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arizonapv (@guest_840875)
November 13, 2019 10:34

I got my first spam email from a Doc enthusiast.

Trampdad (@guest_708050)
January 17, 2019 22:45

One more referral bonus appeared in my account. It seems as though they’re being doled out one per month.

Trampdad (@guest_692548)
December 18, 2018 00:18

One more $25 bonus just posted. I’m up to $100. It’s barely a trickle but I guess the river still flows…

Trampdad (@guest_671312)
November 12, 2018 14:19

Hey! I just got another $25 referral bonus. So I’m now 3-for-36.

MoreSun (@guest_666444)
November 1, 2018 15:53

9/14 work DD
10/15 work DD
10/30 $150 bonus

DirtyLilRat (@guest_664839)
October 30, 2018 00:31

I didn’t see an option to opt out of overdraft protection. Did I miss it?

Trampdad (@guest_662351)
October 24, 2018 08:02

No more referral bonuses have posted. What do y’all think? Any chance at this point? I had planned to close the account when the referral bonus email arrived. So I’ve kept it open, did the maximum number of referrals, and received $50. Should I go ahead and close it or does anyone think there may still be $$ coming?

Thanks for any advice.

Trampdad (@guest_653427)
October 6, 2018 12:38

Looks like I received two $25 bonuses yesterday. Better than nothing but I hope that’s not all. I’ll update if/when any more appear.

Trampdad (@guest_650656)
October 2, 2018 22:21

Still waiting for referral bonuses. There’s no way (that I know of) to check if any of the people I referred actually opened accounts. But I find it hard to believe out of 3 dozen referrals, no one followed through.

Ferris (@guest_650667)
October 2, 2018 22:49

I don’t think it works very well. In the last 2 rounds, I’ve had 4 people send myself/spouse links – confirmed by the way.. I’ve received one, she’s received zero.

Trampdad (@guest_650786)
October 3, 2018 09:11

That sucks.

arizonapv (@guest_650805)
October 3, 2018 10:03

I needed a referral and had 3 people say they sent it in and I never got any of them. So, probably BofA didn’t follow through.

Dan - Legal Bank Robber
Dan - Legal Bank Robber (@guest_650806)
October 3, 2018 10:10

Not surprised BoA is a bunch of greedy bastards.

Dylan (@guest_648036)
September 26, 2018 15:35

Finally the bonus posted for me. But it took longer than for others:

08/08/18 opened account
8/20/18 $500 Direct deposit from Amex Serve Card
8/21/18 ACH pulled $500 out
8/22/18 $560 Direct deposit from Amex Serve Card
8/23/18 ACH pulled $560 put
9/26/18 Bonus posted

So for me it took 35 days for the bonus to post. Most of the cureent DPs show only 2-3 weeks but it took longer for me.

Should I close the account? I am looking at getting a BofA credit card and maybe a checking account will help. I am under 24 so the account is free until then.