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Travel Griz

I opened the checking account before the November expiration date but have not had the $200 bonus deposited despite it being over 6 months now. Reaching out over secure message has not helped, they stated my account was not targeted for the bonus despite living in one of the states. Any suggestions to get them to pay up?

John Smith
John Smith


New expiration date of April 26, 2018.

“Get $150 for opening a new CommerceRelationship Checking account and an additional $50 for also adding a new Savings account, for a total of $200.1

Hurry! Offer expires April 26, 2018.”

James B.
James B.

Located in one of the targeted states, but I did not received the targeted flyer in the mail
Sept 28, 2017: Opened account
Sept 29, 2017: Called Bank to verify bonus attached to account
Oct 1-15, 2017: Several bank reps said only customers who have received targeted flyer in the mail are eligible for bonus
Jan 24, 2017: Received $200 Bonus
Verdict: This bonus is YMMV for non-targeted applicants


I opened my account a few days before you and they said I am not eligible for the bonus because I opened it after the expiration date. I have a local branch.

James B.
James B.

IMAO this bonus is YMMV if one did receive a targeted flyer in the mail. I do have a branch nearby but I did not receive the targeted flyer, so I consider myself lucky to have received this bonus.


Welp, finally have a DP:

8/22 – opened checking online with P08300 code
9/8 – initial $100 deposit posted (sent Bill Pay from Ally as debit load failed)
9/19 – ACH’d over some extra funds to keep balance >$100 after mo. service fees
11/24 – first mo. service charge
12/22 – second mo. service charge
** get told I’m ineligible for bonus a couple times over SM and phone for weird reasons (e.g. min. balance not >$5k, initial deposit didn’t post immediately) that are not consistent with terms; submit CFPB complaint **
1/12 – receive bonus

Despite all the misinformation from Commerce, CS reps were nice and tried to help. There seemed to be lots of internal confusion about this being a branch vs. corporate bonus.

To close account, ACH out all funds and account will auto-close after one statement cycle with $0 balance (no fees will accrue); or, go into branch.


Did you have to provide any screenshot for CFPB complaint? I started the complaint a bit but did not see any listed options matched the non-receiving bonus for new account opening.


looks like the bonus is back until 2/28/18


Opened Account 09/02, deposited $5k.

01/07:NO BONUS, contacted customer server
01/18: Customer service wants copy of offer, replied I have trashed it.

Waiting for reply.

tldr: Don’t waste time with this offer.


Yep I just contacted them and they told me I am not eligible because the account was open past the expiration date. I know that the original offer expired on September 22 and then got extended until October 5. So I opened my account on Sept. 25 and now they said this.


I see they have this offer opened back up untill the 28th of february https://commercebank.com/check400

Yet Another Redditor

Only the $150 checking + $50 savings bonus seems to have been renewed
Expires Feb 28, 2018


I saved the entire webpage when I opened my account. I can print it out and show it to a teller, or mail it in. Maybe I will try the teller approach first (faster).

Will post DP after I visit one (or more) tellers.

Here’s the offer when I signed up in August (note: there is no indication that the offer was targeted!):

Get up to $300 for opening a CommerceRelationship Checking account + a Money Market account1
Our new CommerceRelationship Checking account was designed to be as unique as you. Open a new CommerceRelationship Checking account, and enjoy $200 plus an additional $100 for opening a new Money Market account1 at the same time.

Offer expires September 22, 2017


Limited time offer. To receive the $200 and $100 incentive, your CommerceRelationship Checking and Premium Money Market Account or CommerceOptionsSM Premium Money Market Account must be opened by September 22, 2017, and must be in good standing a full 90 days after opening. Both incentives credited the next month to your CommerceRelationship Checking account. Both incentives will be reported as interest to the IRS. Maximum total incentive $300.Minimum balance requirement of $10,000 in the Money Market Account to receive the $100 incentive. Annual percentage yield (APY) on CommerceOptionsSM Premium Money Market Account as of June 30, 2017 is .07% APY on balances up to $24,999.99, 0.10% APY on balances $25,000 to $49,999.99, 0.15% APY on balances $50,000 to $99,998.99, and 0.20% APY on balances of $99,999 and over. Rate may change after account is opened. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. Minimum balance requirement of $100 in CommerceRelationship Checking to receive the $200 bonus. Both incentives are limited to new customers who haven’t owned an account in the past 90 days and are limited to one per household. You must have your offer code at the time of account opening to qualify for the incentive. We reserve the right to restrict or change this offer at any time.

The annual percentage yield as of June 15, 2017 for CommerceRelationship Checking is 0.05%. Rate may change after account is opened. Fees could reduce earnings on the account.

Commerce reserves the right to restrict or change. Preferred rate on PMMA balances greater than $25,000. Highest preferred rate on balances greater than $50,000. Preferred rate only valid on initial term of CD. You may request preferred rate at renewal.

Transactions must be from CommerceRelationship Checking account.

john mccann
john mccann

It says you need offer code.Do you have it?


I have posted something here regarding this offer, but suddenly they just disappeared. Any one know why?


More information: This link is for the 300 bouns: https://www.commercebank.com/Check300
This link is for the 400 bouns: https://www.commercebank.com/Check400
This link is for the 200 bouns: https://www.commercebank.com/Check200
Now, the real question is: Where can we get the code to be eligible for the offer? I have a hard copy of the offer, and I will post the code for the 200 bouns offer later today.