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John R
John R (@guest_1671193)
August 12, 2023 17:57

Any ideas on Chex sensitivity based on the last round? Thanks

brian (@guest_1669209)
August 9, 2023 12:46

hi——any idea if a wells fargo savings account would be accepted as a direct deposit ? this list says wells fargo checkings would be accepted

Jack (@guest_1668841)
August 8, 2023 20:17

Deal is back. You can enter your email address to get your own promo code.
I’d recommend to get your promo code in case they withdraw the offer earlier like Wells Fargo or Chase.
That way you can still have a promo code to open the account.
I want to give a shoutout to reader Gadget. He’s very helpful and selfless to help this community.
That’s why I want to help too.

 Chuck  William Charles

Jack (@guest_1668847)
August 8, 2023 20:25

This bonus amount may not be as good as the last one. But I’d recommend to do it now.
Couple months ago, Santander just closed a lot of branches in Boston area, which is where their are HQ’ed in.
One of their Executives said on Yahoo Finance that they’re transitioning to an online bank. Maybe similar to Discover or Ally….

Margy (@guest_1668865)
August 8, 2023 20:51

Thanks for the link, but the offer shows the account must be opened in a branch.

Jack (@guest_1668868)
August 8, 2023 20:54

Sure, Margy. How far is the nearest branch to you? Can you drive there or take public transportation? Margy Margy Margy

Margy (@guest_1671619)
August 13, 2023 20:39

Not close enough to be worth it; besides, last year when I tried applying for the 500 bonus, I was turned down for inability to verify information; no idea why so not willing to make trip anyway! BTW, I would avoid WF like the plague…last year after getting approval and being assigned an account number and setting up transfer to do initial funding, they closed the account later the same day. They couldn’t tell me why other than part of routine fraud screening. They did NOT automatically void the funding transfer, however, and gladly took my money. I waited a few days for a reversal that never appeared, so had to call and they claimed they couldn’t find it since there was no open account for it to go to! It took a few days to sort out and a week to get the money redeposited to me only after fighting for it. I should have known better as I’ve had a bad experience with them in the past. I wouldn’t try them again if they had a million dollar bonus…well maybe. haha

Jack (@guest_1671627)
August 13, 2023 20:58

Sorry to hear that, Margy. Yeah I hope that you’d have a P2 to figure out all these stuff with you. It’s more fun to play this with more people

Margy (@guest_1671640)
August 13, 2023 21:37

LOL my P2 doesn’t figure any of this stuff out (I’m the numbers person and do all the financials/taxes myself), but yea, I do have a two-person team to use. I usually apply in his name first for accounts because my s/s is in my maiden name but driver license in married name which can cause issues. I actually did Santander and Wells Fargo in his, but once they didn’t work, didn’t bother to try mine. We have various accounts elsewhere and I’ve never encountered a problem before. Don’t churn a lot but did open an account in February and 2 in May last year before the Santander and WF attempts in July so maybe it was a ChexSystem issue. Hopefully if Santander is transitioning to being an on-line bank, they’ll start some juicy new offers via on-line and I’ll try again!!

brian (@guest_1669211)
August 9, 2023 12:50

hi——any idea if a wells fargo savings account would be accepted as a direct deposit ? this list says wells fargo checkings would be accepted

Jack (@guest_1669215)
August 9, 2023 12:55

I haven’t tried Wells Fargo myself. But I’d be careful. Wells Fargo is very sensitive to fraud nowadays. If they see you transfer 5k or even 1k for 5 times, they may disable your online banking and have you call them to clear that. You don’t have to do a 3 way call with Santander and Wells Fargo. I would prefer doing other kinds of three way, not the kind with 2 banks. brian Brian

BankBonusIsMyReligion (@guest_1656349)
July 18, 2023 17:08

it’s unusually strange that Santander hasn’t rolled out some sort of bonus by now.

Should be any minute now

any month now


any year now…

*whistling quietly*

Dom (@guest_1600821)
April 18, 2023 18:35

Received a targeted mailer today from Santander:
– $300 checking bonus w/ $5,000 DD within 90 days.
– $300 savings bonus w/ $15,000 deposit for 90 days.

Hopefully the mailers are being sent out a bit ahead of another public bonus?

Astrid Leong
Astrid Leong (@guest_1604032)
April 22, 2023 15:00

I got $400 select checking w/ $5k dd/90 days mailer yesterday. Based in MA

RobertL (@guest_1591543)
April 4, 2023 16:57

When will Santander run their 2023 checking bonus promo? Waiting to churn.

Bertrand (@guest_1591668)
April 4, 2023 21:43

I’ve been wondering the same thing. This is the longest I can recall that Santander has gone without running a promo.

Amy (@guest_1609606)
May 1, 2023 17:42

I received a 300 dollars for 1k direct deposit targeted offer, debating whether to go for it.

Bertrand (@guest_1609648)
May 1, 2023 18:59

If you don’t want it, I’m sure there would be plenty of takers here.

Jack (@guest_1668855)
August 8, 2023 20:36
RobertL (@guest_1668879)
August 8, 2023 21:26

Thanks so much! Will try

Jack (@guest_1668884)
August 8, 2023 21:37

What state do you live in, Robert? Are you in footprint? Some people live in Florida but are not near Miami…. RobertL

Bryce (@guest_1558469)
February 17, 2023 11:35

5/19/22 – Opened account, MA resident
8/05 – Met requirements for $6000 direct deposit through payroll deposits
8/16 – $400 bonus posted

Chris (@guest_1509819)
December 14, 2022 16:34

7/5/22 – Opened Account
7/12/22 – Wells Fargo ACH of $2022.16
7/18/22 – Wells Fargo ACH of $2022.16
8/12/22 – Wells Fargo ACH of $2022.16
8/26/22 – Wells Fargo ACH of $2022.16
10/4/22 – Bonus Received
12/14/22 – Account Closed with $0 balance

Walter (@guest_1456374)
October 1, 2022 12:02

6/27 – opened account
9/23 – met requirements for $5000 direct deposit through payroll deposits
9/30 – received $500 bonus

Zeus (@guest_1451141)
September 23, 2022 13:26

DP: I used both Cap1 and Wells Fargo. One (or both) of them worked to trigger the bonus today. 90 days from opening.

Jack (@guest_1670056)
August 10, 2023 18:05

Thanks Zeus for sharing this DP. I’m surprised that WF didn’t trigger a fraud alert to lock people’s account up when they DD several thousands dollars out….