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diversanon (@guest_1794617)
February 7, 2024 18:47

CC funding should be back at $1500  William Charles

Ian (@guest_1777634)
January 14, 2024 13:41

For years I have been using the MMA as a hub account for moving funds around. Incoming/Outgoing ACH post quickly (1 biz day). Please use my referral for $50 sign up bonus

RJ (@guest_1704391)
September 28, 2023 10:54

Applied off referral link and went pending. Credit card funding is an option again. Up to $1,500.

Katie P
Katie P (@guest_1704424)
September 28, 2023 11:31

I’d be skeptical of CC funding actually going through (would be great if it did!). It was technically an option when I signed up in June but never went through and Reps were useless when I called. Had to fund after opening with ACH. Easy referral bonus though.

barrytuneup (@guest_1704280)
September 28, 2023 08:28

Gee, Republic Bank of Chicago = 5.21% no limits, UFB Direct 5.25% and both with no strings. Plus, numerous other banks/CU are 5%. Why even bother with this? Unless I missed the point!

Sly one
Sly one (@guest_1706502)
September 30, 2023 20:16

It’s because the 5%(on $2,000) isn’t dependent on FED rates so you want this for a small capped high yield savings account like DCU 6.17%(on $1,000), HEB 6%(on $2,000), Netspend 5%(on $1,000), Andrews FCU 5.75%(on $1,000) etc. Also with a $50 bonus makes it a better deal. I keep a collection of these accounts just in case rates do ever drop again.

Eric (@guest_1706848)
October 1, 2023 16:30

What is the Andrews account that you have for 5.75%?

Sly one
Sly one (@guest_1717385)
October 17, 2023 17:30

It’s called their “online savings account” and it’s only available for a limited time you have to apply by December 31st 2023. it’s 5.75% APY on the first $1,000. I already had an Andrews membership so I figured why not? Here is the link it’s not advertised.

Eric (@guest_1717425)
October 17, 2023 18:06

I did notice that offer a few months ago. I messaged them at the time about it but they refused to give me that rate because I already had a savings account.

Sly one
Sly one (@guest_1718944)
October 19, 2023 18:38

Well that’s a crock because it says it compliments the regular share savings. The rate was 5% originally then they stopped all new applicants. Then they brought it back again and raised the rate to 5.75%. Maybe try a different CSR they can be hit or miss.

Eric (@guest_1719673)
October 20, 2023 15:39

You might be right that the initial deal was 5%, rather than 5.75%. Either way, I signed up back then. I think I might have even been the person that told DoC about that offer.

Are you saying that you did the initial deal like I did and have been earning 5% or 5.75% the entire time?

Sly one
Sly one (@guest_1721411)
October 23, 2023 18:02

Yes correct I think it’s been around a year now so they automatically bumped up the rate from 5% to 5,75% I didn’t have to do anything. Many people on DA( thought it was the interest rate that was going to expire at a set time but no just the ability to sign up for the account will end. These little accounts make great savings accounts for kids, I have a 10% savings account too on $1,000 but it’s a local only deal.

Eric (@guest_1722126)
October 24, 2023 14:27

Sly one,

I checked my last statement and it doesn’t show the interest rate. It also doesn’t show “Details & Settings”. Where did you go to see that the rate changed from 5% to 5.75%?

Sly one
Sly one (@guest_1722463)
October 24, 2023 22:42

Great question they only show it on this page;
It’s also on your statement but the APY is a combined rate if you have more that $1,000 in there with interest. Anything over $1,000 is only .05%. I opened one for the wife too and asked about minors but no dice minors are not allowed unlike DCU.

Eric (@guest_1723197)
October 25, 2023 20:37

Sly one,

I only have about $1 in that account so I didn’t earn any interest so the current APY didn’t show up on the statement. Even if the APY was 5.75%, the interest on $1 would round down to $0.

I’m probably going to put $15 in the account for November. That way even if I only earn .05%, I should still receive $.01 of interest and the APY should show up on the next statement.

Sly one
Sly one (@guest_1723986)
October 26, 2023 19:43

Yep that should do it Anything from $12 to $1,000 should show the correct APY on the statement. Only thing is just make sure it’s in there for the entire statement cycle. It may even make a difference depending how many days are in a given month. Never the less it’s posted on that page and it’s correct according to my statements on both accounts.

Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1728670)
November 2, 2023 11:00

Sly one,

I just checked my account. I received $.02 of interest for October and it shows an APY over 7%. That’s of course because $.02 was rounded up. This confirms that you are correct that the account does earn over 5% currently.

I’m a little annoyed that they gave me the wrong information when I inquired. I will probably move up to $1K into the account soon.

Thank you for letting me know.

Sly one
Sly one (@guest_1730507)
November 5, 2023 01:06

No problem glad you figured it out. So many CSR’s are misinformed across the board at various FI’s it’s almost trial and error to see if you get a good one. With the latest FED news it’s making more sense to keep these small capped high yield accounts open. The FED should be hiking 2 more times if they really want inflation at 2%…..but alas we have an election year coming up so they may wimp out.

86 (@guest_1704250)
September 28, 2023 06:59

I found the service to be pretty good and friendly.

Jeremy (@guest_1704050)
September 27, 2023 21:57

Meh, T-bills are higher

Ostrich Rider
Ostrich Rider (@guest_1704043)
September 27, 2023 21:41

$10,000 Sweepstakes for opening a new account.
between 9/1/23 – 10/31/23 .

Open a deposit account and fund it by 10/31/23.
Automatically entered for a chance to win if you open any qualifying deposit accounts: Money Market, Holiday Club, Savings (not share savings), Checking, CD or IRA/HSA accounts.


Cate the MSer
Cate the MSer (@guest_1704037)
September 27, 2023 21:27

fk UUUUUU scammer Premier Members Credit Union!!!!

ReverendK (@guest_1702953)
September 26, 2023 18:00

 William Charles  Chuck
The rate is again 5% APY and they’re running the $50 + $50 referral bonus.

Ostrich Rider
Ostrich Rider (@guest_1590385)
April 2, 2023 20:17

5% up to $2000 balance.