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Published on June 11th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Targeted] Regions Bank $150 Bonus For Adding $25,000 For Existing Customers

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $150
  • Availability: AL, AR, FL, GA, IL, IN, IA, KY, LA, MS, MO, NC, SC, TN & TX. Must also be targeted
  • Direct deposit required: No
  • Additional requirements: See below
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • ChexSystems: No
  • Credit card funding: No because you’re funding an existing account
  • Monthly fees: Varies based on what account you have open
  • Early account termination fee: $25 if closed within 180 days
  • Household limit: None mentioned
  • Expiration date:

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Regions Bank is offering a bonus of $150 to existing customers that received this offer when you complete the following requirements:
    • Add $25,000 or more in new funds to your existing account by 7/24/17 (your balance must be $25,000 higher than it was on 5/24/17)
    • Bonus will be deposited by 8/23/17

The Fine Print

  • $150 bonus offer is available only to the named recipients of a prior email or letter containing this offer, is nontransferable and may not be combined with any other offer.
  • Only one offer is available per addressee. To earn the $150 bonus offer, you must meet all requirements of the offer described above and increase your deposit balances with new deposits – money that is not already on deposit with Regions.
  • The increase in your deposit balances is calculated by subtracting the posted deposit balances as of 5/24/2017 from the posted deposit balances as of 7/24/2017, on eligible accounts.
  • Deposits made after the daily processing cutoff times will not be included.
  • If earned, the bonus will be issued by 8/23/2017, and will be in the form of a credit to your checking account that was referenced in the letter and/or email that you received about this offer.
  • At the time the credit is issued, your checking account must be open and in good standing. You are responsible for any tax due on any amount received under this offer.
  • Regions may report this bonus as income if required by applicable law.

Avoiding Fees

This will vary based on what account you have open. You can read more about the fees associated with different accounts here.

Our Verdict

It’s always nice to see bonuses for existing customers. You need to have $25,000 deposited for around a month (probably a bit more as you’ll want to make sure it hits the account in time). That’s a return of 0.6% over ~one month, but keep in mind the Regions accounts earn at a rate of 0.01% (basically nothing). It’s not a bad return, but it’s only for one month and there is some work involved as well. You can view the best savings bonuses here and the best high interest savings accounts here.

Big thanks to reader, Tyler B who let us know. Learn how to find bonuses and contribute to the site here.

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4 Responses to [Targeted] Regions Bank $150 Bonus For Adding $25,000 For Existing Customers

  1. bob says:

    hmmm, i currently have about this much in a 3% Savings account, so it’d be worth it, if i didn’t have to leave it in for too long.

    the hard part is getting the money from one account to another – Regions doesn’t have a good ACH and neither do the source accounts. So, paybill myself a check and wait until 7/20 or so to deposit it? then wait for the bonus to post and get it back out via check again? dang i hate checks

    of course, i’m not targeted (yet). definitely gonna have to re-inspect the “spam” emails i’ve gotten from Regions.

  2. TomTX says:

    I disagree with the interpretation you need to leave the cash there.for a month. Do an ACH push on the 17th, should clear by the 24th. Do an ACH pull on the 25th. Should clear by August 1. Two weeks, max

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