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Published on July 22nd, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] [KS, MO] Mazuma Credit Union $123 Checking Bonus

Bonus has now expired and is no longer being offered. View the best current checking bonuses by clicking here.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $123
  • Availability: Must live or work in Jackson, Clay or Cass counties in Missouri or live or work in Johnson or Wyandotte counties in Kansas or be a Federal employee. Update federal employees still need to live in the targeted area, they updated the terms.
  • Direct deposit required: Yes, no minimum specified
  • Additional requirements: See below
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft pull
  • ChexSystems: Unknown
  • Credit card funding: Up to $5,000
  • Monthly fees: None
  • Early account termination fee: None
  • Household limit: None listed
  • Expiration date: September 30th, 2018

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Mazuma Credit Union is offering a bonus of $123 when a member opens a new checking account. Bonus requirements as follows:
    • Make 20 point of sale transactions within 60 days of account opening
    • Be enrolled in eStatements
    • Have a monthly direct deposit within 60 days of account opening

The Fine Print

  • Offer valid for accounts opened between June 1st, 2018 and September 30th, 2018.
  • Limit one account per person.
  • Offer is subject to change without notice.
  • Valid for new Members and current Members without an established checking account.
  • Requires new checking relationship with the Credit Union (those with existing checking accounts do not qualify).
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

Monthly Fees

The classic checking account has no monthly fees to worry about.

Early Account Termination Fee

According to the fee schedule there is no early account termination fee.

Our Verdict

If the information given by the phone rep is true ($3,000 credit card funding and a soft pull) then this is a great deal. The bonus does have a lot of requirements to complete, but the extra $3,000 credit card funding is what really makes it a good deal. I won’t add it to the best checking bonuses until we have confirmation that information is correct.

Big thanks to reader, Clint who let us know. Learn how to find bonuses and contribute to the site here.

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Website let me do up to $5,000 on my CC. Will see if it goes through as cash advance or not.

The Value Traveler
The Value Traveler

Thats the key question….cash adv or not

Nathan Ponder

So far so good. I was able to fund $5,000 per account (Regular Share Savings and Classic Checking), at 3% that’s $300 just from funding, holy cow! Appears to have been successfully processed on my Alliant Cashback Visa Signature (an Alliant CSR advised that nothing will post as a cash advance without me supplying a PIN).

I got a confirmation and account number but it appears account creation is still processing. No access to online banking yet. No HPs have appeared in the immediate aftermath.

Also, FWIW, the Truth-in-Savings disclosure I had to agree to contained an identical bonus promotion, but with older dates (9/30 – 12/31/2017) and for $150 checking / $350 money market. Too bad that’s not still offered.

I opened an account and tried to fund $10,000 with a Fidelity Visa. My cash advance limit is below that. The transaction was declined. Fidelity rep stated that it was declined because it was processed as a cash advance (above my cash advance limit).

$5K pending on BOA AK Business card. Wouldn’t accept Citi AA Business card with cash advance line well below $5K limit. Verified with Citi that it wasn’t blocked on Citi’s end.

Clint ,

When your Citi card was rejected did it immediately reject it and allow you to input a different card, or did you get notified of it afterwards?

immediately rejected

Clint ,

When your card was rejected did it allow you to try another card or did you find out later via email? Thanks!

@moderator please delete above — double posted by accident

Do all of you live in KS / MO?

I’m a Federal employee. They haven’t required me to show any verification yet, though.

Makes sense, thanks

Nathan Ponder

It’s been kind of a pain trying to get access to online banking. You have to “apply” for online access even after being approved and given a member number, and I’ve been denied 3 times already. Called in and the CSR advised that, when asked to provide my member number in the application (which was given as 0000######), to drop all the preceding zeros and possibly the last digit, too, if you have more than 6. Said it like it was the most natural thing in the world to have a computer system that can’t recognize the ID they gave me… geez.

Nathan Ponder

Finally chased down the following DP: *only* Federal employees living in Missouri or Kansas are eligible for CU membership. After a long run-around, I was denied (I am a Federal employee residing in another state). CSR admitted that this was a recent policy change and that their website and documentation do not yet reflect it, and further that their online application software is run by a third party, so that any initial approval & assignment of a membership number is still tentative until the CU makes a final decision.

Opened account a week ago. Funded checking and savings for $5k each on Merrill Lynch card. Posted as purchases.

Got a phone call from a rep a few days later, had to answer basic questions about use of account. Looks like it’s ready to go. E-Signed some docs, but still can’t get online access to account. Will have to call branch to figure out why.

I am not a Federal employee, but live in the required service area.

Hey Curmudgeon, Curmudgeon

Couple questions for you:

(1) Did you fund both at the same time or in separate instances?
(2) Did you get any indication that they would take anything besides Visa cards?


I funded both at the same time. For card type, I never really looked at it – just put in my card number and didn’t think about it.

I went back to the Mazuma site and opened a money market account, to see if it would let me fund with a card again.

Was able to fund $5000 on my Merrill Lynch card for the MM account. 😀

Also noted, just for you, that they take Visa/MC/Discover for funding.

Between savings, checking and money market accounts, they offer about 10 different types. I’m tempted to open one of each type just for the card funding. 🙂

7/26: Opened account, funded $5k each savings and checking with Merrill Lynch card. Posted as purchase

8/20: 20 debits, Amazon 50 cent reloads
8/23: direct deposit posted (actual payroll)
8/24: $123 bonus posted to savings

Also funded money market a couple of weeks after initial account opening for another $5k, so $15k spend @ 2% = another $300 in value. 😀

Thanks DoC!

Update on experiences. I don’t like this credit union very much. I scheduled a bunch of transfers out of my account (max $2500 per xfer) and they cancelled all but one due to exceeding the transfer limit.

The website is down more often than up.

If you open an additional account, you have to fill out the signature card and go through their questions every single time, which seems redundant and a hassle.

If I can’t access my account online half the time, it’s not worth having the account. I’ll check to see if there are any early closing fees then close out this account.

The CC funding is nice but everything else is a hassle.


Offer expired

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