[Expired] [Targeted] AmEx Offer: Get 10% Back On Wireless (Up To $40)

Deal has ended, view more wireless deals by clicking here.

The Offer

Check your AmEx Offers for the following deal:

  • Get 10% back as a statement credit by using your enrolled eligible Card when you pay your wireless bill directly with a US wireless service provider by 12/31/2023. Limit of $40 back in total statement credits.

Our Verdict

10% back is okay. A lot of people value their 5x Ultimate Rewards points from the Chase INK card near 10% as well which makes these deals less exciting.

View more Amex offers here & if you have any questions about American Express offers then read this post.

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MP-The-Law (@guest_1767596)
December 30, 2023 13:18

Mint mobile triggered it

John (@guest_1758845)
December 15, 2023 11:25

Will Extra Device payment on T-mobile trigger this?

AdoptaPetInstead (@guest_1757970)
December 14, 2023 00:27

Just had this show up on my card

Bill (@guest_1730518)
November 5, 2023 01:52

P2 has this on their BCP card, and just had the $5/50 offer for Cable and Internet (x4) show up on the same card. I am going to try it on Verizon FiOS, my recollection is that it will work for both offers. Good thing that I had not redeemed the wireless offer yet. Now it’s a no-brainer to try a $50 FiOS payment.

Bill (@guest_1747420)
November 29, 2023 01:03

Update: 4x$50 FiOS payments resulted in eight $5 credits.

Also got this offer on my account, but I foolishly did not activate it on the same account where I had the Cable offer. So I used it for my T-Mobile bill, since otherwise I’d be paying FiOS in advance.

Raju (@guest_1761206)
December 19, 2023 11:30

Doesn’t paying FiOS via CC not take away the autopay credit?

cmsirp (@guest_1716396)
October 16, 2023 12:46

Has anyone tried with Spectrum Mobile?

Bob (@guest_1701772)
September 25, 2023 02:18

Will it be triggered if I purchase Metro’s plan + device pixel 6a bundle?

Listrik15 (@guest_1699174)
September 21, 2023 10:57

My Google Fi bill didn’t trigger this offer unfortunately.

Chris H.
Chris H. (@guest_1717233)
October 17, 2023 15:06


Abe (@guest_1684861)
September 2, 2023 19:14

Maybe not exciting or a slam dunk but 10% cash beats 5% UR for me.

DP (@guest_1685046)
September 3, 2023 10:57

10% cash + normal MR earning makes it an even easier decision

Beat2def (@guest_1684725)
September 2, 2023 11:53

Anyone have success paying prepay Mint Mobile?

em (@guest_1684740)
September 2, 2023 12:40

following this! Have payment coming up for renewal Sept end.

Greg (@guest_1684838)
September 2, 2023 17:30

Same here! Would love to know if this offer will work with MintMobile. Otherwise I’m going to use discover and apple pay for 5%.

Kapil (@guest_1684764)
September 2, 2023 13:41

you can load amount to wallet

Heima (@guest_1699427)
September 21, 2023 16:45

I got 10% back for Mint prepaid for next year renewal fee

minnu (@guest_1700026)
September 22, 2023 11:53

Heima ..how?

minnu (@guest_1700027)
September 22, 2023 11:54

Greg Kapil em Beat2def did you get credit for mint mobile?

Pete (@guest_1684680)
September 2, 2023 09:55

Got this on Old Blue Cash. Having lost the $5 discount on tmobile and switched to bank account, this is not too useful.

Adrian (@guest_1684684)
September 2, 2023 10:04

You can set up the auto pay with T-Mobile with a bank account and when the statement is cut pay it off manually with a card. You will still get the auto pay discount this way, as well as any card bonuses like this offer.

I wouldn’t be surprised if T-Mobile patches this eventually but it works for now!

Hunt (@guest_1684705)
September 2, 2023 10:55

You can still make a one-time payment with a credit card on T-Mobile and get the discount.

Komma (@guest_1684797)
September 2, 2023 15:17

I have 2 lines so the phone insurance from amex plat still comes out cheaper than buying the insurance from t-mobile. This just kind of reapplies the $5 discount for a couple months.

Henry (@guest_1684808)
September 2, 2023 15:53

You can always pay your bill manually using credit card in ahead of autopay