MGM Gold Members – Receive Total Rewards Diamond Status (4 Free Nights At Atlantis, Free Parking & More)

Promotion was supposed to be Atlantic City only, but other areas are honoring it.

The Offer

  • If you have MGM Gold, MGM Platinum or golden nugget elite then Total Reward is currently offering a match to Diamond status. You have to do this at a Total Rewards desk in person (full list of eligible properties here)

The Fine Print

  • Unknown

Our Verdict

There are a few reasons why you might want Total Rewards Diamond status:

Most people should have MGM gold from matching Hyatt status previously (not possible anymore).

Big thanks to joeyp907 for putting this all together

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bo knows
bo knows (@guest_592935)
May 10, 2018 18:27

I called Caesars Atlantic city and confirmed this is an Atlantic city only promotion and they do match MGM gold to TR diamond. time to book a trip to AC now.

Bo knows
Bo knows (@guest_593853)
May 12, 2018 15:30

I am in AC…got an new MGM gold card form a MGM hotel and matched to TR diamond in a TR hotel. will be flying back.home tomorrow. thanks DOC! keep up the great work

Bo knows
Bo knows (@guest_593857)
May 12, 2018 15:47

was told corporate will update me to diamond on Monday. with a diamond card in hand , can only get free parking today.

Stacking Points
Stacking Points (@guest_677606)
November 23, 2018 20:07

I have TR Diamond that I got from matching from Wyndham Diamond, but I heard that you don’t actually get access to Diamond Lounges with a matched TR Diamond status. I read an article by Gary Leff at VFTW who said that you have to actually hit 25,000 TR points by gambling every year in order to get access to the Diamond Lounges, and I saw something on the TR website that indicates this is true. Does anyone have any experience with this? I’m afraid that I’d get denied if I tried to enter the Diamond Lounge/Spa at Caesar’s Palace or something.

avagyan (@guest_696987)
December 27, 2018 21:21

Curious about the same. Just got matched from Wyndham, TR acct says only till January 2019

#8 Diamond members that have earned at least 25,000 Tier Credits in the previous or current year and Seven Stars members will receive complimentary access. Diamond members with less than 25,000 Tier Credits may be charged for entry to Diamond Lounges. Additional fees for guests brought to the Diamond Lounge with Diamond or Seven Stars member may apply. Where available. Other restrictions may apply. Please see Total Rewards Center for complete details.

I wonder if it’s enforced

Fester (@guest_634914)
August 27, 2018 14:21

None of this works if you previously status matched.

Brian C
Brian C (@guest_621109)
July 24, 2018 11:20

I just got back from Atlantic City this weekend. This promotion, along with the others makes for a great free weekend with status matching. Note that you can do this run by getting to Total Rewards Platinum (or i believe mlife pearl as well). This is easily obtainable via wyndham platinum match.

With Total Rewards Platinum in hand, you can status match and obtain free perks from Borgata, Hard Rock, ocean, Golden Nugget (really just to facilitate, nothing to see here), and thne back to Total Rewards Diamon and mlife gold.

Total Free nights from my count = 11 per person (so 2player mode…where its really at, earns 22 nights). Among other freebies like hundreds in free play and free meals. Its totally sick. Here’s the run down…

status match to get your Total Rewards Platinum before getting to AC. Call hard Rock and TELL THEM (no proof needed over the phone) that you are Total Rewards Diamond and you would like your free night. With 2 player mode, you can link it to make a nice quick status match weekend.

BEFORE checking in, you need to arrive in AC and do the following…

stop by any Total Rewards property, pick up your physical TR Platinum card–>golden nugget (chairman status upgrade) –>back to TR, now upgrade from chairman to TR Diamond. Take your free night and $100 dinner as well –>Borgata for mlife gold, $100 (i think) in free play, and 1 free night good till end of this year–>hard rock, show them your TD Diamond. Check in. get your rock royalty status, obtain $150 free play and 2 free nights–>Ocean black status from rock royalty $115 in free play and 2 free nights.

Don’t forget you get 4 free nights in Atlantis (reason for the main post here, duh) before Jan 31 2019.


Abelian Grape
Abelian Grape (@guest_621391)
July 24, 2018 20:24

Is there any way to go from TR Platinum to TR Diamond without visiting Atlantic City?

Brian C
Brian C (@guest_621584)
July 25, 2018 09:21

I don’t believe so. if you find one, please post it here 🙂

Dusten (@guest_627311)
August 5, 2018 19:40

I read somewhere that golden nugget gives you a lite version of the card so I did not know if that would work to status match. So it worked just fine with no issues? I have family with platinum status that wants to do this to get diamond for the Atlantis trip. Then if you work the system you can keep matching between Wyndham rewards diamond and total rewards diamond every year.

Brian C
Brian C (@guest_627329)
August 5, 2018 20:53

I read that recently as well. I also read mixed results on getting that to match. It seems YMMV. I am going with my family in a few weeks to help them try so I guess we’ll see.

Dusten (@guest_627376)
August 6, 2018 00:54

How long ago did you go? & did the golden nugget chairman card say lite? or no indication of it being different?

Froide (@guest_649853)
October 1, 2018 15:16

The Golden Nugget card says “Chairman Trade Up”. See

Dusten (@guest_630441)
August 17, 2018 01:21

Just wanted to see if you went with your family yet to try and get them status matched and if the golden nugget still worked? I am going on Wednesday of next week and hope it does.

Kelly WHITLOCK (@guest_602467)
June 5, 2018 12:40

Anyone know if there is a way to upgrade to MLife Platinum once you have TR dIamond? Or are there any other status that MLIfe will match for the Platinum?

TJ at The Art of Travel Hacking
May 29, 2018 16:37

Thanks! Successfully matched MLife Platinum to Total Rewards Diamond on 5/25 at the Cromwell in Las Vegas.

Only issue was MLife Platinum card did not have an expiration date on it so I pulled up my status on mlife website to show them. They upgraded me to TR Diamond in a couple of minutes. They had a binder at the Total Rewards desk with the list of the status they match to.

Surprised to hear the ‘Atlantic City Only’ comments – the terms you provided a link to specifically list Las Vegas on page 5.

Bo knows
Bo knows (@guest_619895)
July 21, 2018 01:25

you are Mlife Platinum…this opportunity is for Mlife GOLD (Atlantic City only, other cities YMMV).

Eric (@guest_600062)
May 28, 2018 20:28

In Vegas now 5/28.. Went to TR desk in both Harrah’s and Rio, and got rejected at both.. Apparently they say it’s an Atlantic city promotion only

Christine B
Christine B (@guest_599407)
May 25, 2018 22:02

Worked for me today 5/25/18. I had MLife Gold (from Hyatt? I can’t recall) in online form. Went to the MGM casino in Washington DC, where they printed out my card. Then drove an hour up to the Horseshoe Baltimore. Showed them my MLife Gold card and the photo from Reddit. Took a few minutes for her to create my TR account; she initially printed out a TR Gold card, then took both the MLife Gold and TR Gold card in the back room for a few minutes, then printed out a TR diamond card. I’m so excited!

I don’t even gamble. But I will be matching to Wyndham Diamond (because you never know). I’m also going to see if MGM will upgrade my MLife Gold to something better now that I have TR Diamond. I need to learn more about this $100 celebration dinner benefit. But the real reason of course is Atlantis!

Took the kids to Atlantis this past Spring Break. It is everything both good and bad that they say. Food is overpriced and not that great, but we brought tons of snacks in our luggage. Resort fees are pricy, which we knew going in. But the kids (9 & 11yo) had the time of their lives and are begging to return. And we have Companion Passes with Southwest that expire at the end of the year…

Jim (@guest_658407)
October 16, 2018 15:18

Hello. I was just wondering if you could provide an update. I just did what you did today….went to MGM National Harbor and got my mLife Gold, then went to Horseshoe in Baltimore and got my TR Diamond by showing my mLife Gold. Excellent! Question is what perks did you get with your TR Diamond? We are headed to Vegas in December and want to maximize this great benefit. Thanks.

Christine B
Christine B (@guest_698234)
December 31, 2018 23:58

Had a lovely $100 dinner at one of the restaurants at Horseshoe Baltimore last night…free thanks to my Total Rewards Diamond status.

Mark P
Mark P (@guest_594221)
May 14, 2018 09:29

Worked for me at Horseshoe in Baltimore with my MGM Gold card. I asked for a TR diamond match, and then showed her the imgur picture of the sign from Atlantic City and she mentioned how a few people have come in showing her the exact same picture. She said it was supposed to be an Atlantic City-only promo but they have been honoring it for the time being. The manager approving it seemed apprehensive, so there’s a chance they won’t continue to honor it if more and more people come in. So get it while the gettins good!

Crazy to think that because I just opened a Hyatt card in 2014, I matched to MGM Gold, and then Hyatt Explorist, now Total Rewards Diamond, and soon Wyndham Diamond.

Turtle (@guest_594163)
May 14, 2018 02:28

Any idea when this promotion ends?

Jason (@guest_594140)
May 14, 2018 00:06

I contacted Total Reward and got this response:

Thank you for contacting Caesars Palace. We appreciate your interest in our Tier Matching promotion. We do not Tier Match the MGM Gold card. We will Tier Match an Mlife Platinum or Noir member. I apologize for the disappointment. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.