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Published on May 25th, 2018 | by William Charles


[YMMV] American Express Delta Gold 60,000 Miles + $50 Statement Credit, No Lifetime Language [Personal & Business]

Update 05/25/18: Added another link that is working for some people.

Update: Reader ne0ven0m was able to get this offer to show (without the lifetime language) by doing a dummy booking on, this is despite the fact that the direct link mentioned below did not work for them. It might be worth doing a dummy booking to see if you can get the same offer to show, even if you weren’t eligible via the direct link. As always, please make sure your own offer doesn’t have the lifetime language before applying.

The Offer

Direct link to offer or this link

American Express is offering a sign up bonus of up to 60,000 miles + $50 statement credit on the Gold Delta Skymiles Personal & business credit cards. Bonus is broken down as follows:

  • Earn 60,000 bonus miles after you spend $1,000 or more in eligible purchases with your new card within the first 3 months of card membership
  • Earn a $50 statement credit after making your first Delta purchase within six months of being a card member

Card Details

Our Verdict

The offer itself is quite standard, sometimes we even see better offers on this gold card. What’s special about this offer/link is that it doesn’t contain the once per lifetime language. If you are targeted and have had this card before, I’d sign up as it’s unlikely you will be offered anything better without the lifetime language. If you haven’t had the card before I’d recommend waiting for a better offer to come along. If you have a question regarding American Express cards, read this post first as it probably answers your question.

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$1K min spend is pretty nice.

I have the delta gold right now from the last no lifetime language – maybe 4 months ago. Can I get another one and hold two?


The $1K spend seems great, aren’t the standard & referral offers usually $3K spend?

I have the biz card (got it 6 months back). Can I apply again? If i can’t hold two cards, can i close the current one and apply?

Amex lets you hold multiple of the same card.

Thank you.

Wife received this offer but unfortunately applied for last 60k targeted, no lifetime language mailer a couple of weeks ago. Sadly that offer requires $3k spend to get 60k. Might have her try and contact AMEX and see if she can get some courtesy points.

Make sure you call, not chat. Chat is not able to do anything. Call, talk a bit, then ask for manager/supervisor. Supervisor is the ONLY one that has the authority to either give extra points (or they’ll give you the 60k points after 1k spend (more likely)).

Had the card before. Bonus did NOT post after $1K spend. AMEX refused to honor the bonus. Escalated to a supervisor, Best I could do after a lengthy discussion was a 4K miles adjustment which did post on the next statement.

The same happened to me when I was invited by email to apply a few years after I closed my first one, would not honor. That’s why I wonder if the offer I have now on the Amex website would be successful.

I would recommend calling during the daytime, when all departments are open. I’ve had the best success during normal business hours.

I never seem to get targeted for these 🙁


Same. I don’t know why…

+2 (my SO and I)

I would say it’s pretty random. I think I closed my Delta Gold card in 2013/2014 and just received this mailer a couple days ago. It’s the first one I can remember getting, but I’ve only been churning for a few years.

I received a targeted 60K offer last month. Spend was 3K but no big deal. Did it already and the 60k already posted. I had the Gold and canceled in 2015. Does a GC purchase trigger the $50 statement credit?

Yes, purchasing a Delta eGift card has worked for me to trigger the $50 statement credit on the personal and business Delta gold.

Good answer, thanks.

yes, but only when purchased on the desktop site

Yes, use the desktop site. Just did it for my wife and I on personal cards we each got in Feb.

I was targeted for this, had Delta gold card before. I would have to cancel one of my 5 CCs, probably the SPG, but not sure if it’s worth giving up free night/retention offer for skyinches.

Skyinches. Lol 😂


Here’s an interesting nugget of information. I received this offer in the mail 2 days ago and was happy because I had this card 2 years ago so I’m not eligible for standard bonus offers. I didn’t give a second thought to why I was targeted. That is until I came into work yesterday and a coworker (who knows I chase cc bonus offers) whipped out the very same mailer that he just received. Now the interesting thing is that both of us flew Delta on the same business trip last year. In fact, he signed up for SkyMiles for the fist time due to this trip. So it can’t be a coincidence that we both got the same offer just about 1 year after we both bought Delta tickets. It might help explain why some people don’t get these offers — they probably haven’t had a paid ticket on Delta recently. It also makes me think this has nothing to do with Amex trying to get me to come back to the Delta card. I wonder if Delta’s deal with Amex allows Delta to periodically send offers for the card to SkyMiles members that Delta hopes to strengthen their relationship with (our tickets were $800+ each). As such Delta doesn’t care about Amex’s lifetime exclusion policy. Maybe Delta covers some or all of the bonus on offers like this OK — all done speculating.

Doubt it – I got the mailer back in Jan, and I haven’t flown a paid Delta ticket since they were … Northwest. I only applied for (and subsequently closed) the Delta CC back in 2015.

i was targeted for the 60k/1k offer after logging in to I flew to japan and paid cash for $2k round trip

“Please verify the information you entered is correct and try again.” Why not just say I’m not eligible to apply when my name and Skymiles number are correct.

Be careful everyone. I did one of these no lifetime language offers a month ago and still don’t have my miles. The CSR said she couldn’t see any offer associated with my account and made me send in screen shots of the offer I signed up for. I have my doubts I’ll be getting the miles.

Yeah, this happened to a member of our Churn Team too. The way to find out if you’re gonna get the bonus (and if you want to complete the min. spend) is buy a $50 Delta GC. If you don’t get the credit a couple days later, you won’t get the bonus.

Very helpful thanks. Funny thing is I was targeted. The rep said I’d be eligible and would forward along my information and screen shots but I’m not all that hopeful.

I thought the recent(late 2017) highest offer to those who had this delta card in the past is 75K miles . Can anyone confirm it?

Yes. It was end-Dec/early-Jan that the 75k targeted offer was available on this product. This one has a lower spend, though.

Got targeted for this. Fairly new skymiles account (I think has ~250 points from something, not sure what… maybe just signing up). Never flown delta. I’ve also never held any Delta card before, but I like the low 1k min spend so I’ll probably snag it, despite a potentially better offer down the road, and the somewhat limited value of skypesos. Thanks for the link DoC!

Any successful story of getting the bonus twice?

didn’t work for me. i never get these targeted offers.

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