Posted by William Charles on May 11, 2018

Published on May 11th, 2018 | by William Charles


Recap: Paperless $10 Bonus, Walmart Acquires Flipkart & More


  • 200 dropped wallets- the 20 MOST and LEAST HONEST cities. I wonder what the results would have been like if the amount of cash was higher (e.g $50/$100/$200). Whenever I’ve ever lost a wallet I always think any money is fair game for people to take, but I appreciate getting other things back (e.g license). Credit cards I’m cancelling regardless.

Deals expiring at the end of today (view the full deal calendar here):

Deals expiring at the end of tomorrow:

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I also wondered the same thing when I watched Mark’s video today: wallet return rate might be dependent on the content value. $10 is easy to give up, but what about $100 or even more?
Still, a wonderful video. He’s one the most scientific guy on YouTube when it comes to implementation and experiments. Also of the few channels that I turn on notifications for.

Safeway/Vons deals seem to expire on 5/15, not 5/12.

I should go try Staples again today.

“I should go try Staples again today”

Indeed. I went yesterday — checked both the Staples near me, and both had scores of the VGC’s out on display…. No problems buying 2 at a time.

(so much for all those so confident warnings (sheer guesses) that they’d sell out early, or that Staples was clearing out stock, etc., etc.)

The video is interesting, but the guy seems to like making fallacious and unfounded conclusions from his experiment. Such as “a rich person is no more likely to return a wallet than someone from the lowest income bracket” or “avg age of caller was 36 therefore how old you are doesnt seem to affect honesty”. Neither of these conclusions are supported by his method or data, and I’d be willing to bet a more robust experiment would disprove both of those conclusions

The video is great, totally agree that media is hyping negativity. Most people are honest.

Information Booth
Information Booth

As a trained researcher, I contest the validity and thus the conclusion of this study. I don’t believe his experiment was measuring honesty at all. Empathy would be my guess!! If I found this wallet I would think ” this poor guy has two bucks to his name, more foreign money than American dollars, and a picture of his unborn child. The least I can do is get his wallet back to him!!” I would love to do an exit interview with the people who returned the wallets to find out what factors influenced their decisions. Just my opinion, more research obviously necessary… Jesus walks with me!!

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