch 3/7 and was approved immediately.

    • scott says:

      It doesn’t go by the day, but by the month. If you go under on Jan. 16 you’ll have to wait until Feb. 1 to get approved. Chase looks at 24 months, not the day. I learned this the hard way.

      • L T says:

        Interesting, with my count I was 5/24 until Jan 1 according to EX. Heck I was even 5/24 with EQ and TU until Jan 8, but I already knew Chase pulled EX so decided to risk it.

        Applied today Jan 3, got 7-10 day pending online, 30 day pending on phone (before reading these comments). Called recon a little while later and agent immediately recommended approval after verifying a few things on the app and after shifting credit limits from 2 other cards, as I had reached the CL maximum exposure with them. FAKOs around 800, in case it matters.

        Seems I either had a good CSR or maybe they didn’t consider a CapOne retail card, in which case it would’ve been 4/24

      • Lisa says:

        I was waiting until Feb and the bonus changed went under the 5/24 Jan/12 , Jan13 and the last card was Jan 21 I decided to apply got instant approval

  3. James says:

    I wonder if private clients benefit will still maintain 100k signup bonus or at least something better than the 50k.

  4. Keith says:

    If they drop the sign-up bonus, how about dropping the annual fee!

    • Tyler says:

      CSP is only $95 (waived first year) if you want less bonus for less annual fee.

    • Ben says:

      lol. You’re paying $450 a year for a $300 travel credit, lounge access, and killer rewards. Even with a 50k sign-up bonus, you’re getting more value than you’d get with a similar card.

      • Raul says:

        Nah, I just got the Amex Biz platinum and think that’s a better deal. Getting lounge access, 200 credit, 1.5 points/dollar when making $5000 purchase then get 50% of my points back when redeeming for first/biz class.sure it’s a biz card and not a regular credit card but think it’s a better deal that paying $450 for 50,000 points. Get a lot more perks with the Amex Plat too, no too long ago the wife locked the keys in the car and amex payed to the locksmith.

  5. Carlos says:

    So my prediction begins.

  6. Yu says:

    I will have big purchase at the end of April, so I was planning to wait at least one month before applying for this card in order to meet the $4K spending within 3months.
    I checked with Chase branch last week, and they told me there is a CSR card offer in my account. My question is if this means I am almost certain to get approved if I apply for it in branch? (Assuming the offer is still there next month.)


    • Paul says:

      You should do some more reading.

    • It sounds like you are pre-approved for the CSR. Pre-approval isn’t guaranteed approval but it means the 5/24 rule won’t apply to you. I’d probably just grab the offer now if you can meet the minimum spend requirement.

      • Yu says:

        Thanks William as always. I am not blocked by 5/24. In fact I only applied 3 new cards in the last 2 years. I have 800+ FICO score, so I am wondering what’s the chance that I will get denied if I have pre-approval. Yes, I can apply for it now, but I prefer to delay it to late February if possible even considering the time I am going to get to use the $300 for 2018.

  7. Brian says:

    Yes, apply in branch ONLY if you’re pre-approved for the CSR. I couldn’t get them to approve online and was only approved in branch. I was immediately approved and it was in my online account within minutes as a new card.

  8. Ben says:

    Damn it, according to the credit reports, I am still 6 personal cards (including 2 closed) /24 at this moment. Will be 5 (including 1 closed)/24 on 2/7/2017, 4 (including 2 closed) /24 on 3/31/2017. The interesting thing is Chase credit journey says I opened 5 cards in last 2 years. Anyone has any idea?

    • Chase credit journey doesn’t include closed accounts. Have you tried in branch pre-approved or selected offers for you?

      • Ben says:

        Thank you for explaning that. I went to a branch on Sep 1 and Nov 12, and no pre-approved offer. Checked the “your offer” in the new online banking interface, and no luck either.

        Currently have 1 CSP, 1 Freedom,1 Hyatt, and 1 Ink Cash with Chase, as well as checking and saving. Latest open was Hyatt in March, 2016.


    • Radster says:

      I’ve heard that Chase Journey doesn’t count accounts which have since been closed.

      • Ben says:

        Thank you for your reply, but among the 6 cards opened in last 2 years, 2 were closed, one in 2015, one in July, 2016.Don’t know how Transunion does the math in Chase Journey, :S

  9. Bill says:

    So if you apply Jan 11 and are approved, will there be enough time to get the CY2018 $300 travel credit in Jan. 2018?

    • beth says:

      yes, the travel credits post almost in I paid for airport parking after I returned from a NY Eve flight at 1 am on 1/1/17 and it posted a reimbursed travel credit, my first of the new year. The trick is to incur the charges but maybe buy a SW ticket and then cancel the ticket and use the funds later?

    • Yes, should be enough time. As soon as your statement closes in December your 2018 credit will be eligible to be used.

  10. Jon S says:

    I still think it’s disingenuous to say that Chase lost $300M. They invested $300M to create new business, and accounting rules require them to record that expense as a loss now while reaping the benefits for years to come. Chase is thrilled with the card so far (we’ll see how it plays out long term).

    • Chuck says:

      Good point. I meant only to highlight the massive costs involved which makes sense more as an initial rollout cost, and not a continuous expense.

  11. joe says:

    I have the CSR, got it in early Sep, but my wife didn’t have the pre-approval and is way over 5/24. She got the green check for the CSP for 50K points. She’ll check a branch just to see if she’s got a CSR pre-approval… if not does signing up for the CSP make it less likely she’ll be able to get a CSR pre-approval prior to Mar 12.

    • I think there is some correlation between when you’ve last had a Chase card and pre-approvals, I just don’t know exactly what it is. Try in branch first and then go from there.

  12. Abey says:

    Since Im currently at 26/12
    I held back from applying for the Reserve
    But in general Chase likes me
    I currently have 8 personal and 3 business cards with them plus an Auto loan
    They have never declined me
    So im thinking why not
    Im gonna apply for it right now
    I have nothing to lose other then an inquiry
    I will be back in a few with an update 😉

  13. Abey says:

    Applied. Application pending.
    Will let me know in 7-10 Business days
    I guess im declined for 5/24 😉

  14. Yu says:

    Anyone know what is the difference of the chance to get approved in branch vs. online for this card? Are they the same?

  15. Abey says:

    I dont mind so much being declined
    It will always hunt me that there was a
    100K Chase offer on the table and i didnt apply
    Now i feel better that i at least tried ☺

  16. Bill M says:

    Holy crap … I just hit 4/24 on Jan 1. I needed just a few more weeks past Jan 12 to apply in Feb. I held off on some other nice offers in the last few months hoping I could squeeze into a CSR before the bonus got cut. I live 2+ hours and 2 states away from the nearest branch. Coincidentally, I just happen to be driving past that branch tomorrow — probably too soon to apply (unless I am preapproved). I guess I need to stop in tomorrow and ask about preapproval. If I’m not, I have to decide whether to go ahead and apply before the 12th and hope for recon on Feb 1 or to wait and plan a long drive to the branch next month. Seems nuts but I guess a 5hr rt drive might be worth $1650.

  17. Mohammad Moghimi says:

    Does anyone know if 5/24 only applies to credit card or other lines or credit are counted as well?

  18. Bullfrog23414 says:

    So I’m pretty certain that I know the answer to this, but is there any way to do an in-branch application without the applicant being present? I take business trips to the NYC area, where Chase branches are pretty prevalent, but my wife is never anywhere near a Chase branch (we live in Pennsylvania). Any chance that I could go to the branch and they could call her to verify that I was acting on her behalf or anything like that?

    As I said, I think I already know the answer, but thought I’d ask.

    • Jeff H says:

      My sister brought a Power of Attorney for her college age daughter, copy of the daughter’s ID and daughter’s checking account information for the Chase checking offer. Call a branch in NYC and talk to a NYC branch banker. Then follow up by working with that specific Chase banker when you get to NYC.

      • Jeff H says:

        I must be sick. After that Hy-Vee deal Christmas weekend, I am yawning at this news. I am over 5/24. Two months ago, I drove 300+ miles to get a checking/savings offer in place just so I would have a friendly banker to tell me when he saw a pre-approval for me.
        I have a $3500 property tax bill if I get the pre-approval, so organic spending is not a major obstacle.

      • bullfrog23414 says:

        Thanks for the info. I may give that a go.

  19. Lrdx says:

    Oh well.
    Does anyone have statistics of signup bonuses for other Chase cards? I wonder if one can expect it back up in a year or something.

  20. Satish says:

    I was waiting for mid year to apply as my wife recently got one and i got the CSP instead. Anyhow, thanks for the update on the expiring CSR 100k, i just applied and got approved.
    Thanks again
    p.s. Chase doesnt include CSR on their credit card list anymore, interesting, i guess, they dont want anyone applying anymore.

  21. Jason Smith says:

    Do you have to have an account with chase to do an in branch sign – up?

  22. joe says:

    Does chase combine pulls? so my wife has a CSP green check offer online. If she applies and is approved for that would there be any harm in appliying for CSR right after it… or in the opposite way/

  23. F says:

    Can you guys think of any reason I might want to apply ASAP, rather than to wait until next Monday or Tuesday? All things being equal, I’d like to give myself a few extra days to use the 2018 travel credit.

    On a similar note, it sounds like if I set my statement due date to early in the month I would also have almost all of December to use the 2018 credit. Is that correct?

  24. joe says:

    If someone thinks they did not opt in for pre-approvals in branch… how does one opt in? I might have asked this question, but I can’t find my post!

  25. David says:

    Anyone checked with their local branch and got confirmation that 100K bonus will last until 3/12 in-branch ?

  26. tarheel traveler says:

    Reserve 5/24 data point: denied in branch (CPC banker call to reconsideration didn’t help). Applied because I’m at 5/24; though I didn’t have a pre-approval. Reason: too many cards on Equifax report. Oddly, I only have 5 personal cards in last 2 years, but do have 1 other biz card that should not count. Chase recon (two different agents) claimed that the biz card counted and bumped me over the magic number. One less would have been an instant approval. Also, noted that 1 AU card showed up, but that they would have ignored it if I confirmed that I had no financial responsibility for the main card. Sadly my next card doesn’t fall off until 3/27/17 – likely after the in branch 100k offer expires. Bummer.

    Seems like under 5/24 (for all cards) or pre-approval is the only way to go. Hopefully folks have better luck than me.

  27. Rob says:

    Do you guys have a referral link for the CSR? I’d love to show you guys some support when I apply later today!

  28. Lisa says:

    Chuck (or others),
    For spend reasons, I am delaying application.
    1) If I apply while the offer is still at 100K, but approval goes to to pending, and then the final approval date is AFTER the offer drops to 50K, which bonus would apply?
    2) Assuming it’s the APPROVAL date (not the application date) that determines the bonus amount, how many days in advance of the deadline should I apply to allow for approval delays?


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