[Expired]When Does The 10% Cash Bonus Post For Having A Chase Freedom & Checking Account Post?

This benefit is no longer offered by Chase.

One thing that card holders of the Chase Freedom often overlook is that you get an additional 10% bonus on all the cash back you earn if you also hold any Chase Checking account. If you max out the 5% categories each quarter you will have spent $6000 and received $300 in cash back, meaning you’ll get an additional $30 for also holding a checking account.

Check for Chase checking account sign up bonuses before you join.

If you’re not already a Chase checking customer, then check to see if there are any current promotional codes. You can earn anywhere from $125-$600 by using one.

chase 10 percent annual bonus

This bonus posts annually on either your January or February statement (most people find that it posts on their February statement). You’ll receive the 10% bonus on all points If for some reason you have both accounts open and don’t receive your bonus by the February statement, we recommend sending a secured message to Chase to follow it up. This is similar to the 7% annual dividend bonus that Chase Sapphire Preferred customers receive.

What Will You Receive The Bonus On?

what will you earn the chase 10 percent bonus on

You will receive the bonus on:

  • Regular everyday spending that earns 1% cash back
  • Points earned as part of the quarterly 5% cash back

You won’t receive the bonus on:

  • Sign up bonuses
  • Points earned from previous 10% bonuses
  • Points transferred into your account

How Long Does The Checking Account Need To Be Open?

Your Chase checking account must still be open at the end of the year, there is no minimum length of time it must be open for.

Do I Receive The Point Bonus If An Authorized User Has A Checking Account?

No, the primary account holder of the Chase Freedom must have a chase checking account, they must either be the sole or joint account holder.

Will I Receive The Bonus On Charges An Authorized User Makes?

Yes, you will receive the 10% bonus on any points that are earned by any authorized users on your Chase Freedom account.

What’s the most you’ve ever received as your 10% chase bonus? Let us know in the comments.

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I’ve had my Chase checking for a year and Freedom card for 9 months now. I guess I never paid attention to the 10% bonus… Where can I sign up for that? I couldn’t find it anywhere now I go to my Chase or Ultimate Rewards account. I appreciate the help!


Just to be clear: you’re saying that if I get a chase checking account in December, I’ll get the %10 from the entire previous year – even what I charged before having the checking account?