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Bank Account Bonuses

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[Expired] Bank Of The West – $150 Checking Promotion – Direct Deposit Not Required [AZ, CA, CO, ID, IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, NV, NM, ND, OK, OR, SD, UT, WA, WI, WY]

Update 11/02/18: Bonus has expired. Click here for the best current checking bonuses.

Update 09/23/18: Previously you got a $100 bonus for completing the direct deposit requirement and a $50 bonus for completing the debit card requirement. Now you can just do one or the other and get the full $150 bonus. Hat tip to readers calwatch and Andrew.

Update 07/17/18: Deal is back and available until September 24th, 2018. Thanks to kit_tea_kat.

Update 03/13/18: Back until April 13th, 2018. Hat tip to reader Casey

Offer at a glance13

  • Maximum bonus amount: $300
  • Availability: AZ, CA, CO, ID, IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, NV, NM, ND, OK, OR, SD, UT, WA, WI, WY
  • Direct deposit required: Optional, $250+ 
  • Additional requirements: Optional, 10 or more debit card transactions
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • ChexSystems: Yes (inquiry sensitive)
  • Credit card funding: $500 max, Visa/MC only
  • Monthly fees: $10, avoidable
  • Early account termination fee:  $25, 91 days
  • Household limit: One per mailing address
  • Expiration date: August 18th, 2017 September 27th, 2017 March 3rd, 2018 April 13th, 2018 August 24th, 2018 October 15th, 2018 November 2nd, 2018

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Bank of The West is offering a $150 bonus when you open a new Any Deposit checking account. Complete one of the following requirements to get the bonus:
    • Set up direct deposit of $250 or more
    • Make 10 debit card transactions

The Fine Print

  • Open a new personal Any Deposit Checking account between 9/1/18 – 11/2/18 with any opening deposit amount ($0.01 or more) with funds new to Bank of the West (Bank) received and posted to the account no later than 11/9/18. This offer is also available for any other consumer checking account (minimum to open $100). UCB Student Checking and Premier Checking excluded
  • Offer is not available to existing Bank of the West customers with an open consumer checking account as of 8/31/18.
  • Limit of one consumer checking bonus per individual and per mailing address between 2/1/17-2/27/19.
  • Account must be in open status and have a positive balance as of 1/31/19 to be eligible to receive any bonus.
  • Bonus will be credited to the open checking account by 2/28/19.
  • To receive the $150 bonus, customer must meet one of the following two requirements:
    1. Customer must have a direct deposit of at least $250 (two or more direct deposits that add up to $250 do not qualify) posted to the account by 1/31/19. Direct deposit must be payroll, Social Security, pension or other government benefits.
    2. Customer must request, receive and use a new Bank of the West Debit Card linked to the new checking account for 10 or more debit card purchases all of which must post to the account by the last business day of the month for each of the first two full calendar months immediately following the month in which the opening deposit posts to the account, for a total of 20 or more transactions. Each purchase must be $3 or more. ATM transactions are excluded. All required purchases must be posted by 1/31/19.


Avoiding Fees

There is an early account termination fee of $25 if your account is closed within 91 days of account opening.

Any Deposit Checking $10 Monthly Fee

This account has a $10 monthly fee. This is waived if you qualify for one of the following:

  • Choose any deposit method (mobile, ATM, in-branch, or direct) and make a deposit of any amount each statement cycle
  • If any account holder is under 25 years of age

They also charge a $3 paper statement fee, so make sure you have paperless statements set up.

Our Verdict

They have offered bonuses of up to $300 in the past but that required deposits of $50,000 (apparently you can see this deal this time as well, just need to use a mobile browser). The $150 deal is the one most people usually went for and that’s the same except it’s a little bit more difficult to keep the account fee free as having $1,000 in there no longer waives the monthly fee. Still worth doing if you’re in the area I think and because of that I am adding it to our page on the best bank account bonuses. It’s even better now that the direct deposit is not required.

Big thanks to reader, Trippy who let us know. Learn how to find bonuses and contribute to the site here.

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the link also has 300 bonus with 25000 depost

I don’t see that.

if you use mobile like IPAD or Cellphone open you will see it

I see it, too.

I don’t see this and I’m using my iPhone. Maybe it’s dead now.

I’m not eligible since I did one of theirs last summer. They were chex sensitive when opening online. I had probably over 10 inquires at that time but I really don’t keep track of that since I try opening accounts whenever bonuses come available.

They declined my account online, but I went in person the next day and opened it no problem. CC was declined in branch. I’m pretty sure I tried Citi Doublecash.

Be aware that for the additional $50 bonus you must meet the 10 transaction totals in the 2 months following account opening. For example, if you open August 1st, you must do 10 transactions in September and October, not August and September. I stupidly screwed this up back in March and didn’t receive the $50 (opened 3/1 and did purchases in March and April).

I am confused by “calendar month”. If I opened July 15, is the end of my calendar month Aug 15? Or is it a true calendar month ending July 31?

To receive the $50 bonus, customer must request, receive and use a new Bank of the West Debit Card linked to the new checking account for 10 or more debit card purchases all of which must post to the account by the last business day of the month for each of the first two full calendar months immediately following the month in which the opening deposit posts to the account, for a total of 20 or more transactions. Each purchase must be $3 or more. ATM transactions are excluded. All required purchases must be posted by 10/31/17.

it was very stranger here.when I try to open online.type my zip code it showed Unfortunately, Bank of the West accounts aren’t available in the ZIP code you provided. But there is a bank of the west just locate at 2 street block away. I live at Ca

Odd in deed !! Chex Systems says pulled by San Ramon, CA office 07/12/2017

I applied an checking account for $150 on March, still have not got bonus. Sent an email, the answer is waiting for end of July statement because they would review it end of July.

I’m in the same boat. And I forgot to do the 10x $3 amazon loads last month and got hit with the $10 fee… ugh.

Cancel that. I must have just received the $150 in the last 24 hours.

I did the last deal for $150 a couple months back (actually only got $100 cuz I didn’t read the “transactions must be $3” fine print, whoops!), and I found this bank to be a logistical pain. SMs took several days to get a response, and they were never very helpful. The bonus took 3.5 months to post, which was expected because the DPs indicated that from previous bonuses. And now they require a monthly deposit to keep it fee-free? Meh, I’d probably pass on this one even if I was eligible.

plus they count AMZN GC purchases as ATMs thus not counting them toward 10 deb transactions

Amazon GC reloads worked fine for me to get the additional $50 bonus

The debit card requirement is a HARD requirement. i did the 10 debit card transactions of $3 for consecutive months but started it the month i got the account and they won’t give the bonus.

BotW never gave me the $50 for the 10x debit card transactions.

Opened account mid March. I did 10x purchases for March-July, never received the extra bonus. Called them multiple times and they stated that as long as I met the requirements I would receive the bonus. Obviously not…

They paid out the $100 right around 90 days so at least that part was successful.

Based on the posts here and the last bonus review page, I wouldn’t bother with the extra $50.

Just requested my account be closed last night.

Think I’ll skip future BotW offers, too much hassle for $100.

Forgot to mention all my debit card transactions were $5+ and from Venmo like I do with all other checking accounts.

Just FYI, I opened an account around the same time and it states that bonus will be credited by 7/31/18, so there’s still time…

Venmo transactions coding as ATM, hence there’s a risk of not counting for the bonus.

Ignore my previous comment. Looks like, Venmo first shows as ATM then shows as POS the following day.

I did this deal a few months back also. They mistakenly counted the trial deposits on the last day of Feb. as opening deposit. I referred the CSR to the SM I received stating exactly which months I needed to make the 10 DC transactions. They are going to credit me the $50, but it will be a month later than it should have been.

So to anyone who wants to try this deal, SM the bank, asking exactly which months you need to make the 10 DC transactions.

Bank of the West pulls Chex and is very inquiry sensitive. I was denied in branch.

So sounds like I could do this again if I closed my account in June and just use a different address right? I’m moving anyways

Also, be very careful with this requirement below. IMO this bank just isnt working the hassle.

” If the customer or other individuals residing at the same address received or may receive any other consumer checking bonus from the Bank between 11/01/2015 – 11/29/2017, then no one at that address is eligible.”

Datapoint: Citi HHReserve does not work for funding as it might be coding as cash advance

Fairly easy new account process – some questions did not apply. I so indicated and still passed.
$500.00 Fidelity Visa funding – almost instant text alert from Fidelity verifying card not present activity.
Bank of the West provided account number and routing number after approval.
Signed up for online banking after approval without debit card in hand.
Mobil Alert verifying registration very prompt.

My intent is to settle for the $100.00 bonus. Bank is in reasonable distance to me. We will see how MOs are received when MO funding is appropriate.

From Bank of the West email

To view your account number and application details, log in to My Applications.

Applied July 12th CC funding Fidelity Visa $500.00 which posted on Fidelity Visa account July 14th.
July 17th Deposit $500.00 showed up on Bank of the West as “processing” in the online account access

FWIW: I did this promo last year and it worked all smoothly. They had two more, smaller $25 promos following in short order (i think bill pay and android pay). Worked all smoothly for me. Followed all requirements and got all bonuses paid in a timely manner.

I had a little hiccup when opening the account. I had to call in to verify my identity, but beyond that, it went all smoothly. There are 5 branches within 10mi of my home, but I never had to set a foot into any of them. Totally recommend it.

Also, I really don’t want to be the asshole here, but if you don’t follow the instructions — and DoC does an excellent job digging out the details — you can’t blame the bank for not honoring the promo. I get that this is frustrating, I was too when I messed up a $300 Citi promo — but that happens. Most of us have been there at one point or another.

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