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Published on June 18th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] Discover AAA $100 Savings Bonus With $15,000 Deposit

Update: Expired as of June 30th as expected.

Update: Confirmed it works for existing Discover Savings members, you can even transfer the funds directly over according to this DP.

Note: This is the same bonus as Discover offers directly. According to the fine print there is nothing excluding you from getting this bonus before unless you’ve previously been an AAA savings customer. In the offer at a glance section we have linked to Discover savings data points as I believe they will be the same. It also doesn’t look like AAA membership is actually a requirement (update: there is a field for your AAA membership information during the application. You can proceed if you leave them blank and AAA membership isn’t listed as a requirement for the bonus).

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $100
  • Availability: Nationwide
  • Direct deposit required: None
  • Additional requirements: Deposit $15,000
  • APY: 1.10%
  • Initial Deposit: None
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • ChexSystemsChecking does have Chex inquiry
  • Credit card funding: None
  • Monthly fees: None
  • Early account termination fee: None mentioned
  • Expiration date: June 30th, 2017
  • Insured: FDIC

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Discover’s AAA branded savings account is opening a bonus of $100 when you meet the following requirements:
    • Enter offer code AAA100
    • Deposit at least $15,000 by 7/14/17

The Fine Print

  • Apply for your first AAA Online Savings Account from Discover Bank (OSA) by 6/30/17.
  • Enter Offer Code AAA100 when applying.
  • Deposit at least $15,000 by 7/14/17.
  • Offer not valid for existing or prior AAA savings customers.
  • Account must be open when bonus is credited.
  • Bonus will be credited to the account by 7/28/17.
  • Bonus is considered interest and will be reported on IRS Form 1099-INT.
  • Offer may be modified/withdrawn without notice.
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

There are no fees to with this account.

AAA Discover does not have any minimum balance requirement, and you can withdraw all the funds after opening the account and fulfilling the $15,000 deposit requirement.

Early Termination Fee

There’s no mention of a fee for closing the account at any time. Note that you need to leave the account open until 7/28/17 or whenever the bonus posts.

Our Verdict

This is good for people that have already done the Discover savings $100 bonus. The best part of this bonus is that there is no minimum deposit requirement length so you can just deposit $15,000 and then immediately withdraw it. In the past bonus has posted around 5-15 days after the $15,000 requirement has been met. The 1.1% APY rate is also competitive, but it isn’t the best rate currently available. We will be adding this to our list of the best savings account sign up bonuses.

Hat tip to reader David B

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116 Responses to [Expired] Discover AAA $100 Savings Bonus With $15,000 Deposit

  1. Bob says:

    When I saw the small picture on the main page, it cut the “1.” part and I thought the APY is 10%, I was like gonna jump on it right away had the APY been 10% lol

  2. Mark says:

    I have an existing regular savings account. This should not prevent me from getting bonus on this AAA savings account, right?

  3. Pam says:

    I just open the online saving 4 days ago and have not even gotten the bonus yet. Will it be o.k. to do this one as well?

  4. Bub says:

    I am confused. The ‘Our Verdict’ Texan mentions 10000. This matches the picture which indicates 10%. Elsewhere 15,000 is mentioned.

  5. Iz says:

    Please post DPs if you do or do or don’t get the bonus, if you already had/have the regular savings account. Thanks!

    • AM says:

      Yes, that’s something I’d like to know, too. Ideally I’d open this one, get the bonus, and transfer to the Discover one to get that one, too.

  6. Joe says:

    Can I do this as well as the linked Discover 100$ savings bonus?

    • Chuck says:

      The gist of this post is you can get this bonus besides that one since it’s going through a separate affiliate.

      • Joe says:

        Thanks! Just did both today — making use of the 30k$ I had lying around. Hoping I’ll get the bonus with no hiccups. Lets see.

        • Master Allan says:

          Update if you can later, same situation for me. Reading user data points before posting I learned my former Discover account along with it’s Chex inquiry must have been their checking product. Like you, that suggests I’m still eligible for Discover’s savings account bonus never having it before. I plan to open this AAA first and hope you have positive results for me to follow.

        • Gibunono says:

          According to the post, “It also doesn’t look like AAA membership is actually a requirement.”

          Did you actually input any AAA number somewhere?

        • Nick says:

          Send $15K when it becomes available
          to CIT for 3 months. $125 + 1.15% is an excellent short term return.

  7. Vance says:

    If you do this, it is important to distinguish between your AAA membership number and what is your AAA club number as the application asks for both. The membership number ISN’T the entire number that is printed on the membership card. This link shows the difference:

    Also, I know this sounds stupid but when you input AAA100 don’t forget to click the APPLY button to apply the code to your application.

  8. Vance says:

    fuck you, doc

  9. eclipsor says:

    any idea if the 15k has to be one initial deposit? or can I do like 7.5k once transfer it out and then back in

    • lingua says:

      I think the terms aren’t very specific to answer this with any certainty, though my safe interpretation of this is that 15k needs to be sitting in the account at some one point.

      I’m liking that there are no time reqs on that funding so I can deposit and pull out right way – to Santander and right back to Insight:)

      • Vijay says:

        anyone knows whether the $15k can be transferred in to new AAA Discover Savings account from existing Discover Checking or existing Discover Savings account? Will that count as eligible deposit eventhough its a transfer between Discover acccounts?

  10. Mark says:

    The application asks for the AAA membership ID and Club code. So you do need to have an AAA membership.

    • Thanks, what if you leave them blank? Updated post

      • Joe says:

        I just left them blank and could proceed. The conditions necessary for offer don’t state requirement of AAA membership — though not sure if the requirement is baked into account itself directly somehow. I do see my account is all set up though, so we’ll see.

  11. Roberto says:

    A few DP’s I didn’t see mentioned that may help others:
    1. Cannot fund with cc/debit/gift card
    2. Offer code is inputted in the “Account Funding” step (I thought I had missed it). As other reader mentions, be sure to click APPLY

    My account opened immediately and showed up in my Discover profile, along with my regular Discover Savings account.

    Had a AAA membership.

    Took 5 mins total, thanks DoC! Was in a bank bonus dry spell, glad to be out of it 🙂

  12. Superchurn says:

    Any DP on $5k, withdraw, $5k, withdraw, $5k?

    I’d like to squeeze this one, but my cash is tied up in 2 PNC accounts right now

  13. Frito Pendejo says:

    Has anybody successfully got the $100 AAA after already getting the $100 regular savings bonus?

    • Not yet, bonus is very new still. People will post DP when they have them

      • Frito Pendejo says:

        Wife and I just signed up. We’ve both gotten the regular $100 savings bonus. I’ll report back in a few weeks.

        • Frito Pendejo says:

          It looks like it took about 2 weeks from meeting req to receive the bonus on the regular $100 checking account. Hopefully this one will post soon. I noticed the paperwork that comes in the mail doesn’t mention AAA at all but online it shows up as AAA Savingd at least

  14. Dean says:

    Be careful about the marketing small print, and don’t input your AAA number.

    Per Discovery’s privacy notice: *If you have a co-brand/affinity account with us, we may share information about you with our co-brand/affinity partners in connection with maintaining and servicing your account including for that partner to market to you. Federal law does not give you the right to limit this sharing.

  15. hady says:

    I called the customer service no. given in the link. I asked that I am existing discover savings customer, am I eligible for this AAA offer? CRP put me on hold to ask supervisor & confirmed that I am eligible, since this will be my 1st a/c under AAA savings. Then CRP opened my new AAA savings a/c & transferred the funds from old discover savings a/c to newly opened AAA savings a/c. I was given assurance that by doing so I will be eligible.

    Waiting for 28th July, to post bonus in my new a/c. Have taken information of CRP, in case of any problem. Normally discover is easy going with bonus, so hopefully will get bonus on right time…….

  16. NBG says:

    Can i open both the AAA savings and the regular discover savings at the same time and get both the bonus?.

  17. Sergey says:

    Can you really transfer $15000 from a recently opened Discover savings account to a new AAA account and qualify for the AAA bonus?

  18. Jay says:

    I was told on the phone that if you have an existing Discover savings account you will NOT get the bonus.

    • Doc_Liker says:

      Does that mean, we can close the existing savings account and wait for a day to open this new AAA savings account, and we’ll be eligible?

    • Klad says:

      I was also told the same thing that I will not be eligible for receiving another bonus if I already hold a savings account. But I called the Discover customer care at 800-347-7000. I will give it a try by calling at the number given in the link.

    • Klad says:

      Called the number in the link 1 (800) 206-4960 and was told the same thing.. CSR told me although it’s under a different program (AAA) it’s still managed by same bank. So if I already have a savings account, I will be able to open the account but will not be eligible for bonus.

  19. MoreSun says:

    I fully expect to get the bonus even though I have a Discover Savings Acct. In my Discover profile this account is called by Discover “AAA ONLINE Savings” and my other account is “DP Online Savings”. In the fine print the bonus states “AAA Online Savings account” over and over each time the bonus qualification information is displayed, it says nothing about Discover savings accounts.

    • Klad says:

      Agreed.. despite of what CSR told me I will go ahead and open the account and hopefully we all will receive the bonus.

  20. Eric says:

    I opened a Discover AAA savings account and funded it with my existing Discover Savings (which I got the $100 bonus for). Will update when/if I get a bonus for my new AAA account.

  21. AndyK says:

    So get a load of this… I already have a Discover Savings Acct with umpteen thousands in it and just did the AAA application. At the end it said to call in and get this… they want me to mail in security documents; drivers license, proof of address etc…. can you believe these idiots? I was like you see my Savings Acct right and gave them the exact balance and they were like yup, we don’t care. What the heck?

  22. AndyK says:

    Yeah, if it only was that easy 😉 I am retired mil living the dream as an expat overseas so I have a military FPO mailing address which of course is not shown on a retired mil ID card nor on my stateside FL drivers license. Trying to explain this to this person at Discover was ummm challenging. Barclays (and I assume other banks) accept other bank statements showing my FPO address as proof but Discover was like no.. we can’t accept that. So I was like how do process applications from active duty military stationed overseas? They would have the same problem. Crickets

    • AndyK says:

      Well, the long letter explaining military addresses I uploaded to Discover must have worked because today popped up the new AAA account. Now the question is whether to ACH the 15K from the orig Discover savings acct to the AAA or to first move it out to another institution then back in to AAA. I am leaning towards the latter (moving it first to NavyFed then back to AAA) because I would hate to be a loser in this deal because of a technicality. What are you guys doing?

      • John says:

        I accidentally moved 5k of the 15k to the original savings account so I moved that 5k from the original to the AAA account. I still got the bonus.

  23. Phil says:


    Bonus paid. Have already received vanilla Discover bonus as well. Note that for some reason my account was locked twice for security reasons – both when the 15K was deposited and when it was withdrawn. Was a simple phone call to confirm the activity to remove the lock.

    – 6/21: account opened
    – 6/22: 15K deposit
    – 6/27: 15K withdrawal
    – 6/29: bonus posted

    Thanks DoC!

    • EO says:

      Same for me. Both my wife and I received $100 bonuses even though we both received bonus for regular savings account. Our $15000 was deposited from non-Discover accounts and then immediately withdrawn.

    • AndyK says:

      Phil, did you xfer the 15K from the regular to the AAA or from an external source?

    • Justin says:

      Thanks a ton!

      Looking to move 15k in, but need to move 10k back out to avoid getting fees on my Citi bonus account. Glad to know I can move the money out before the bonus (and also, valid even though I’ve done regular Discover). Wanted a confirmed DP before going through that hassle.

  24. Kenneth says:

    Bonus posted! I already had a regular Discover online savings account too which I got another $100 bonus for.

    6/18 – Opened
    6/21 – $15,000 deposit posted
    6/29 – $100 bonus posted. The transaction description says “Promotion”

    • AndyK says:

      Did you xfer the 15K from the regular to the AAA or from an external source?

      • Bigl says:

        I did
        I transferred 15k from discover to aaa discover during the signup and bonus paid today as well.

        • Vijay says:

          I also confirm that I transfered $15k from existing Discover savings account to this new AAA Discover Savings account and the bonus was posted today….

  25. C says:

    Tried to apply and says “technical difficulties” after entering personal info. Anybody else?

  26. Stack101 says:

    Applied today, (I have Discover CC and Checking, logged in during application), told me to call at the end of application (definitely answered verification questions correctly due to too many experiences with those now).

    When I called I was being asked full social security number right way, put me on hold for few minutes then came back for full name (spelled out), full social, date of birth, address, email and phone number, then pull me hold for around another 10 minutes, came back with my account number ready and told me I should be able to see the account online now.

    Hmm… while the phone call is easy, but at this rate, I will be an identity victim so soon, lol.

  27. John says:

    DP- opened regular discover savings on 6/8 with $15k initial deposit. Bonus for that posted on 6/16. Then opened AAA savings on 6/19 , transferred $15k from old discover savings, bonus posted 6/29.

  28. Jatan says:

    Got my AAA bonus as well

    6/19 Opened & funded AAA account from existing Disc savings account
    6/29 Received $100 AAA bonus

  29. abub says:

    Bonus posted. I am not going to post the timelines; I don’t know why people bother. More relevant I will mention that I already have an open Discover savings account and that I didn’t enter an AAA number at signup.

    • Justin says:

      The timeline is helpful, especially to see you can indeed pull the money out before the bonus posts. I’m glad others shared.

  30. Jeremy says:

    Another data point

    6/19 opened my account
    6/29 $100 bonus posted

  31. Klad says:

    Thank you guys for all the DPs.. Already opened the AAA account but yet to deposit 15K. Another easy $100 🙂

  32. Matt K says:

    Did the regular Discover $100 bonus last year on $15k.

    6/20 – $5k ACH from Cap One posts
    6/22 – $10k from initial app funding posts
    6/29 – $100 bonus posts

    Also, I ordered my ChexSystems after applying (applied the day DoC wrote this up). Report was dated 6/20 and no inquiry. I had pre existing savings and Discover cc.

    Time to go quickly open my wife’s AAA now!

  33. MoreSun says:

    I hope this bonus is processed separately from the regular savings bonus. I deposited 15K 6/23 into regular savings & am waiting for that bonus to post before transferring 15K into my AAA savings.

    • MoreSun says:

      Yep they post separately for anyone else working both. My regular will post 7/3 so now I’ll send the 15K to my AAA.

  34. alex says:

    Can also confirm that sending 15k from Discover Savings triggered the $100 AAA bonus. Posted in 3 days.

  35. Rab says:

    Did you guys close your previous discover savings account before applying for aaa?

  36. Vijay says:


    Whoever not able to proceed after 1st page (i.e. didn’t get the security questions), you can still open it over the phone and the number is 1-800-206-4960….the rep’s are available 24/7 and you’ve time till midnight today to make use of this promotion. When you open over the phone, they are able to ask you 4 security questions and pretty sure you’ll be able to answer and within minutes your account will be opened.

    YOU DO NEED TO MENTION OFFER CODE “AAA100″…they won’t put it by default…also, they are not asking for any AAA membership code when opened over the phone….HURRY…

  37. Ed says:

    $100 bonus no longer on web page. Expired as stated 6/30.

  38. Frito Pendejo says:

    Received bonus despite already receiving a $100 Discover Savings bonus. Seems the answer to all the questions above is favorable to churners. Details:

    – opened AAA account w/ offer code, did not fund yet
    – moved 15k from my discover checking account to AAA savings account
    – next day ACHed the 15k from AAA savings to my joint account (so my wife can do this offer also)
    – 7 days later $100 bonus posts to AAA savings.

  39. Iz says:

    It sounds like you don’t need to leave the 15k in the account until the bonus actually posts; it just needs to be there at some point in time. Is this correct?

  40. AndyK says:

    Today, along with CapOne $400, got this easy $100. I, like many others here, opened the AAA with 0 then waited a bit until it actually showed up when logging in, the did an immediate xfer from my existing regular Discover for $15K which triggered the bonus today. Good deal, but I got nothing else cooking 🙁 Have to wait a month to try M&T again… I am on hiatus

  41. Eduardo Baez says:

    Got twice the $100 Discover Savings bonus few years ago before they restricted the $100 bonus only to first savings account.
    Opened my first AAA Online Savings account online using AAA100 promotion code and without entering any AAA data when applying on 06/29/2017. Initially funded with $50 from my Discover checking account. Transferred $15K from an external account on 07/03/2017. $100 Bonus is scheduled to post on 07/10/2017 as Account Promotion.

  42. Pete says:

    how do you know it is scheduled to post on 7/10?

  43. Mark says:

    Another DataPoint: Received my $100 bonus by transferring $15K from existing Discover Savings to Discover AAA

    6/27 Opened account AAA account
    6/27 Transferred $15K from Discover to AAA
    7/10 Account Promotion $100

    Thanks Doc!

  44. Iz says:

    Is there a way to have Discover transfer funds from one person’s account to another’s? Thanks.

  45. Josh says:

    Opened the account on 6/30, transferred $15k from pre-existing Discover account ($100 bonus a couple of years ago), left AAA membership info boxes blank, & bonus posted on 7/8.

  46. MoreSun says:

    Opens in June
    7/5 deposited 15K
    7/10 bonus deposited

  47. Klad says:

    I have a rather interesting DP..
    06/27 Account Opened
    07/03 $15K ACH Pull initiated from Chase
    07/07 $15K available
    07/07 Bonus scheduled to Pay on 07/10
    07/10 $15K Returned with Returned Deposit fee, well because the Chase account I had in Discover was an old account and closed couple of years back. This was done in error, not intentionally.
    07/10 Called customer service and reversed the Returned Deposit Fee

  48. Jenn says:

    Closed account via secured message. Transferre all funds to other discover account and they’re sending me a check for interest

  49. LC says:

    Since Discover Savings / Discover AAA Savings tend to be once per lifetime, is there any rationale to close these accounts?

  50. Saabfan says:

    Weird. Discover sent me a letter stating that I was denied for the account…. AFTER it was opened, the bonus paid, and the account closed by me. I had done the previous $100 bonus too.

    Anyone else get this?

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