[Update: Cancellation Reminder] Swagbucks: Get $50 Back On Walmart+ Annual Membership ($98 Cost)

Update 12/1/31: Just a reminder to cancel Walmart+ from renewing if you don’t want to pay the full price. at renewal. You can cancel at this link (scroll down for cancel option); you’ll see clearly on the final screen that you’ll retain Walmart+ membership until the end of your membership year. (Walmart+ is currently not available as a deal on Swagbucks/MyPoints or on Dosh, though there are a few other deals for new subscribers, such as a 3-month free trial, a monthly benefit from the Platinum card, an Amex Offer for $49 back, or an Amex Offer for one month free.)

Update 5/27/21: Rate is down to $50 now.

Update 5/10/21: Back up to $110 now. Stack with 15% from Dosh and 20% from Chase/BofA. Similar deal on MyPoints. See this post for stacking details. (ht Noah, Luke) Should be a roughly $47 moneymaker, but note that many readers are having trouble getting this to credit automatically, and you might need to follow up for manual credit and hopefully get it with no issues.

The Offer

New link | Another link | MyPoints

  • Swagbucks is offering 5,000 Swagbucks (worth $50) when you sign up for the Walmart+ annual membership which costs $98.
  • You can also get 1,000 Swagbucks (worth $10) when you signup for the monthly membership which costs $12.95.

Regardless which option you choose, you can also get $5 back on your first purchase of $35+ when you signup via Swagbucks. (Purchase must be made with in 21 days of starting your Walmart+ Trial. Cash Back will post within 60 days.)

The Fine Print

  • SB will be awarded after the Free Trial ends.
  • SB will only be earned for the sign up of a Walmart+ Membership.
  • Purchases made at Walmart.com are not eligible for SB

Post History

Update 4/28/21: It’s back down to $50 on Swagbucks. Dosh has increased from 10% to 15% now. (There’s now a 20% deal from Chase Offers/BofA.)

Update 4/21/21: It’s up to $110 now, highest ever, wow (previous high was $100). Similar deal on MyPoints. See this post for stacking ideas with $10 Chase Offer/BofA and 10% Dosh (I don’t see Google Pay anymore), as well as the technique of signing up without the free trial for better/faster tracking. Should be a $33 (minus tax) with $12 from Swagbucks, $10 from Chase/BofA, and $11 from Dosh; plus, you might actually find the subscription useful, as I do. The Swagbucks credit seems to be tracking fine for some, though others are not getting the automatic tracking right away. Hat tip to reader Matthew

Update 4/13/21: It’s back up to $50 Swagbucks and about the same on MyPoints.

Update 2/18/21: Readers Bob and Nerukkadi report getting manual adjustment for the 10,000SB; lots of us who signed up in the first wave didn’t get the credit automatically, and hopefully support should work to get credit. Other readers are saying they were only given 5000SB, hopefully that will get fixed upon request.

Update 1/30/21: Now both Swagbucks and MyPoints have it at $75. (Still available on Swagbucks as of 2/3/21.)

Update 1/29/21: Swagbucks is still at $50, but MyPoints is up to 12,000 which is worth around $75 when redeemed for PayPal. Sounds like this offer is slated to be around until February 3rd. Plus you get $30 Google Pay, 10% Dosh, $5 Chase Offer, $2.50 first purchase. See this post for a step by step walk-through.

Update 1/27/21: Back down to $50 now.

Update 1/26/21: Swagbucks increased now from $50 to $75 (page isn’t fully updated, but it looks like 7,500 is the true correct number). 

Update 12/20/20: You can also get $30 back from Google Pay which can stack with the Swagbucks deal, and with Dosh and Chase Offers as well for a quadruple dip. The Swagbucks deal is down to $50 now, but still a great deal when combined with Google Pay and the rest.

Update 12/16/20: The $100 is now expired, but there’s now a new offer available for $75.  The regular offer showing here is for $50, but if you go to the Offers page you’ll see a $75 offer. (ht neo) Stack this with $25 from Dosh which has been working for many (as discussed below), plus $10 from the Chase Offers/Bank Amerideal, and it still quite a nice offer, albeit lower than the previous $100 deal. Update 2: actually, in the redirect it shows $50; not clear what’ll actually happen here if it’ll end up $50 or $75.

Update 12/9/20:

Wow, they’ve now increased the cashback rate to 10,000 Swagbucks ($100) for many people everyone at this link. Plus you can get $2.50 with your first order. I can’t imagine not doing this deal now, only thing left now is the risk if there’s some issue with the tracking. Otherwise, it’s a free year + a few dollar moneymaker (maybe a slight cost if you have sales tax). Similar deal on MyPoints as well. Same deal on Shopathome too.

You can also get $10 back with Chase Offers/Bank Amerideal if targeted (should work as long as the payment is made by 1/15/20), making it a moneymaker. You can also try using a card linked to Dosh to pay for the membership and get an extra $25 10% bonus. That Dosh deal requires using the Dosh link, but you can try and see if it posts based on the card alone (seems to work).

Be sure to turn off adblockers, etc; there’s $100 at stake here. (I personally did not do the trial extension which you’ll see Walmart+ offering in case it messes up with the tracking. This is being overly cautious as it should track fine even if you do the trial extension.) I’m still on trial, and don’t see anything now; could be it won’t show up in your Swagbucks account until after the trial ends. Many others in the comments are seeing the Swagbucks as already pending – it seems that those who signed up without a free trial get the pending credit immediately from Swagbucks and get credit from Dosh right away.

Readers in the comments describe how to sign up without a free trial: signup first with the free trial, NOT using Swagbucks, then cancel that 15 day trial right away (it cancels out immediately), then click through Swagbucks and sign up for the annual subscription.

Here’s a good step-by-step of what to do.

Second update on 12/2/20: apparently, some are still seeing the $75 + $5 offer while others are seeing the $50 + $5 offer. Also, there’s currently a Chase Offer/Bank Amerideal for $10 back which stacks well.

Update 12/2/20: Offer is back down to $50 (plus $5 with shopping); or $10 with monthly paid subscription (plus $5, I think?); or $5 with free trial (plus $5, I think?). Walmart+ got much more interesting due to their new free shipping offer, so I’m reposting this now.

Update 11/2/20: Swagbucks now offering 7,500 Swagbucks (worth $75). You an also get another 500 ($5) with your first purchase of $35+. There’s also a Chase Offer for $10 back which brings down final cost to just $8. (It might code as Walmart to get 5x points with Chase Freedom for Q4 2020 as well.)

Update 10/28/20: Stack with $10 back from Chase Offers.

Our Verdict

This is a terrific deal for someone interested in the Walmart+ subscription service; it cuts the cost of the annual fee down less than half. The monthly $10 Swagbucks offer is also interesting for someone who wants to try out the service as it cuts down the cost of one month from $12.95 to just $2.95.

Dosh also has a deal for 5-10% back, but this deal is obviously much better. Can’t hurt to link the card to Dosh as well in case it tracks without the click-through.

If you’re new to Swagbucks then please read our review. You can also get a bonus of up to $13 by using a referral link.

Hat tip to reader AS

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I don’t see any portal offers still available for Walmart+. But I just noticed that they have a Walmart+ referral program; each person gets $20 off a future order, when the referred person becomes a paid member after a free trial. The terms say “Referred Customer has not previously enrolled in a Walmart+ membership (either trial or paid membership)”.


Do they have any discount membership for students, EBT etc?

David M
David M

This membership for free was GREAT!!! It was already our grocery store before this so it was super convenient. My Walmart app says Walmart+ has saved us $400 and 38 hours. Saved us a ton of time on grocery store runs, no doubt!! Volunteer to cook or bring stuff to a party or an event? Boom, delivered to your door. Just get home on the overnight flight from abroad using miles? Groceries waiting at your door or soon after. So convenient! Our city isn’t very big so I can always get same day or next morning groceries delivered. A couple times (out of 40) they messed up the order but they are are fast to refund and fix. One time they sent me someone else’s order… called and they said just keep it ($100 of groceries), they’ll cancel my order and Submit a reorder. I did but then Walmart local store caught their error and also re sent me everything. In the end I got double my initial order for the cost of 1 and someone else’s groceries lol! Walmart said to keep it.
Nowhere is easier to return than Walmart or Amazon. Love it. Renewing monthly on Amex plat now and when that ends soon may renew annual at 50% off Amex offer, hoping a SB offer pops up to stack.


Thanks DOC for the reminder! It was troublesome to getting it for free from swag and was not all that useful. Don’t think I will reup even at half off


Canceled…will reactivate with monthly membership through Amex platinum…thank you for reminder


Yeah, this is the way to go


they cancelled both my 2 orders ever placed… wasted the membership!


Heads up, you can use the Amex Platinum enrollment link, login to your existing Walmart+ account that you signed up for with this deal, and at your annual expiration it will automatically move you to the monthly plan that’s auto-reimbursed, and have you enter your Amex info. Same household with different first name went through just fine.


Thankful for these reminders, BC of all the tickets and follow-ups which finally paid off, this barely was worth it…

The only thing I liked about Walmart + was if there was an item I ordered online, in store – they often delivered it within 24 hrs!

Small things you need around the house are often cheaper than amazon but not enough to outweigh the renewal. Cancelled, until another freebie arrives or I PC out of the AMEX Plat.


Be careful…I never got my money from Swagbucks last year…they are exactly that swags


Same here. Even after several contacts and a BBB complaint.


BBB doesn’t have the clout you might think it does.


You saved me a big headache! Thanks DoC.
Although it is very useful, I don’t use it that often, plus I have two Walmarts within 10 min driving distance.