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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on November 4th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] [MD, DC & VA only] Sandy Spring Bank $300 Checking Bonus

Deal has expired, view the best current checking bonuses by clicking here.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $300
  • Availability: MD, DC & VA only
  • Direct deposit required: Yes, $500+ required, must be maintained for a further four months after initial deposit
  • Additional requirements: eStatements
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • ChexSystems:Yesfew datapoints of them being sensitive. Other datapoints indicate they are not.
  • Credit card funding: Up to $250, Visa or Mastercard only 
  • Monthly fees: None
  • Early account termination fee: $25, 180 days
  • Household limit: None
  • Expiration date: November 17th, 2018

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Sandy Spring Bank is offering a bonus of $300 when you open a new checking account and complete the following requirements within 60 days:
    • Sign up for eStatements
    • Establish direct deposit of $500 or more and continue to receive this for at least 4 months

The Fine Print

  • To receive the $300 bonus,
    •  Open any checking account (excluding Student Banking) online or mention the offer when you call our client service center or visit our community offices between November 1, 2018 and November 17, 2018.• Sign up for electronic statements and establish direct deposit of at least $500 within 60 days of account opening from a paycheck, pension, social security or other regular monthly income electronically deposited. Transfers from one account to another or deposits made at the branch or ATM do not qualify as direct deposits. Then continue to receive a monthly direct deposit of at least $500 for 4 months.
  • Limited time offer available only to individuals who currently do not have a personal checking account with Sandy Spring Bank or have not had one within the last 90 days.
  • Offer subject to change and cancellation without notice and cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • Only one bonus per individual.
  • Bonus will be deposited within 125 days of account opening, into the checking account meeting the bonus requirements.
  • Accounts must be in good standing.
  • All applicable taxes are the sole responsibility of the recipient.
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

Monthly Fees

The my free banking account has no monthly fee and also no monthly minimums.

Early Account Termination Fee

According to this comment the early account termination fee is $25 if the account is closed within 180 days.

Our Verdict

Previous bonuses have been for only $150. This is double that, it does require direct deposits for a total of five months but so did the last offer at only $150. One of the nice things about this bonus is that there is no monthly fee requirement. Keep in mind that ChexSystems sensitive data points. As always please share your experiences in the comments below. We will be adding this to our list of the best bank account bonuses.

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Approved. I think safe to say not chex sensitive…

Are you in their service area?

Anyone know if it’s free external transfers (ACH) for the my free checking account?

Looking for an easy way to pull out the money once my DD hits every month. Looks like checks are not free with this account.

Nevermind. Just opened the account. No fees for inbound or external ACH transfers. But your account must be opened for 30 days before you’re allowed to use external transfers.

1. Both inbound and outbound external transfers are free
2. In order to enroll, your account has to be opened up for at least 30 days with positive balance. You must also mail in a voided check or copy of most recent statement and fill out their enrollment form for the external account you wish to establish.
3. Speed – 3 business days (cut off time 3PM EST)
4. Limits – A) $5000 for both inbound and outbound transfers
B) Can only enroll 4 accounts maximum. 1 account used for outbound only and 3 accounts used for both inbound/outbound transfers.

Dang I hate that I just opened the $150 bonus a few weeks ago.

same here. Does anyone know if they will match this offer for people opened account a few weeks ago?

Did you use payroll DD or transfer from a bank? If bank, what triggered the bonus?

I’ve been using payroll DD but I literally opened the account less than one month ago so I’m not even close to meeting the consecutive month requirement to get the bonus.

Probably too early to tell if Discover ACH would qualify as direct deposit. If it did I would definitely sign up for this. $300 is a nice bonus.

No DP’s… so take a shot with the best guesses. Alliant, Ally, Cap one, PayPal, Wells Fargo, any brokerage, etc.

Nowhere in the account or bonus terms does it say that prospective client must reside in DC, MD or VA. Submitted application online today (not a DMV resident) and was immediately approved. Will check back with update when bonus posts, but by then it will be much too late for this offer.

Also, DP: Allows CC funding with Visa or Mastercard up to $250.

Not to be a party pooper, but last year I got approved for an account, had online access, and over a week later they shut it down for being out of footprint, but also mentioned Chex, and mailed me a check for the CC funding. If you make it to week 3 you should be good to go. I am in VA, but not a branch anywhere nearby – 2-3 hours away.

SO did get approved for the $150 promo last month, so maybe they are relaxing the rules. Good luck!

Thanks for the info. I’ll provide an update in couple weeks. Still worth it for the $250 CC spend.

I am trying again and will post updates. Right now, Citi DC pending. Getting an error for online banking sign up.

Looking back at my e-mails from 2016… basically instant account approval congratulations on Friday 11/18/16, online access e-mail Monday 11/21/16, and soon after I got the boot. I think my first indication it went south was my online balance went to $0, then I got the snail mail rejection/cashiers check.

To add what was said above, I used an out of state DL and currently live in Northern VA. Account opened up fine and all but this morning, my account suddenly had a negative $25 balance (my opening deposit was $25) and account seemed to have been locked. I called in to see what happened and they are asking me to go to a local branch to verify my identity. That’s not a problem for me since I have several branches near me but could spell trouble for those who aren’t close.

darn. forgot to use a credit card.

First attempt at calling rep to have this promo matched from the previous $150 ended in disappointment. Call rep did mention I could open a second account for both bonuses, but I am afraid she is incorrect and just trying to get me off the phone. Trying secure message next, will see what happens.

Second attempt at calling also ended in disappointment. Waiting on secure message response.

I am curious to see your response on this, as my SO is doing the $150 bonus.

Still waiting for a secure message response. Going to try in branch bank manager and see what they can do. Lady on the phone said they are not able to do it from the call center, but a bank manager should be able to help.

Branch assistant manager seemed she didn’t know how to change the promotion and simply read a couple emails and said she couldn’t help, I may try another branch or finally let it go.

I sent a secure message for both myself and my wife. My response was that the rep was checking with marketing department and would get back to me, and my wife’s message response was a rejection.

It appears the promotion link never changed, and there is no visible promo code.. so my plan for SO is to do $500+ “simulated” DD’s… and hope for the best. But, the bonus amount is likely tied to the opening date. I am not going to contact the bank…

I am still amazed she got her account opened, and been open for a month now, so it appears to be solid. Might be a waste of time anyway, because I have a feeling they may QA the DD’s anyway. Not feeling optimistic at all.

Gadget, I was able to get a nice rep through secure message and she managed to get supervisor approval by sending a message to the “marketing department for review.” She responded back with an approval, so I asked her about changing my SO account as well. She was game and wanted my wife to reach out to her, so we sent her a message through my wife’s account. Waiting for response to her as well.

This was a journey for $300, lol. I attempted three phone calls, a secure message through both P1 and P2 accts, and everyone seemed too lazy to try or unable to change the promo except one person. We even went into the branch and the lady that helped us acted like an idiot, simply sifting through emails like she was going to find a magic key, yet doing nothing productive. Good luck in your attempts at getting what is just deserts.

I have dealt with A LOT of banks, and Sandy Spring has been the worst for me. It’s really not worth the effort, but I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel here because I’m addicted.

I agree Avi, this bank is hard to deal with. Luckily I got one decent employee to work with me on my bonus upgrade.

Co-worker had his and his SO account auto approved when created, then both accounts were closed without notice and his DD from work got rejected. Big hassle, and terrible customer service.

Just attempted to sign up online…

“Unfortunately, we cannot process your application at this time.

We are reviewing your application and will contact you within ten business days.”

Not sure why…

We’ll see if they contact me.

That sounds like you failed for identity issues. Maybe you typo-ed and should try again, or contact them proactively? Unless you know why it might be an issue… like you recently moved or citizenship issues?

In branch I got rejected, she said the limit was 3 in the last 90 days.

That is sweet insider info, if accurate. I have to wonder if that is 3 including them? I know from my couple rejections in person at other banks, usually they won’t be that specific, and seem to act like your Chex is the problem, to shift the blame. I had one banker tell me it’s the computer that makes the decision…. meaning the banker is just doing data entry and has no control.

Umm, I don’t think this is accurate. I think I’ve done a little more than 3 in the past 90 days and I was approved immediately on the 4th. I’d have to go to my spreadsheet to double check the number and dates though. I could be wrong.

Just checked. I opened Fulton checking 8/3, People’s Bank 8/5, Arundel Federal 8/6, Fulton savings 10/2 (not sure if separate Chex but I think it would be), M&T 10/16, Wells Fargo biz 10/18, Sandy Springs 11/4.

Agree with fST. I have 5 opened accounts in the past 90 days. Opened online just fine. I was “rejected” and account locked a couple days later because I had an out of state license but went in branch to verify my identity. All good now.

DP: Citi DoubleCash $250 posted as purchase, “Services – MORTGAGE COMPANIES-FINANCIAL INSTITUTION”.

Does anyone know which methods Sandy Spring Bank count as Direct Deposit? I did not see any data points so far.

My $250 with CitiBiz AAdvantage posted as a purchase.

Anyone have any issues signing up for online banking? When I got the account, I received the account number immediately. Also received an email immediately. This was 11/4 and I haven’t received anything else sense. I’ve tried to enroll in online banking and it keeps failing. I’ll either wait a bit longer or might end up contacting the bank for help.

I also am unable to sign up for online banking, even though I did get an acct number upon signup, and approval confirmation e-mail. I imagine they are just slow due to a higher volume of apps. But I have no faith in this bank since they shot me down in 2016.

Hmm, I hope I’m ok. The $250 opening deposit I made via CitiBiz AAdvantage card shows it went through (no longer pending) and I already made a DD which deposited today. I just still haven’t received the info in the mail like the confirmation email states and still can’t sign up for online banking. Hopefully it’s that they’re just being slow like you said.

For those who were approved, did you get an account number instantly? I got the e-mail about test deposits going to my home bank account for the funding, but I never got an account number. I called in and they said I should receive it in a few days. Not sure if that means the app is under review or what..

Account number was provided on the screen after CC funding. I did not do ACH, so I did not see the e-mail you are talking about. My e-mail said:

“Dear Gadget,
Welcome to Sandy Spring Bank. We recently received your application for a My Free Banking (Confirmation Number: 4620001xxxx) and we greatly appreciate your business.

Your application has been completed and your account is now open. You will receive a welcome letter in the mail that contains your account number, how to sign up for free BankXpress Online Banking with bill pay, and more in the next few days.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact us by calling 1-800-399-5919 and press 2 for our Client Service Center.”

As i mentioned in previous posts, I will believe it when i see it. I expect to be getting a John Deere letter with a cashiers check for my funding amount.

Looks like they just shut me down. So the prophesies were true…

My condolences…

So they were loose on this year’s $150 promo but strict on this one again (footprint shutdown)? Do you have any luck this time, Gadget?

Haven’t heard a peep. I will call this week. They owe me $250 CC funding if nothing else.

Got my denial letter (for Chex) & cashiers check today. Applied 11/04 – RIP 11/23. SO’s account for $150 bonus remains intact – going to be a long 4-5 months on that one.

Thank you Gadget for the update! & Happy Thanksgiving. BTW, what does “going to be a long 4-5 months on that one” mean here? Same as you, applied and then shut down by Sandy Spring back in 2016 due to footprint reason. So this year I just did not try any of their promotions. According to you, now they become loose on the footprint but still remain strict on the Chex inquiry numbers? (Then I may have lost $300 easy money T_T) I believe their threshold should be high, maybe 10 in 6 months is still acceptable to them.

Gadget is saying it’s going to be a long 4-5 months on getting the $150 bonus on significant other’s account since that one hasn’t been closed.

Terms state it takes at least 4 months of DD’s… and SO’s shooting blind without DP’s and no real DD. Trying Cap One, WF, and Incredible. All showing as ACH Credit. Time will tell if that will work, and is more work than most banks.

I can’t say for sure they became loose in footprint as maybe my SO just slipped thru the cracks. They are an odd bank. They process the account opening, get the credit card deposit, then go back to QA applications a week or two later. This year I Applied 11/04, denial letter and check dated 11/15. Last year I even got a monthly statement in the mail before they shut it down.

I will request her and my Chex and see what the 6/12 month difference is. I am betting it’s not far off. Maybe the person that does the QA dropped her application into the wrong stack?

Yes, I received an account number immediately and also a confirmation email just like Gadget’s. I also funded with CC. I opened on 11/4 and still waiting on initial information in mail as well (only been 5 business days though).

Does anyone know which methods Sandy Spring Bank count as Direct Deposit other than payroll? I did not see any data points so far.

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