[Targeted] AmEx Offer: Shef, Spend $50+ & Receive $20 Statement Credit

The Offer

No direct link, targeted offer

  • Get a one-time $20 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $50 in one or more transactions online at shef.com by 9/7/2021

The Fine Print

  • Valid online only
  • Not valid on purchases shipped outside of the US
    Purchases must be made in US Dollars

Our Verdict

Doesn’t seem to be on any portals from what I can see. I think this is UberEats but for home chefs? No idea really, share any other stacking other opportunities in the comments below.

Hat tip to DDG

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Tried this last week, turned out well. Referred and ordered with spouses Amex offer. If you order the first one with $10 off, spend about $30-35 and then do a second order from another shef with same day delivery for another $10 off. Ordered about $75 worth of food for bottom line price of $35.


I took a look at it – they’re not in my area, but because I didn’t order anything they sent me an email with promo for $20 off my first order – HELLO20. Looks like it’s universal and I don’t see why it wouldn’t stack with the Amex Offer.


I use Shef quite regularly. It’s significantly less on-demand than typical Ubereats/Doordash/etc. You generally have to order a couple of days in advance and each Shef (a fancy work for what’s essentially a home chef with a focus in a specific cuisine) sets their own menu and days of availability. Some Shefs do it part-time a day or two a week while working professional jobs in the day and others are more doing it as full-time primary source of income.

At least here in Seattle there’s a very large contingent of Indian/South Asian Shefs focusing on all sorts of regional specialties — lots of homestyle dishes you’d expect your mom to make that often aren’t on mainstream restaurant menus. They’ve also grown quite rapidly up here and now have all sorts of other cuisines (other Asian, African, regional American, etc) and dietary specialties (vegan, gluten free, etc) but definite a dominant focus on South Asian in Seattle. I know they also operate in SF Bay Area (HQ for them I believe) as well as NYC, but not sure where else they’ve expanded to lately.

They also have a referral program which offers either $10 or $20 off your first order with an equivalent reward for the referrer (I think it varies based on the city of signup/where they’re trying to grow users). I won’t post my link here just yet since it hasn’t yet been explicitly allowed by William Charles but am happy to share the link if it does become allowed

Also as FYI – even though it is dining it doesn’t count as 4x dining on the Amex Gold. I typically use my BBP with them for 2x MR, so try to save the Amex offer on a high-earning/everyday use Amex if you have the option.


William Charles Just took advantage of this yesterday. You’re correct, it’s home chefs that cook meals (based on their personal menus) and deliver them to you on set days of the week.

Delivery is free with a $25 purchase and the site had a banner for $10 off your first order.