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Woody (@guest_1780733)
January 18, 2024 17:31

*This offer is not intended for the general public. Limited-time offer. Offer and promo code are not transferable and is only valid for recipients of mailed offer.

ben #2
ben #2 (@guest_1485174)
November 10, 2022 14:48

The $200 promo is code – e200oct22
I’m in the kansas city area
yea, they are chex sensitive

ben #2
ben #2 (@guest_1486571)
November 12, 2022 22:59
or call 800-453-2265
or visit a branch near by
promo code is e200oct22
They are chex sensitive

ben #2
ben #2 (@guest_1486573)
November 12, 2022 23:03

commerce free checking account is the one you need to open
10 debit card purchases by feb 27,2023
have at least a $200 balance on feb 27 2023

Jim Jones
Jim Jones (@guest_1286350)
November 20, 2021 00:09

4-14-21 Account Opened
4-20-21 $2600 ACH Push
4-23-21 $2500 ACH Push (To Avoid Monthly Fees)
5-24-21 10 Various $2 transactions at gas stations completed
8-16-21 Called bank to request status of bonus and I was told I would need to wait until 9-13
9-14-21 Called bank to check status of bonus and I was told the bonus was only for Whichita residents. I indicated that I had documentation that did not indicate any residency restrictions. I was then told that the bonus would be investigated by the research department.
9-16-21 I received a phone call indicating that the deal was never posted online and it was only available to Wichita residents who received a mailer. I asked if I can send in proof where no residency requirements was listed and I was told there is no way to send them an email. I then indicated I would be filing a formal complaint with the CFPB and I was told I could file a complaint with the bank itself. The representative took down my complaint and indicated I would be hearing back from someone about my complaint. Later that day I received an email indicating the promotion was only for people who received a mailer who lived in the Wichita area. I replied with documentation showing that there was no residency restrictions.
9-23 After receiving no response I sent another email asking if my documentation was reviewed and if the bonus will be paid out. I also indicated I would be filing a complaint with CFPB.
9-23 Filed a complaint with CFPB
9-27-21 CUSTOMER BONUS 1099-INT $500
10-6-21 Received email from CFPB indicating the company is still working on the issue
11-19-21 Received response from Commerce (through CFPB). They admitted at one point that there was no targeted language at one point but they indicated they updated the terms of the promotion to be location specific on January 28, 2021 but they said since I sent in a copy of the terms that I received that did not have any location specific language they honored the bonus and paid me out.

I do not believe I was paid because of the CFPB complaint but it did help. I am also thinking that the bonus paid out automatically on 9-27-21 instead of them saying they manually credited me. In the end I got my $500 and that’s all that matters.

kyle (@guest_1188102)
May 8, 2021 16:52

i brought my acc to a zero balance last week and now i cant login. get a message “invalid customer ID or password” but i know im entering htem correctly.

did commerce probably just completely cancel/close my account? if so thats fine with me but im just not sure what happened

Roderick (@guest_1180250)
April 21, 2021 11:36

Emptied the account to zero balance with a pull from another bank, alled the next day to close. They asked if the account had zero balance and then closed without issue.

Roderick (@guest_1177235)
April 15, 2021 17:15

If your account reaches $0, Commerce Bank will not charge fees as long as it’s at $0 according to representative. If your account says at 0 for a month, the account will be automatically closed, according to representative.

Best way to close is an ACH pull from another bank to empty the account. No fees.

Or you can visit a branch, write a check against your account (lol as if you ordered checks), make several small transfers out thru Commerce for $1 fee each (default daily transfer limit 1k, also has a monthly limit), or you can send a notarized letter to the bank and they will cut a cashiers check and close your account.

johnny (@guest_1177882)
April 16, 2021 15:50

scares me to zero out my account intentionally and then have a bad feeling that commerce actaully will not follow what u said and ill start going negative due to them hitting me with a monthly $20 maintenance fee…

im not anywhere near a branch and dont think ill bother with a notary so i guess this my only option. ho’e you’re right!

luis (@guest_1176265)
April 14, 2021 11:54

Opened – 01.11.21
10+ transactions via Amazon, Best Buy, in person (no PIN used) through – 01.27.21
Transactions show as DEBIT CARD PURCHASE…
$200 posted – 04.13.21

johnny (@guest_1176193)
April 14, 2021 10:35

bonus posted! is commerece difficult to close with, or will they close account no hassle over a secure message?

Master Allan
Master Allan (@guest_1176186)
April 14, 2021 10:30

Account opened 1/11/21. $500 bonus paid 4/13/21. I did 11 or 12 small debit transactions around town. Like Pete’s Dragon below I also was inflicted with a $20 service fee due to misunderstanding of terms but it was credited back by asking. I am in the Denver area.

stingerzing (@guest_1176142)
April 14, 2021 09:34

Got payout in Colorado, 500. Applied before terms were updated I believe to just the small counties.