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Now Public: California Residents can Get Southwest Companion Pass with Any Version Southwest Credit Card, Plus up to 60,000 Points Signup Bonus

Update: The fine print of the offer has some interesting language. See this post for a discussion about it.

The Offer

Direct Link business version / Direct Link personal Plus / Direct Link personal Premier

California residents get a shortcut to the Southwest Companion Pass:

  • Open a new Rapid Rewards business Premier Card, make a purchase, and receive a Companion Pass. You’ll also earn 60,000 points after you spend $3,000 in the first three months of card opening.
  • Open a new Rapid Rewards personal Plus Card, make a purchase, and receive a Companion Pass. You’ll also earn 40,000 points after you spend $1,000 in the first three months of card opening.
  • Open a new Rapid Rewards personal Premier Card, make a purchase, and receive a Companion Pass. You’ll also earn 40,000 points after you spend $1,000 in the first three months of card opening.

Offers end November 30,2017.

Card Details

  • Annual fee of $69/$99 is not waived first year
  • Anniversary bonus of 3,000 points or Plus card, 6,000 points on Premier cards
  • Chase 5/24 rule applies to this card
  • Promotional Companion Pass is valid from the time promotion qualifications are met, through December 31, 2018

Our Verdict

Previously this Companion Pass deal was sent out as a targeted offer on the Plus card. Now, it’s available as a public offer to all California residents, also the offer is now available on all three versions of the card. Importantly, while the two personal versions come with a 40,000 bonus, the business version comes with the 60,000 bonus, a double-win.

There was recently a 60,000 offer on all three versions of the card available nationwide; only the 60k business offer is still available. California residents can now get the best bonus along with a free companion pass.

It’s important to note that this Companion Pass deal only works through 2018. If you’d go the regular route and earn the Pass with 110,000 in Southwest miles, you’d keep the Pass until the end of 2019 if you time yourself properly and have the miles post in January 2018. So this offer isn’t that incredible. Still a nice deal to get one year with one card signup, especially if you aren’t eligible for the personal cards due to the 24-month rule. 

See this comment for an interesting way of maximizing this deal.

Hat tip to r/churning

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I live in CA and JUST got a SW business card (60k) a few weeks ago. If I want to try to match this, I’m assuming I’d contact Chase, not SW?

I doubt it. This sounds more like a Southwest promotion rather than a Chase promotion. Chase issues points on your behalf and will usually be happy to match any higher point offers but Southwest is the one who issues the companion pass.

any DP’s on whether or not a CA resident has to use the link from the offer page? I don’t see anything that says you must use the link, just that you must live in CA and make one purchase.

So what’s to stop me from getting the business card now, making 1 purchase, getting the companion pass, then completing the remainder of the bonus spend in Jan 2018 to get more than halfway to companion pass for 2019? And then slowly spend $50k throughout the year?

Why would you spend 50k? Just apply for another card then since your under 5/24 to get the SW biz card in the first place anyways.

If one is at 4/24, this makes getting Companion Pass a lot easier

I think what James is saying if that you get the business card then you could get a personal card as well. But I guess you want to stay at 4/24 for another card and don’t have any difficultly hitting 50k in spend anyway?

Will companion pass be earned if referral link is used?

I wonder if this is in relation to the upcoming addition of HI flights in 2018?

Doubt it, they are looking to start those in late 2018/early 2019. This is just a turf war battle for CA

What exactly is the proof you live in CA? Basically the address you enter when applying? What is to stop me from signing up under my name, and simply have the card delivered to an uncle of mine that lives in CA? Obviously I would then get him to mail me the card. Does that seem possible to anyone else?

If billing address is different than your address on credit file, bank won’t instant approve your application, they need to verify more info and could cause a chaos on your credit report

Chase has called to verify my address on my last three apps, and that was not on a location specific offer like this one. Your reported address will be on your credit report, if it isn’t a California address Chase will likely require you to fax a copy of your drivers license and utility bill proving residency.

Would applying through a BRM bypass 5/24 on the biz card?

Offer detail says Only the individual who received this email/offer from Southwest Airlines® is eligible for this promotion.

Does the CA resident have to apply through the offer’s link, or can they use a referral?

I already have CP till end of 2018. Will my CP be extended to end of 2019 if I do this?

Does the business version of the card also count towards 5/24 ?

Your question can be taken 2 different ways: 1) is the card subject to 5/24 rules or 2) will the business card increase your x/24 count:

The business card doesn’t count towards 5/24, but you have to be under 5/24 to apply. In other words, if you are 4/24 and you apply and are approved, you are not now 5/24, you’re still 4/24. However, if you’re 5/24 when you apply, you will get denied if you apply.

Hope that helps.

I have a similar question.. I previously applied for both the personal and business SW cards back in 10/2015, and I now have the CP until 12/31/2017.

At that time, I used my SS# for my business card, as I was just a Sole Prop. I’ve since incorporated and now have a separate EIN#, so are you saying that this would count against my 5/24? I’m would think NO, as I would be using my EIN# under my actual Corporation name for the new business card via this offer (I’m in CA).

Thanks. This is a great explanation. Clears a lot of things 🙂

Hawaii flights probably start in 2019…..

hm. not sure what to think of this. seems too generous. i wonder if this is some experiment given its only CA or some type of new rollout. obv many will be happy about this new CC bonus, but whenever I see overly generous offers, I take a step back. I guess people will just jump on this ASAP since a huge chunk are below 5/24. i feel like this is another CSR event led by chase.

So I got my credit card and made a purchase- now what? Any ideas on how to expedite getting the actual CP so I can start planning trips ASAP?

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