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Matt (@guest_1753214)
December 7, 2023 07:19

Opened 11/30; had to use virtual banking (see comment below)
Deposit of T-Bill from Treasury Direct 12/7, coded as “Salary/Regular Income”
$250 incentive posted to primary share (savings) 12/7

Dan (@guest_1750391)
December 3, 2023 17:44

Three inquiries in the last 90 days will disqualify you.

J (@guest_1749179)
December 1, 2023 14:41

Seems like new members earn $250 now?

Ming (@guest_1748021)
November 29, 2023 21:36

I opened mine yesterday. Online got denied, but got OK’d when going through video chat. They did note that I had a lot of recent bank accounts (20+) but still OK’d me after I sent a pic of my social. Really nice folks on the video chat.

Current one doesn’t mention anything about using a card, just the $200 deposit.

Carl J
Carl J (@guest_1748047)
November 29, 2023 22:04

What reason did you give them for so many recent bank accounts?

Radha (@guest_1748323)
November 30, 2023 10:31

Are you currently working/living in the required branch footprints as mentioned in the offer?

Matt (@guest_1748378)
November 30, 2023 12:02

Same experience last night into today. I do live in their footprint. Nice enough rep, but it did take about a half hour. I suspect large # of accounts/chex was the reason but they didn’t ask and I didn’t offer any info on that.

Kyle (@guest_627635)
August 7, 2018 05:33

Since you need to do 15 debits a month from opening through November 30th, it might be better to wait until October to sign up for this one.

Electroman (@guest_627432)
August 6, 2018 11:03

Oh, I live near a branch – several, actually. Not these three, though, so not worth it for me. If you live near one this would be ok; if I could apply at the branch near my house I’d give it a try.