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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on September 26th, 2016 | by William Charles


[MA] bankESB (East Hampton Savings Bank) $200 Checking Bonus – Direct Deposit No Required

Update 01/24/18: Only available in MA now unfortunately. No longer available in CT, RI (it will show the MA only restriction on second page of sign up). Hat tip to reader Sarah.

  • Maximum bonus amount: $200
  • Availability: MA (Hampden, Hampshire or Franklin County), CT, RI
  • Direct deposit required: Optional
  • Additional requirements: See below
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • ChexSystems: No
  • Credit card funding: Can fund up to $1,000 with a credit card, Visa, MasterCard or Discover are all accepted
  • Monthly fees: None
  • Early account termination fee: Need to keep account open for 365 days to get full bonus, $10 early account termination fee if closed within 6 months
  • Expiration date: None listed

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Open a new checking account with bankESB and receive a bonus of up to $200. Bonus is broken down as follwos:
    • Open account with a debit card and either activate online banking and make 5 debit card transactions or direct deposit (minimum of $25) and receive $100
    • Make 5 bill pays & Activate eStatements and receive $50
    • After 1 year activate checking account anniversary receive $50


The Fine Print

  • $100.00 promotional offer is for opening a personal checking account and activating direct deposit (of at least $25.00) or signing up for online banking and conducting 5 debit card transactions using your debit card within the first 60 days of account opening ($100.00 will be credited to the account by the last day of the statement cycle following the 60th day the account has been open).
  •  $50.00 promotional offer is for making 5 bill payments using online banking and enrolling in eStatements within 60 days of account opening ($50.00 will be credited to the account by the last day of the statement cycle following the 60th day the account has been open).
  • Minors (anyone under the age of 18) are not eligible for Online Bill Pay.
  • $50.00 loyalty bonus will be paid after the account has been open for 12 months ($50.00 will be credited to the account by the last day of the statement cycle following the 365th day the account has been open).
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

The basic checking account doesn’t have any monthly fees, it makes sense to just keep this account open for at least a year so you get the $50 anniversary bonus as well. There is a $10 early account termination fee if the account is closed within six months.

Our Verdict

This is a great bonus, it’s a soft pull and you can fund with a credit card and there is no direct deposit requirement. Only downside is that you have to wait 365 days to get the last $50, but not really a big deal because there is no monthly fee on the basic checking account. We’ve added this to our list of the best bank account bonuses because of how good it is.

They’ve previously had a similar $200 deal, but it required referring somebody so this is a lot less hassle for people.

Big thanks to reader, Dave who let us know. Please consider sharing bank bonuses with this site so we can make it even better.

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Where does it say that it’s limited to MA, CT, RI only?

On the next screen.
“I am a Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Rhode Island resident and would like to open a checking, savings, money market and/or certificate of deposit.”

Good bank. I opened earlier this year. Bonus paid promotly

They are asking for a promo code

I am not sure if a promo code is required, but there is a space for it on the application page.

No promo code needed, there is a pdf with the bonus details on later pages of the application.

Also, be aware there is an account inactivity fee of $10 per month:

“* Applies to checking and savings accounts with balances of $1,000 or less that have no customer initiated activity for 12 consecutive months”

Yeah I saw that too. I will probably put some activity on this 6 months in and close it after I get my anniversary bonus.

Updated terms received via regular mail say the 12-month inactivity fee is applicable to account balances $100 and below.

Thanks – looks like awesome bonus

I’m getting “Online Account Opening is Temporarily Unavailable.” Might be dead? Or their site might actually just be temporarily down.

I was denied for this account, and when I asked for a reason, I was told, “we simply choose not to establish a banking relationship with you at this time.” But I was also told that opening an account in person would be an option. Maybe I don’t live close enough to a physical branch or maybe I’ve opened and closed too many checking accounts recently? On a positive note, it does appear that funding the account with a Chase Sapphire Reserve counts as a purchase and not a cash advance.

A representative actually contacted me and told me that they were getting a lot of applications and were afraid of fraudulent accounts or something. Anyway, her manager told her to deny all new accounts for now. I have also been opening a lot of checking accounts lately so she could have just gave me a bogus reason for denying me.

yea they told me they couldnt verify my identity.. despite my completing the application with no problems. the chexsystems questions were also answered correctly.. kind of annoying. they could have had me fax a license.. same thing as others, they said apply in branch.

I received the same response. I live close-by to several branches, and I went into one where I was told there was no record in their system of my application. They expressed willingness to establish the account in-branch, but credit card funding not run as a cash advance was not an option.

same here, app went thru, CC funding done (via Citi AA). But next day, got email saying unable to verify personal information, which is bogus, as all answer were correct and app went thru

Big data point: Sucesfully funded ($1000) with Chase Sapphire reserve. still processing but looks like a purchase!

Bungy, Did you apply before or after 9/27 when a few here reported online applications being denied?

(The nearest branch for me is about 90 min away) Thanks.

I applied after October 1. I applied for an eastern bank account at the same time which was denied. I live in Boston and am up to 14 banks this year, so YMMV ?

What indication is there that this offer is expired? If anything, it appears that the online application is working again.

Why does main section mention “5 bill payments” as a requirement but nothing else does? Guessing this is no longer true? Can you confirm?

These accounts do not require five billpays

I gave up on this offer in October, but checking ESB’s site today, I noticed a slightly modified offer.

“Open a Checking Account AND either Activate Direct Deposit OR Enroll in Online Banking & Make 5 Debit Card Transactions… Get $100

Make 5 Bill Payments & Activate eStatements… Get $50

After 1 Year Active Checking Account Anniversary… Get $50”

First time, I missed out the bonus since I didn’t see the 5 debit purchases and 5 bill pay requirements in doc’s post.

I opened this account on Sept 30th under the promotional rules as documented in Doc’s post.

I did not receive any bonus. I secure messaged the bank and they told me I had not completed the 5 and 5 requirements.

I live near several branches; I went in and spoke with the asst. mgr. He agreed I should have gotten the bonus(s) under the original promotional requirements, but I had needed to activate my debit card. I also had a screen shot of the promo and he said the language was bit unclear in regard to the activation requirement.

He said he would see what he could do and a few hours later I received an e-mail saying the entire $200 bonus will be honored (final $50 upon 1-year anniversary).

Doc: If anyone is in a similar situation, would it be appropriate to post the asst. manager’s contact info here.

Hey Mark,

Which branch did you go to?

Did you do a real DD?


sorry for the delayed response. I went to the Hadley branch. I did a real DD.

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