Posted by William Charles on November 6, 2018

Published on November 6th, 2018 | by William Charles


Chase United MileagePlus Explorer – 50,000 Miles Publicly Available

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Chase is offering a bonus of 50,000 miles after $3,000 in spend in the first three months on the United Explorer card.

Card Details

  • Annual fee of $95 waived first year
  • 25% off in flight purchases when using your card (including WiFi and food/beverages)
  • $100 Global Entry/TSA PreCheck credit
  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 2 miles per $1 spend with United Airlines, restaurant and hotel purchases
    • 1 mile per $1 spend on all other purchases
  • Last seat availability
  • Miles don’t expire
  • Free checked bag when you pay with card (for 2 people)
  • Priority boarding
  • 2 Club passes per year
  • No FX fees

Our Verdict

Chase recently made some changes to this card, when it relaunched some people were targeted for 60,000 miles. The standard offer on this card is 40,000 miles after $2,000 in spend but we frequently see higher targeted offers, for example some people are currently targeted for 75,000 miles on the business card. Another recent offer on the personal card is 50,000 + $100. Keep in mind the Chase 5/24 rule applies to this card, so most readers will not be eligible. If you are eligible then you need to decide if it’s worth burning a 5/24 slot for this card or not. Given the new 48 month restrictions to Sapphire cards burning a spot seems like less of an issue. You might be better off waiting for a better targeted offer, but obviously there is risk there as well so some will prefer to just grab this offer now. I’ll leave that up to individuals to decide. As always if you have a question about Chase cards, read this post first as it’s probably answered there.

Hat tip to reader Mike L

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If you try doing a dummy booking you will see the 40k + $100 after 2k in spend and I think that’s a better offer than the 50k after 3k in spend unless you have a very specific redemption in mind and you have no other way of transferring points to united.

I value UA/UR more than 1 cpp so I think 50k is the better offer.

Even if you value UA points for 1.4 cents for an extra $1000 of spend you will get 10,000 miles but forfeit the $100. 10,000 UA miles are worth about $140 according to thepointsguy. So basically you are spending an extra $1000 to get $40 more because you are getting $100 otherwise. Let’s say you got the 40k + $100 and then spend $1000 organically in no rush on your other cards you will probably yield 3%-5% per transaction meaning that for that $1000 you spend you will get $40 in cashback or travel points. So at the end both offers are the same value except one of them lock you in United miles while the other one you end up with cash that you can use for anything including United. The only case that makes sense to seek the 50k miles offer is if you have a very specific redemption in mind and you don’t have any easy channels to transfer points to united miles like UR or Mariott points.

Many people aren’t that constrained on spend. An extra $1k MS is just another $3.95 x 2.

Bob can you explain how it is just $3.95 x 2 for $1k MS? I am paying more than that for sure.

Hey there. I did a dummy booking last month and got the 50000 bonus miles +$100 statement offer. Maybe it still works this month; if not, maybe sending a message to chase about the offer will work. If it matters, I flew round trip once on united this year and mostly earned miles through mileage plus x app.

Current offer for dummy booking is 40k + 100. I think it changes here and there and probably this month that’s what they have. I think 40k+ $100 or 50k offers are great. 40k only is not that good.

So 50K SW offer will be available soon?

This United offer isn’t new, it’s been available for a couple months (at exactly that URL) — and just like the current SWA 50k offer, it’s supposed to be an inflight promo.


Just did a dummy booking by logging into my account, came up 50k + 100 SC. Went ahead and pulled the trigger even after just getting approved for CIP a few days ago.

can you show the screen shots or the link if you dont mind?

Hasn’t this offer been around for at least a couple months? I coulda sworn I was considering jumping on it back in September.

There are different kinds of public offers. The 40k offers were SO public, that many people got targeted when logged into United for 60k. What I’m interested in is those 50k offers that are SO public, that some people get targeted when logged into United for 70k. (Ie, there’s a class of “very public” offers for which the targeted version is 20k more.) But an offer that only appears during a dummy booking isn’t “public enough” for that.

The link goes to an in-flight offer that states you must fill in an application number that you received from your flight attendant. Any data points on approvals if an application number is not filled in?

I closed my husbands United credit card 2 months ago, opened 5 years ago. Can I get bonus if I apply for him now.

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