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Published on August 15th, 2017 | by Chuck


Swagbucks $5 Moneymaker with GoDaddy

[Update 8/18//17: Now showing just 1,000 SB, only a $5 moneymaker now.]

The Offer

Direct Link (CTRL+F godaddy to find it)

  • Get 2,000 Swagbucks when you purchase a web domain for a year for the cost of $4.99 from GoDaddy

The Fine Print

  • Must purchase a .com domain only
  • Must not cancel within 15 days
  • You will receive the 2,000 Swagbucks within 5 minutes
  • It’s smart to use the same email address with GoDaddy as you use with Swagbucks, though this time the terms does not state that explicitly

GoDaddy Rules:

  • Purchase a domain name, hosting, or other paid GoDaddy service and spend $4.99
  • To qualify, you MUST be a new GoDaddy customer and complete the offer within 2 hours
  • You will not be credited if you apply a coupon code or close your browser window

Our Verdict

I like that this one gets credited instantly. Just be aware of the implications of registering a web domain as some of your information is public (unless you pay extra) and companies will start sending you mailers and the like. If you can get past that hurdle, it looks like a fairly easy $15 moneymaker after cashing out the Swagbucks. It’s especially a good deal for someone who was looking into taking out a web domain.

Couple of things to keep before doing this offer:

If you’re new to Swagbucks, please read our review. You can also get a bonus of up to $5 by using a referral link.

Hat tip to Slickdeals

71 Responses to Swagbucks $5 Moneymaker with GoDaddy

  1. Pat S says:

    I’m only seeing it for 1280 sb. Am I missing something?

  2. chris a says:

    I am seeing 2000 SBs and i just completed the order. Instant 2000 SBs got deposited. Thanks for the headsup on this offer.

  3. Chris says:

    I’m only seeing 640. Looks like it varies according to account.

  4. Mark O says:

    I am only seeing .com’s for 11.99 – must be missing something for the 4.99 deal

  5. Daniel says:

    Thanks for the info.
    Just wanted to let people know, chrome incognito seems to be bad for these kinds of SB offers. Although it’s fine for regular SB shopping portal.
    But IE’s Inprivate browsing seems to track more reliably.

  6. ivy says:

    Nothing posted after 5 mins..

  7. steve says:

    Do I have to sign up with godaddy with the same email as swagbucks? I’ve used godaddy in the past so im wondering if there’s a way i can still do this offer

  8. Healy says:

    No matter what domain I plug in, I always get $11.99. Even when I go to cart and select 1 year, it’s still $11.99. Can anyone help?

  9. 007 says:

    FYI, got the offer posted registering a domain with a credit card.

    The way cards work is that you can use ANY name/billing address/phone number and card will work. Also, notably, GoDaddy allowed me to use a different email for my domain than my account email and offer still credited.

    In other words, if I am understanding correctly, this removes all SPAM risk, as the domain is registered under the made up name/billing address/phone number as well as a real email address that I use for Spam and that is not associated with my Swagbucks account (although the email used for the GoDaddy account itself IS the same as my Swagbucks account).

    Just FYI. $15 MM with no privacy problems at least from the domain registry.

    • 007 says:

      Worked for wife’s SwagBucks also with

      Confirmed on GoDaddy that contact info listed has the email that I specifically used for the domain that is DIFFERENT than my main email address associated with GoDaddy.

      Both do have to be VALID emails though.

      Except email, all contact info for registry is made up (well, based on real places which don’t happen to be places where I live or phone numbers that are in any way related to me).

    • TG says:

      I placed an order and Godaddy emailed me saying they need ID verification for fraud reasons or they’re going to cancel the order. So if you use fake info and get hit with the verification, your order is going to get canceled.

      • 007 says:

        I’ve actually had same thing happen previously but made data more believable this time (same city and state as my IP) and no probs so far. Thanks for heads up! No way I would do this with my real info publically accessible, though.

        • 007 says:

          Just to be clear, I’ve actually tried a similar offer before using fake info, but my info was VERY fake (a la John Doe for the name). I also used my real primary Swagbucks email address and then changed it quickly. One or more of these things then made it auto-cancel my domain after it was active and refund the money.

          This time, I used more believe-able information. Worst case, if they cancel, as long as they refund the money, I’m happy. Obviously, it is a risk though.

          • 007 says:

            Just FYI, one of the accounts is now being asked for ID verification.

          • 007 says:

            As a follow-up, have already received my and my wife’s $50 via PayPal and transferring it to bank now.

            We’ll see if SB gets revoked and I end up with a negative balance.

          • 007 says:

            Just to update – the $50 has now made it into my bank account (although probably SB has no way to withdraw from your PayPal balance to begin with? so maybe that’s not really pertinent).

    • NBG says:

      When i signup for do i use real name and address and then have the option to use a dummy info when creating virtual info?.

      • 007 says:

        Yup. is a virtual credit card service that is linked to your BANK ACCOUNT just FYI. I have a 2nd bank account that I use as my “hub” for things like Netspend, Insight, etc., and that is the bank account I link.

        I am paranoid, so I have instant notifications set up for ANY transactions to/from this account.

        I also use the same 2nd bank account to link my Target Red Card debit card.

        The default for is linking via your bank’s username and password. If you are uncomfortable with this or have problems with this (I used to link my account when I wanted to use and then immediately unlink, and at some point it stopped working), you can contact them. They actually have a simple URL you can use to link via routing and account number, but they made me promise not to share it before giving it to me. Anyway, you should be able to get it from their support.

        P.S. I believe they also recently started a referral program (both people get $5), but as DoC hasn’t reviewed the site I don’t really feel comfortable posting a referral or anything like that. When I initially signed up, there was no referral program.

        • 007 says:

          P.S. Proof of referral program:

          • NBG says:

            Bummer..I follwed instructions and successfully created the domain and got SB posted. After an hr, got the cancellation email. Do i SB stick or will be taken away?.

          • 007 says:

            Not sure, sorry. If you want to have a long-term relationship with Swagbucks, maybe wait.

            If you want the money, you can always request a gift card and hope for the best.

            I believe that it is possible to have a negative SB balance as well.

        • NBG says:

          Thanks. So do i enter the dummy info in the billing page of Godaddy or in the alternate registrant info of go daddy for the domain?.

          • 007 says:

            I put it in the billing information. I don’t think I had an alternate registrant info option.

            Also, I used REAL addresses (of institutions/businesses) that just happen to not be mine. They are in the same city as my IP.

            I think if you get too creative GoDaddy will flag you (I initially tried doing something like this some time ago but was way too creative – although really it probably just the location mismatch between my IP and the address that flagged it).

            Also, you do have to use a REAL email for your registration info, as you’ll get verification emails to BOTH your GoDaddy and domain registration emails. But they don’t have to be the same one, so just make a SPAM gmail account if you don’t have one yet.

  10. ivy says:

    anyone didn’t get any points after 5 mins?

  11. EO says:

    In addition to this offer, Revenue Univers (same page where this GoDaddy offer is located — at least for me) is offering 1800 SB for an $8.99 LifeLock one month membership. While you need to keep LifeLock for 15 days, my understanding of the offer is you can get a full refund of the membership fee if you cancel within 30 days. Thus, this is an easy $18.

    Note that it took me about an hour to receive my 1800 SB even though it said it would be in my account in 5 minutes.

  12. Mark O says:

    Waited 45 minutes and it didn’t post – filed claim swagbucks F#@$@$king sucks…..but I still get sucked in every time even though they have a 50% hit rate…

    • Calvin says:

      Within the website, where did you file claim. Is it under “help” section? Thanks

      • Mark O says:

        Click the link above and then on the far right at the top of the revenue universe there is a support button – looks like a person’s head.

        • 007 says:

          In case it is helpful, on my Mac I always do the offers using Chrome’s incognito mode with all plugins (including adblocker) disabled.

          With that said, I find the “offer wall” offers like this one (Revenue Universe, Peanut Labs, etc.) are a LOT more variable in terms of posting that the ones through Swagbucks themselves.

          Of course, sometimes the ones linked from the main Swagbucks page ARE offer wall offers, so it can get a little confusing…

          Good luck with your ticket!

  13. chris says:

    anyone else getting an error “We are unable to service the request. (2)” or know what this means?

  14. Terry says:

    Swagbucks is worthless. I signed up for the Dollar Shave Club deal in March. Stayed signed up for 4 months (only 2 months required). Never received 1,975 SB as stated. Sent email after email. Only response to each email was “Your ticket was updated”. Worst customer service ever.

    • 007 says:

      Sorry to hear. I hope that you got any initial SBs at least.

      Personally, I’ve really only ever relied on the initial SBs for their offers, and even then usually only for those that are supposed to credit immediately.

      I take screenshots of literally every step I do and save them. Always use a virtual CC as well.

      Most of the time, the offers through Swagbucks (rather than partners – although sometimes it is hard to tell whether or not an offer is through a partner) post right away for me. Those that don’t, I’ve always been able to get “made right” by support.

      However, again, I’ve never tried for the “delayed gratification” offers that give periodic payments during a subscription.

      I’m sorry to hear about your experience.

    • Zhaolidong says:

      Same experience here. No one replied the e-mail. Just some automatic replies. Anyone knows how to solve this situation? Thanks a lot!

    • Chuck says:

      I’ve only had once where the SB didn’t post automatically, and in my case also I never heard back. 🙁
      Can’t say I tried that hard.

      • 007 says:

        I’m not sure. My inquiry was some time ago, so maybe their support has gotten worse?

        One thing to make sure is that if the offer is through an offer wall, you need to contact support through that offer wall (Revenue Universe, Peanut Labs, TrialPay, etc.).

        This is a bit confusing as, e.g., the Hulu offer that was available through “main” Swagbucks for a long time (probably still is for those who haven’t done it) is actually through TrialPay, and you need to contact them if it doesn’t post.

        Not sure how you’d know that except by watching the address bar at the top of your browser carefully after you click (it goes through before it gets to Hulu) or by reading Slickdeals/DoC for a given offer.

        Also, to be fair, I am only talking about offers where I had to pay something that didn’t post. I’ve definitely had free trials etc that didn’t post, but didn’t really bother with those.

        • Chuck says:

          Interesting, I’m surprised you can contact TrialPay or another similar company and complain that you didn’t get credit when you don’t have an account with that company (the account is with SB). Typically, the consumer complains to the company they have a relationship with.

          Did you ever have success contacting TrialPay, Revenue Universe, etc, directly?

          • 007 says:

            You contact them through the Support tab on the appropriate offer wall.

            My wife’s account’s Hulu didn’t credit, for example (one of the 2 times something didn’t credit). I contacted TrialPay support to get it fixed. Again, this is contacting TrialPay support THROUGH the SwagBucks site THROUGH the TrialPay offer wall.

            But this is definitely different than contacting Swagbucks support.

            In other words, they are different companies and different people handling your complaint.

            The non-intuitive thing was that the Hulu offer was on the “front page” and there was no indication that it was through Trialpay and not directly through Swagbucks (or at least I didn’t see any).

          • 007 says:

            Oh, and just to be clear, TrialPay did credit the account in that case.

          • 007 says:

            I guess the point I’m trying to make:

            When you do an offer through an offer wall like TrialPay (in the Discover section) and it doesn’t post, you have to contact TrialPay through that Offer Wall to get credit. Usually you’ll actually get redirected to the TrialPay site (I don’t remember the details).

            If you do an offer directly through Swagbucks, like many of the donation offers, you contact Swagbucks support through the site. These are a different group of people and the interface for submitting tickets is completely different.

            The confusion comes in because some of the offers linked from the main Swagbucks page are actually offers provided by TrialPay, etc. In that case, you STILL have to contact TrialPay if it doesn’t post, but it can be hard to figure that out.

            It’s possible that you could eventually get support directly through Swagbucks. However, if you are, it would likely take a much longer time.

          • Chuck says:

            Have you ever tried contacting TrialPay directly?

          • 007 says:

            Re “Have you ever tried contacting TrialPay directly?”

            I have never INITIATED contact with them outside Swagbucks.

            What I have done is gone to Discover -> TrialPay, then clicked on the support icon WITHIN the TrialPay section, entered my email.

            I got an email from
            “Dear ***,
            To contact our support team, click the link below and sign into your account. If the link doesn’t work, copy and paste it into your Web browser’s address field.
            Note: This link will expire in 4 hours.


            Please DO NOT reply to this e-mail—it will not be received.

            Thank you,

            The TrialPay Support Team

            I then used the link to THEIR site to fill in THEIR claim form.

            Later, I got an email from
            “Dear TrialPay Customer,

            Thank you for submitting the requested information. We have confirmed that you completed an offer, and your SB will be delivered by Prodege, LLC in the next few minutes.

            Offer Completed: Subscribe to Hulu
            Currency: SB

            Thank you for your patience,

            TrialPay Support Team”

            I hope that answers your question.

          • 007 says:

            The bigger point I am trying to make is that TrialPay, Revenue Universe, Peanut Labs are SEPARATE companies from Swagbucks.

            When you do their offer, if you want it credited (at least within a reasonable amount of time), you’re supposed to contact THEIR support on THEIR offer wall within Swagbucks.

            These are separate individuals who are providing you support.

            Further, there are MULTIPLE sites out there like Swagbucks – the biggest competitor (#2) probably being MyPoints.

            MyPoints ALSO has “offer walls” for TrialPay, Revenue Universe, Peanut Labs, that have pretty much the SAME offers as Swagbucks does. There may be differences in the numeric reward amount. Additionally, MyPoints are worth LESS than Swagbucks, so often times it is harder to get a moneymaker offer.

            But there are literally at least a dozen companies that are similar to Swagbucks and have similar offer walls (I think instaGC, etc.).

            For some of the popular ones, you can see:

          • 007 says:

            Chuck, re “Have you ever tried contacting TrialPay directly?,” I posted a detailed comment but it is awaiting moderation currently…

          • 007 says:

            Screenshots to help illustrate.

            How I contact TrialPay support:


            How I contact Swagbucks support:

          • Mark O says:

            I have contacted trial pay direct and they told me I had to go through swagbucks (for the gamefly offer). Problem was it was no longer on the site so I couldn’t do it through swagbucks. I think I ended up picking a different offer and just submitted it that way. They paid it out a few days later. This was after 3 weeks of going back and forth with SB’s customer service….which blows!

  15. 007 says:

    FYI, for those who got the 2000 SB and want a relatively easy way to get to 2500 SB to cash out via PayPal (my preferred method), RevU has a 30 day Free Trial for 536 SB. I just did this. If you use a virtual CC you will need to set it up for a $10 transaction as they will make a $10 pending charge (they state multiple times in their signup screens and in the emails they sent you this is ONLY a pending charge and will drop off unless you stay subscribed 30+ days).

    I just did this with a (technically) different email than my Swagbucks (same email but with dots using gmail dot trick) and it credited. Took 10-20 minutes though, so I was worried for a while.

    Just FYI.

  16. Adam says:

    is this working for anyone else? tried the link in MS Edge… but it goes nowhere, theres just a blank link. I dunno if they’ve exhausted the referral quota or whats going on. all prev offers have loaded for me. but this affiliate just sits on a blank page. am I too late to this party?

  17. chris says:

    expired only 1000 now

  18. Richard says:

    I see it, but down to 1,000 SB now.

  19. Jack Smith says:


    They are worthless. I did the deal for Homechef and Gillette and none of them posted points. Even after I emailed them many times, they said they could not track it and so can not award points. I have cashed out all my points and not doing anymore deals with them

  20. Mark O says:

    Still no response from the complaint I filed with revenue universe. At least it was only $5 out of pocket….

    • Mark O says:

      Color me shocked – sent in a claim with SB after rev universe didn’t respond for 2 weeks and the gave me the 2k in SB’s!

  21. Master allan says:

    Too bad I wasted time and it dropped from 2,000 down to 1,000. I was planning on getting a website for some content anyway. Huh, actually an interested customer here. Point posted immediately.

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