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Published on July 8th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] [WA only] Verity Credit Union $100 Checking Bonus – No Bonus Requirements

Offer has expired, view the best current checking bonuses by clicking here.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $100
  • Availability: WA only
  • Direct deposit required: None
  • Additional requirements: Use promo code
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • ChexSystems: Unknown, somewhat sensitive
  • Credit card funding: Up to $1,000
  • Monthly fees: None
  • Early account termination fee:
  • Household limit: None listed
  • Expiration date: August 31st, 2018

The Offer

No direct link, information founder on flyer below

  • Verity Credit Union is offering a bonus of $100 when you open a new checking account and complete the following requirements:
    • Use promo code CASH100

The Fine Print

  • Must be a new member and not have been an owner of a prime share savings account within the previous 6 months
  • Offer ends 8/31/2018
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

Monthly Fees

This account has no monthly fees to worry about.

Early Account Termination Fee

Unsure on early account termination fee.

Our Verdict

Seems like it’s worth doing if you’re in the area as there is no bonus requirements or monthly fees and you can always fund up to $1,000 with a credit card. Desmond who sent it in also said the bonus posted basically instantly but took 2-3 days to set up, making it even better. Will be adding this to our list of the best bank account bonuses.

Big thanks to reader, Desmond who let us know. Learn how to find bonuses and contribute to the site here.

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Thanks Desmond!

Thanks Desmond.

Which checking account are you guys signing up for?

I wonder whether this would work for people in Oregon?

Opened a Cartwheel Rewards Checking and Savings funding $5 each on 7/9/18. Will report back when bonus hits

This was perfect timing as they just opened a branch in my area. I’m assuming that’s where this flyer came from. I just applied and was preapproved for their credit cards with a 10k limit. It seems like the my account is pending approval though. I’m assuming my approval is a longshot considering I open every available account for bonuses, don’t know the exact number but hoping the preapproval on the credit cards is a good sign.

I really hope I’m approved because this new branch has a coin counting machine. It’s the little things…

Will update with their decision.

Did you check the box where you allow them to review your credit report to check for credit card and loan offers? If so do they pull your credit report. I decided to uncheck that box out of fear they will pull my credit report.

I did not check that box out of the same fear, though now I’m wondering if I somehow bumped it and didn’t notice. I haven’t received any hardpull alerts yet but too early to know for sure. I didn’t screenshot the page with the preapprovals, but I’m pretty sure it said I had to proceed further to apply and for them to check my credit.

Approved yesterday and the $100 is already in the account (though it’s lumped in with my initial funding).

Credit card funding with Citi Double Cash coded as purchase.

Applied online yesterday. Told me it is pending approval. Chatted today and asked about the status and was told it normally takes 1-2 business day to process more if there is a backlog. Thanks to Desmond for finding this.

Well I just got an email saying they can’t open an account for me because of my ChexSystem. I do not know how because I did not open that many accounts and have been real selective in what to open. I did recently had a change of address (3 months) and the application did not allow me to enter my old address. Not sure if they couldn’t verify me or not but I requested my report from Chex and will find out.

Got a call today to confirm the account is open. Applied on 7/9/18. Also confirmed the $100 is in the account.

Great offer. Opened account on 7/9 and can confirm $100 is in already. Note that when I tried to fund with my Citi AA card it tried to process as cash advance. Rep said Citi processes as cash advance for some reason. I had no problem using using my Chase Sapphire instead for the $1000 deposit and it went through smoothly as a purchase.

Applied for account July 8th.

Got email/missed call from Verity saying I was approved today (July 10th). $100 is already in the account on first login. Sweet!

Got a call today to confirm that the account has been opened. Also chatted with Citi to ensure that the pending $1,000 transaction on the Citi AA Plat I used to fund the Verity account is valid, and the chat representative confirmed that the charge will go through. $100 bonus has already been deposited into my account. I think that’s the quickest bonus I’ve ever received.

Can you confirm if it processed as a cash advance or a regular purchase?

Can confirm that the transaction posted as a purchase!

I’m pretty excited for their coin machines, though I don’t know how common this is. With all the bank accounts I have open, I very rarely go into an actual branch or deal with cash. I just have a container full of coins that needs to go somewhere.

There is a $5 one-time membership fee, which reduces this to $95, but since it was so quick and easy + $1000 in CC funding, it still seems like a great deal!

Agreed. One data point on mobile deposit is that it had a hard time reading MG MO.

There is a $5 membership fee once the account is open. It’s stated in their fee schedule.

Denied due to ChexSystems. Bummer…

I just discovered they offer a 5% Rewards Checking account at the West Seattle branch only. I think I am going to go in branch and talk to a rep to see if there is a way for me to gain membership. Details of the 5% account can be found here:
Scroll down to the Sweet Deal Cartwheel Checking, only available at the West Seattle Branch. Even if I can’t get in, maybe someone else can take advantage of this info. Offer Expires 8/11/2018

Sold! Was looking at Beacon Hill branch because its closer to downtown. Will def go for this one with the promo. Thanks AJ for the heads up. Too bad the promo rate is only good til 12/31/18.

Offer is still up on the Verity website, but just as a head’s up this 5% account requires 12 debit POS transactions per month in order to meet the terms. This amounts to a $300 bonus over the standard 2% interest available from multiple banks without any action needed — I’m thinking about signing up but will probably depend on 1.) whether I can fund the Sweet Deal Cartwheel Checking with another $1,000 from a credit cafrd, and 2.) whether I can automate those 12 monthly debit purchases.

Applied 7/21, confirmed open 7/25. I have 6 new accounts in last 12 months, 19 in last 24 months (thanks M&T).

Opened Prime Share Savings (with $5 new member fee) and Cartwheel Checking, funding only savings with $5. Bonus posted 7/25.

Note the Prime Share Savings has a $10 monthly fee but it’s waived with an average quarterly balance of $200 and also opening one of four other accounts (

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