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Published on September 24th, 2018 | by William Charles


Barclay Arrival+ 60,000 Point Sign Up Bonus Now Live [Annual Fee Now Waived First Year]

Update: There is now a 70k offer, more details here.

Update 09/24/18: The annual fee on this offer is now waived first year. If you signed up for the previous offer it’s unfortunately highly unlikely they will waive the annual fee retrospectively. If you try then let us know.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Signup for the Barclay Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard and get 60,000 bonus points after spending $5,000 within 90 days.
  • $89 annual fee is waived the first year.


Card Details

  • $89 annual fee, waived first year
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • Points are worth $.01 per point when redeemed for travel (which makes the 60k signup bonus worth $600)
  • Double points on all purchases (effective earning rate of 2.1% back on all purchases)
  • There’s also a 5% bonus after redeeming points (redeem 60,000 points and get 3,000 points bonus, for example)

Our Verdict

This was supposed to go live on July 1st, not sure what the delay was. This is the highest bonus we’ve seen on the card, but previous offers were 50,000 points after $3,000 in spend with the $89 annual fee waived. Now that the annual fee on this offer is waived it’s much better than that previous offer. It wasn’t clear if the Arrival+ would survive after they introduced the Arrival Premier. To say that card had a lukewarm reception when launched would be generous, so I wonder if that played a part in Barclays bringing back this card & offer. You can also get the sign up bonus on this card if you’ve had it before. Generally with Barclays as long as you’re approved you’ll get the bonus, it’s just getting approved that’s the issue. I’ll be adding this to our list of the best credit card bonuses.

IMPORTANT: Last we know, Barclay’s has a 6/24 rule on the Arrival+ card. It may not be a hard rule and it’s possible something changes since then, but it affected most people who tried applying last time around. It’s worth reading 26 Things You Should Know About Barclaycard Credit Cards before applying.

Hat tip to reader Esbie

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Does one need to cancel or downgrade the arrival + they are currently holding to get this Arrival bonus?

I’ll pass. 60,000 points are worth $300 when redeeming for statement credit if non travel or gift cards.

Sorry for the duplication. Is there a way for me to delete a post?

It’s trivially easy to cash out those points at a cent each by using refundable travel.

Hmm so if I purchased a refundable airline ticket and used my points to cover the cost with statement credit, and then got a refund on the ticket post to my account, the statement credit would remain?

Can someone confirm this? That does make things much more valuable.

It used to work. Their is no guarantee it will still work like that.

Yes, used it last year accidentally. My plans changed and so I had to cancel within a day, but was pleasantly surprised that I could redeem points against it later on.

Excellent, now to see if I can upgrade my Arrival card. Retention didn’t let me convert an Aviator Silver to BA+ after I closed my other BA+ a year ago.

Purchase refundable airfare or prepaid rental car, redeem points against it, cancel the airfare/rental and get a refund. Easy way to convert the points at 1 CPP

Instant approval, over 6/24.

Great to hear! Do you have more stats like recent new accounts in 6/12 months? As well as hard pulls on whichever bureau they used for you?

Am at 6/24 exactly here. Was denied 🙁
0% utilization and no recent apps for 4 months

Sorry, am 7/24 ..also to add additional info: 796 FICO and they pulled TU

How many inquiries on your TU prior to this and do you have any other Barclay cards? Thanks.

Exciting news. Do you have any other Barclay cards? Are you certain about your 5/24 status, you aren’t including biz cards right?

Can i use my points to pay AF?

Denied. But ridiculously lol/24 and got approval for three Barclay cards Dec-Jan of this year, two of which are now closed (intended to churn but looks like 6/24). Looks like the party is over with Barclay.

I recently was approved for their Business Aviator with LOL/24. So if you don’t have that you might want to give it a try.

Good to know. Wife and I have both been denied Wyndham in the past two months but just after closing those cards to churn so don’t know if it’s 6/24 or something else; Barclay can be glitchy.

I’ve seen datapoints of Jetblue card not being 6/24 but Jetblue doesn’t service us in MSP.

Wife could go for the Hawaiian card–I’ll update a DP when she’s ready to go for that.

JetBlue started a MSP-BOS route in May. Three daily flights.

Can you get this if you have the downgraded Arrival?

My app went pending. Lol/24 for me. Same for my wife.

Wife was instantly approved. She was 1/24. She had been an authorized user on a few of my accounts (like four or five) but I had her removed from those a few months ago after she got denied for the Capital One Venture card. We’ll use this one to cover all of our train fares during a Europe trip.

shes 1/24 and ur doing barclays? cmon dude. doesnt matter what ur travel goals are. u gotta hit chase.

App pending. Probably at 10/24 or more. Used to have it and closed it maybe a few months ago. I think I was charging over $20K monthly when I closed it and so they attempted to lure me by waiving the annual fee. Now that I want to come back, the app went pending.

pending: I am over 5/24, not sure how many but may be 8/24 or so. should you call reconsideration or wait for few days to see if they would approve it?

Doesn’t hurt IMO.. Barclay’s certainly could ask you about inquiries and new accounts but i find them a ton more pleasant to deal with than Chase and their grilling on non 5/24 cards which I avoid like that plague and let the two week or 30 day message play out.

Applied. Denied. Called and was informed I had too many inquiries in the last 24 months. Currently 16/24. Nothing they could do. Dang.

Darn, do you have any other Barclay cards?

Yes, I currently only have the Aviator. I applied for that last August. Only have 2 other accounts open in the past 12 months.

Bummer. How many inquiries on the bureau they pulled prior to this?

I admire your courage Randy 🙂

Thank you. Someone has to take the plunge. Proceed with caution.

Called and was told I had to send information in to verify my identity. Need to send copies of drivers license, social security card, recent utility bill to PO box in Delaware. Obviously not super pumped to send so much sensitive information through the mail. Anyone get something like that?

Lots of people. I sent mine certified with tracking. They have no other ID verification options.

Ok well good to know I’m not the only one. Does this mean I’ll be approved once they get my information? I’d hate to go through all this trouble for nothing.

Idk, I was.

yea. its a new ID process thats started this year or maybe started late last year. i have multiple cards + fraud alerts + freeze. never had to send my life inside an envelope before which i HATE doing. its a security risk. they cant even keep that info. u have to send it in EACH app. argh.

They made you send it in more than once?! Wow Barclays, wow.

Can you MS the spending?


Denied…recon said can’t approve if had this card in past 24 months

False, human recon might not allow it but the computer will if you can get an auto-approval. Current DP on reddit of someone getting approved after closing the card 6 months ago.

Possible to get auto approval after a denial? Worth trying different reps?

You definitely won’t get an auto-approval that ship has sailed. You can HUCA, nothing to lose imho so I’d give that a shot. If the rep says the same thing without being prompted you’re outta luck.

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