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Published on October 31st, 2018 | by William Charles


Hilton Points Can Be Redeemed At Amazon For A Pathetic 0.2¢ Per Point

Update 11/01/18: You can redeem for points again, but at the old 0.2¢ rate. Congratulations to everybody who got in on the 0.5¢ deal.

Update 10/31/18: Currently not working. If it starts working again we will repost.

Update 10/31/18: Not sure if this is an error or not, but using Hilton points for Amazon points is now showing a value of 0.5¢ per point (previously it was 0.2¢ per point) [our affiliate link here and below]. That’s much better value and something a lot of people would consider worth cashing out for. Makes some of the increased Hilton bonuses worth $500 in Amazon credit! Not sure if this has something to do with the Hilton cards offering 13x points at Amazon. Hat tip to mohamedsharif7. This is working on gift cards as well, some options:

When Hilton changed their rewards program from HHonors to Honors, they made a number of other changes as well (points & money, points pooling, diamond extension and the removal of award charts). They also announced that you’d be able to use points to shop on Amazon. At the time I said that I doubt that the Amazon rate would be competitive but I thought anything over 0.3-0.5¢ would be of some use. Well it’s now possible to use Hilton points for Amazon purchases and you’ll receive a value of 0.2¢ per point (500 points = $1).

I don’t find Hilton points to be particularly valuable, but this is just entirely useless as far as I’m concerned. Obviously some people use these redemption options otherwise loyalty programs wouldn’t bother offering them. That doesn’t make them any more useful for informed consumers though.

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Pretty ridiculous 0.2 cents per HH point. Are there better options to cash out HH points other than redeeming for HH reward stays?

As sad as 0.2 is, I have a family member with some HH points and nothing else to do with them, so I guess this is at least better than nothing.

It sucks but not much else to do with them since I didn’t get to use them for hotels. last time I had 150K points I had a pretty nice stay at a 2 bedroom Homewood.
the points are now essentially worthless , and I haven’t used my new Amex card either. Ive only had a few stays this year but still, what little I have done hasn’t been with Hilton because its just no longer worth it to pay the premium for rooms that sometimes are really not any better than “brand X”.
As far as I am concerned they have ripped me off – legally, sure, but still, they chose to make my hard earned points nearly worthless.

We keep hearing about valuations of 2 cpp and above, so, 0.2cpp is certainly bad. However, let’s take a look from the PoV of opportunity cost. offers 50k after 1k/3mo, and an extra 25k after 1k/6mo — 75k per 2k spend (plus, you get 3 points for each $, for an extra 6k points, or 81k points total).

With Amazon at 0.2 cpp, that’s 150 bucks — 75k * 0.002 — certainly not a great bonus for 2k spend, but not that bad, either, especially as the card is a no AF one.

With Hilton, I did a random search for Denver area, found 53 hotels, only two of which are 20k (both Hampton Inn, nice, but it’s only 2.5*, generally, as far as priceline rating goes), the rest are 30k (and above). So, for the same 75k you can get at most 3.75 nights, or, if flexibility is of any value, more like 2.5 nights.

I generally value a night at a nice 2.5* or 3* hotel at 50 bucks, as per Priceline NYOP with a flexible schedule. So, as bad as 0.2 cpp seems to be, IMHO, it actually appears to be very reasonable compared to redeeming directly at Hilton.

HH reward redemptions vary dramatically. I recently redeemed a Hampton by Hilton reward for about 1 cent/point recently, which is about 5X better than this amazon offer.

always fakes me out when i see cpp shown as 0.2¢. haha. makes me think its 20 cents dude! first i thot Holy Shit 20 cents!?

i guess my head is just locked in at $0.002.

Will this push HHoner point’s expiry date if we buy small denomination of Amazon Gift Card?

This belongs on r/shittychurning

Can this be used to buy Amazon gift cards? I’d cash out my 200k Hilton if I could load it as a GC for later to same sure I get in before this goes away

Yes, maximum $2k per gift card. thats amazing!!

Wow, that’s not bad at all.

I value Hilton points at 0.5 cents. I am cashing all my 1MM points today lol.

This makes that Hilton amazon spend deal much better. Now I might consider it.

0.5 can be a decent deal if I can use it to purchase the gift card, especially vgc

This makes the current Amex MR promotion to Hilton more attractive – 1000 MR = 3000 Hilton Honors, which equates to $0.015 per MR point towards Amazon purchases. Not a bad option.

i was about to post the same thing! Also, When there is a hilton triple promotion for 54 points per dollar on hilton stays with the amex aspire then it would be 27% amazon credits which is insanely good. I would probably stay more on hiltons lol.

3000? I only see 2600.

depends on the promotion. Sometimes it is 3000 sometimes it is less.

I was pissed that my GF had 1:3 MR to Hilton and I only got like 1:2.6 or something…lame

Can’t link the account. Keep getting error messages.

same here

I just successfully linked. Never linked before, though I have AMEX MR linked in the past, if that could be anything at all related, though probably not.

Awesome! Just got 100,000 from the no fee card. $500 Amazon credit for $1000 spend is kind of amazing.

Don’t think it’s a glitch. The Amazon page has been updated to state: “What is the conversion rate of using my Hilton Honors Points at
500 Hilton Honors Points equal one dollar on”

“500 Hilton Honors Points equal one dollar” means it’s 0.2 cpp.

That means .2 cpp…

500 HHP = $1 means 0.2 cpp. It’s most likely a glitch for sure.

500 points to $1 = $0.002 / pt

Any portals that pay out for gift cards? Thinking of cashing out 360k hilton

Amazon egift card works

No portals that I know of pay out for gift cards on Amazon. They mostly only give an affiliate cut for high margin merchandise and Amazon-branded electronics.

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