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Published on June 1st, 2016 | by William Charles


[YMMV] Chase United MileagePlus Explorer 75,000 Miles + $50 Statement Credit

The Offer

Direct link to offer [need to sign into your MileagePlus account, some people will only see a 30,000 or 50,000 offer]

  • Receive a sign up bonus of 70,000 United miles when you sign up for the Chase MileagePlus Explorer card and spend $3,000 or more within the first threee months.
  • $50 statement credit after first purchase
  • Add an authorized user and after they make their first purchase within three months you’ll receive an additional 5,000 points
united 75k + 50 offer

Image via TravelinSperry on Flyertalk


Card Benefits

  • Offer valid until June 30th, 2016
  • Annual fee of $95 is not waived the first year
  • Free first checked bag
  • Priority boarding
  • 2 United Club Passes each year
  • Earns at the following rate:
    • 2x miles on all tickets purchased from United
    • 1x miles on all other purchases
  • Comes with EMV chip
  • Not eligible if you’ve received the sign up bonus within the past 24 months
  • New Chase 5/24 rules apply to this card

Our Verdict

There are now three offers on this card:

This is the best offer Chase has ever offered on this card as far as I know. You should be able to get matched to this offer, even if you weren’t targeted but again your mileage may vary, people were successfully matched to the 75k offer previously (without the $50 statement credit). Chase can be peculiar about matching statement credit offers so no promises.

Obviously most people won’t be eligible for this card because of the new Chase 5/24 rules applying to this card (maybe you’ll get lucky and these rules won’t apply, but I doubt it unfortunately). Before applying for this card, there are a few things you should know about Chase credit cards, we’ve compiled them in this linked post. Please read it before asking common questions in the comments section.

Hat tip to itzchau on /r/churning & mk712 on Flyertalk


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Too bad they have 5/24 now. At least all of the non-msers will get tons of points lol.


Nothing for the biz card?


Is there a good way to compare the offers to the previous ones?,
-get 30k after $1k spend 1st AF ($95) waived,
-get 50k after $2k spend 1st AF waived,
-get 50k after $2k spend 1st AF waived, +$50 statement credit postpurch
-get 50k after $3k spend AF NOT waived,
-get 70k after $3k spend AF NOT waived +$50 statment credit postpurch.
If you will keep this card for more 1 year, would it be better to wait for the 1st AF waived offers? Finding 25k across-US flights seem more rare.


When I click the link, I am targeted for the 30K offer which is a bummer. Do you think it’s worth calling Chase upfront to ask about this offer or applying for the 55k and trying to get matched?


I’m way over 5/24 but for me it redirects to 50K offer
There are few DPs that some were able to get the card despite 5/24
I guess we’ll find out once the people will get the offer in mail and start signing up.
But thanks to DOC we know that we shouldn’t


I tried to match and was told they couldn’t since “according to United the offer was currently unavailable”


Is there any way for chase to know if your United account was actually targeted?
I’m thinking about applying for the 50k public offer since I wasn’t targeted then asking chase to match it by sending someone else’s screenshot.


has anyone been successful at in getting a match? i applied for the 50K+5K offer less than 3 months ago and asking for a match to this current offer but Chase is claiming that United is saying such offer doesnt exist. i have sent SM twice.

i am actually targeted for this 70K+5K+$50 statement credit offer btw. so this is a little frustrating


Just got the same response from Chase as @Matt above. “Please be advised that according to United, there is no 70,000 bonus mile promotion that is currently active or available at this time.”

WTF? If they’d have just denied me I would have gone about my business. But telling me that there is no offer is just ridiculous and makes me want to escalate this. Side note, while I was logged into United, I followed the link in this post and was presented the 70k offer. But to be fair it doesn’t show my account #/name anywhere on it. I included the screenshot that I took along with my United account number in case they wanted to verify it.

I’ve got half a mind to call Chase, but would love to hear other people’s ideas first.


yes, i got the same exact response even though i am actually targeted!

however, i have only tried the SM route, not yet try the HUCA method.


hey guys. i called up Chase today, and spoke to a nice CSR.
According to him, the reason why they cant match an offer (e.g., 50+5K, no annual fee) to a better offer (e.g., 70+5K, $50 statement credit, but with annual fee) is because of the annual fee issue. Apparently, it’s against the law for a cc company to match offers from one card that doesnt have annual fee to a card that has annual fee. Basically, they cannot suddenly impose annual fee on a customer when the card before doesnt have it. He further said, if the better offer doesnt have annual fee, then the match would be possible.
I dont know if this is generally true across board, but the CSR says yes, this is the law that applies across all cc companies. If anyone disagrees with this or heard otherwise, i would love to know too since i am just repeating what i was told.


Received same response, will try again in a few days


Just out of curiousity, I wonder if this response is coming from a single uninformed employee. My Customer Service Specialist response came from Shivshant Pujari.


Using your link and having logged into my United account, I was able to see the 70K offer and applied. I got a “we’re thinking about it” message so I called the Chase reconsideration line to ask if I could answer any questions…. The agent told me that I was declined because of the 24 month rule. He said that their records show that I got a bonus for this card on June 9th 2014 (and I applied today, June 2nd, 2016). I am just mentioning this as a data point on how picky Chase is now.

I asked him what my chances of approval would be if I applied again after June 9th and whether it would hurt my chances to apply after having been declined on June 2nd. He wouldn’t really say. Just that I was welcome to apply again, basically reading from a script.

I would appreciate any thoughts on whether it is worth my time to apply again after June 9th or did I blow this one by applying 7 days too soon?


I tried to match via SM a few days ago, was told that the offer doesn’t exist.

Tried again yesterday and attached a screenshot (I actually am targeted for 70k). Was told essentially “since you signed up for the card under different terms and conditions, we are unable to match the offer” They said I could only get the 70k if I applied through that offer.

Strange. I wonder if Chase is tightening up on matching or its just something weird about this specific offer.


The offer that I received in April was for 50k +$50 statement credit + 5k for AU with AF waived after $2k in spend. The offer that I was eligible on 6/1 was for for 70k +$50 statement credit + 5k for AU with AF NOT waived after $3k in spend. So the main difference is $2k->$3k in spend plus the AF not being waived. I was really hoping to match to this new offer. Would still really love to hear if anyone has had success…I applied on 4/1, so I’ve got to exactly 6/30 to match within 90 days.


So I got the 70k offer targeted in the mail. At 10/24, including 5 Chase cards. Is there any reason to believe that there is any chance at all of getting approved because I received the targeted mailer? Really struggling with whether this is worth a hard pull.

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