Recap: Vegas Resort Fee Increase, Beach Fee & More


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The 5x TYP for OTA -would be interesting if Citi hadn’t just gutted all it’s travel protections (as well as 85% of benefits).

Rarely use OTAs with a few exceptions Daily getaway deals, and CC backends –, Priceline/Expedia on rare occasions.

If you have a travel issues, cancelled flight, room etc, you have to deal with OTA and CSR or lack of, to change seats, routes, rebooking on delays/cancel flights/rooms is far easier directly with Airline/Hotel. direct (often).


Hey, Will. Just curious – can I ask why your experience has been better when locals are excluded? Sorry if I misinterpreted your comment, but it stuck out to me and I wanted to inquire.


I assume he meant he likes it when locals are excluded from paying the entry fees/taxes on local attractions, as opposed to excluded from entry to the attraction.


I visit Vegas once or twice a year and my go-to hotel now is the Marriott Grand Chateau. Pretty nice rooms compared to the standard casinos, half a block off the strip, non-casino hotel so it’s all non-smoking, and NO resort fee. Since it’s a vacation club property they have regular events (oftentimes including free drinks), and you can also run the timeshare presentation for points if you desire.

I generally hate Marriott/Bonvoy these days but this hotel continues to be great to me.

Craig at Middle Age Miles

Many thanks for the link, Will! Hope it helps our readers earn some extra TYPs to use on fun travels. ~Craig


Citi is quiet about the travel agency benefit because they have a co brand deal with Expedia and want that card to be the main one for people racking up TA spend.

On the Prestige statement TA spend is even marked as Air Travel so its not overly obvious. But as noted on FT, TA bookings are not always going to code up how you expect, even if you ask an agent. Sometimes they look like direct bookings, other times as agent ones.

We use this benefit quite a bit, and I would note that there are times when the OTA’s are cheaper than booking direct. So its worth checking multiple sources, and even calling the front desk to see if they can discount further.