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Published on November 11th, 2018 | by Chuck


[Expired] Staples: No Purchase Fee on $200 Visa Gift Cards [11/11-11/17]

Deal has expired, view more Staples deals by clicking here

The Offer

Direct Link to offer  

  • Pay no purchase fee on the $200 Visa gift card at Staples stores between November 11th and 17th.

The Fine Print

  • Valid 11/11/18–11/17/18 (starts Sunday)
  • Limit 1 per customer.
  • In-store only.
  • The Visa Gift Card is issued by MetaBank®, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Card can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted in the U.S. No cash access.

Our Verdict

In previous fee-free offers, the limit-1 per transaction wasn’t actually enforced, hopefully this one will be the same. The fee-free deals are a bit better than the $5-off deal they ran last time.

As always, this deal works better with an INK Cash/Plus card or with Amex SimplyCash. Alternatively, there’s a Bank Amerideals offer some have. There’s also an Amex Offer on business cards with 10% off for the daring.

You may also be able to stack with the Retailmenot offer to get back $4 on any $30 Staples purchase – that deal can even be done more than once by re-adding the offer.

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So much stacking possibilities and no store within 50 miles. 🙁


Don’t forget to stack with $4 back on $30 through RMN, might be able to double up if you do the first one on Sunday

Does staples have limit on gc purchase?

IME, registers are hard coded against >$2k per transaction. During the $5 off MC promo, I could only get 9 gc’s/transaction. During the last fee free VGC promo, I could get 10 gc’s/transaction.

2k per transaction.

Yes, the store reserves the right to limit and IINM, this offer has limit of 1 per customer although some stores do NOT enforce this limit and allow up to $2000 or ten $200VGCs.

Out of curiosity has anyone been able to use these on Plastiq for any type of payments. All GC visa’s I have tried are instantly denied even for utilities that have been previously paid.

that is interesting. I used MGC before on Plastiq. However, all prepaid gc are treated as credit card hence 2.5% fee applies.

Would be happy to pay the 2.5% fee and have been able to run MCGC’s through but no luck with VGC

Have you tried adding the VGC to Masterpass and use it as a payment on Plastiq??

Good idea, just tried, no dice 🙁

My cable company won’t accept payments using gift cards with expiration dates too far into the future. A card with 06/26 won’t be accepted, but a 05/24 dated card will be, both on the same credit card network with the same issuer purchased at the same time and place.

Good to know. Thanks for posting. It could explain why some GC numbers are accepted and some not.

I’m having the same issue..Can anyone use these cards on Plastiq? I thought visa debit cards were allowed on Plastiq.

Did you register for online use?

Try registering the VGC first.

I haven’t been able to use these cards with Plastiq. I called CS and they said according to Metabank, Plastiq is considered a cash advance and can’t be used. However, I haven’t had an issue using Mastercard GCs or Vanilla Visa GCs issued by Bancorp.

Mmmm.. tempting to push Amex offer on another card or to 5x with ink…I guess there’s no risk other than the 5000 UR I don’t earn

I don’t know any way to liquidate those gc except regular use. Any ideas?

WM or local Grocery

IIRC, this card no longer works on Venmo right?

It does, just used one a couple days ago. The problem is the 4 cards per 6 month limit though

Amex Serve at Family Dollar (no fee), or elsewhere (might be a fee)

Any way to liquidate variable load Vanilla Visa gift cards from recent BJ’s deal?

I saw on reddit that these might be working at Wally World again. YMMV

Yes, i got these to work at WM again, but i had to use the cancel/change payment trick often used with MCGC. because of this I always liquidate a Vanilla gift card as my last card when buying a MO at WM.

As of today, Vanillas from WAG and CVS load to Serve w/o issues at DG and FD.

One of the few times I’m “happy” to have astronomical rent that can be paid via CC

Same! Nice to be rewards on paying rent every now and then

Not sure which shopping portal would be best, but there has to be one out there that gives you a decent % back with Staples purchases

This is in store only and portals exclude GC

Just realized this about 8 hours after posting. Thanks for replying regardless Will

what happened to the rebates that Staples used to have on VGC purchases?

Does anybody really know what time it is?… 😉 Very happy to have these discounts now instant. Saves customer & Staples the time, expense & hassle of the rebate mess


Paying $206.95 with $20 rebate is better than paying $200. And fyi, Staples Easy Rebates were never a mess, the were the easiest rebate ever.

It was never one gift card to get the $20 rebate…. (usually it had to be two, and often times the rebate was merely $15, barely break even) And glad for you that you never forgot to fill out the rebate form, or had a rebate card waylaid via snail mail, or or had a rebate not processed….. or had to keep straight a half dozen rebate filings.

(ps, several times if you check the archives here we had disputes on whether a Staples rebate promo was even in effect or not during a given week….. which made a “mockery” out of the old Staples slogan about “being easy.”)

Memories are tricky things. You can pine away for some mythical memory of how easy it used to be — or just delight in how much time and hassle you’re saving with the new no-rebate form, instant rebates.

(Politely) -1. Reason: when I received a rebate card that had been drained.

Staples changed ownership in January 2018 and the new guys stopped doing the rebates.

The king of VGC promos. Long live the king!

can you buy this online fee free? Chase Portal has additional points on when you shop through the portal.

Not eligible on taxes, shipping, handling, credit card fees, returns or third-party gift cards sold by Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site. Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents.

This deal is in-store only. But in general, I’m guessing if you go thru the Chase portal then Chase will know you’re buying gift cards. I may just be paranoid, but it seems like a good way to get your account closed.

You suggest using the Amex SimplyCash card. Since Amex gets level 3 data from Staples, can anyone share their experiences using this card for deals like this at Staples or Office Depot/Max? Any problems

I have the simplycash and a staples 10% offer on it. On 9/2/18 I bought $400 worth of gift cards during a similar offer. On 9/4/18 I got a $40 statement credit. Then in October I got 5% of $360 ($18)

Thanks Rob. How long have you had the card and was that the only time you did MS on it? I have delayed getting it thinking the Level 3 data would severely restrict MS, but maybe I’ll pull the trigger–thanks again

I have had the card for a few years. I used to buy a bunch of Target gift cards at staples to get a permanent 5% off my target purchases (and using the old sears cashback portal for $100s in sears points) I am going back this sunday to get the remainder of my 10% offer ($100 total so $600 more in VGC).

But I am not a heavy MS’er. I have never bought more than $500 in giftcards in one transaction

What about using Ink preferred? ×3 or x5?

NO. CIP gives only 1%; InkCash and Ink+ gives 5% at OSS.

What with the cashback portal talk if its only valid in store? Does same deal runs online?

RMN is for cash back in store.

“What with the cashback portal talk if its only valid in store?”

It’s from people who don’t bother to read the post before commenting.

Can I buy vgc with a credit card at Staples? What if they even refuse to take cc.

Yes, most branches take CC for VGCs but management reserves the right to refuse CC and say cash only in areas with rampant fraud/stolen CCs. As long as it’s not hard coded to the register, the store will be able to accept CCs.

Yes, but my store asks an ID even for $400 transaction

I use pre-emtively show them my ID because i want to cover all my bases. Getting your cashiers to know you as a regular customer not looking to do anything wrong is essential.

Just came back from a local store, only asked for my ID, the employee said “here we go, another smart guy” XD

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