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Published on June 13th, 2018 | by Chuck


Barclay Arrival+ to have 60,000 Points Signup Bonus Starting July 1st [worth $630 in Travel, $89 Annual Fee]

The Offer

(We’ll add a direct link when it becomes available)

Barclay’s pulled the Arrival Plus card entirely for new signups back in March/April when they launched the Arrival Premier card – a card that comes with $150 annual fee and no signup bonus – to give the premium card “a clean launch.” And they’re now bringing back applications on the Arrival Plus card, as was told to Gary at Viewfromthewing.

The card will become available online on July 1st, and some mailer offers are being sent out already this week. They also have a special signup bonus coming:

  • Signup for the Barclay Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard and get 60,000 bonus points after spending $5,000 within 90 days.
  • $89 annual fee is not waived the first year.

Card Details

  • $89 annual fee
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • Points are worth $.01 per point when redeemed for travel (which makes the 60k signup bonus worth $600)
  • Double points on all purchases (effective earning rate of 2.1% back on all purchases)
  • There’s also a 5% bonus after redeeming points (redeem 60,000 points and get 3,000 points bonus, for example)

Our Verdict

Looks like the Arrival+ card is here to stay. They’ve never offered more than a 50,000 points bonus on the card, but honestly I’d rather the old offer of 50k which had the $89 annual fee waived the first year and had a lower spend threshold of $3,000. Either way, this offer is definitely a very nice offer and well worth considering.

Remember that Barclay doesn’t limit us to once bonus per life – so long as you don’t currently have the card you can signup again. It’s not quite as simple to get approved if you currently hold the no-fee Arrival card; worth cancelling that first if you’d like to try for this offer.

IMPORTANT: Last we know, Barclay’s has a 6/24 rule on the Arrival+ card. It may not be a hard rule and it’s possible something changes since then, but it affected most people who tried applying last time around.

It’s worth reading 26 Things You Should Know About Barclaycard Credit Cards before applying.

Hat tip again to VFTW

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Glad I waited. 60k is sweet!

You’re just buying those extra points by paying $89 and the extra $2000 spend up front (worth at least $40 at 2%). Subtract those and you have the exact same 50k offer, except worse off because you’ve exchanged cash for Barclay funny money.

Can you do a post on how Barclay reneged on the promise to be able to convert from Arrival + to Arrival Premier? They are now saying that’s never going to happen. Not wasting a hard pull on a card with NO signup bonus.

I mean I think it was just a rumor, nothing formally promised.

Not sure what the point of such a post would be

Because it contradicts your reporting from April 4.

no one can get it so who cares

guy bucktastik
guy bucktastik

Your mom can get it.

This is a fact.
[Source:] Personal in depth investigation.



What happened to the $150 annual fee arrival premier lol

Now if only Barclays will approve me for a card that is not the aviator

“Points are worth $.01 per point when redeemed for travel (which makes the signup bonus worth $500)”

Shouldn’t that be $600?

do you by any chance know if it is for limited time or if this offer will be available for long?

I believe Barclay has a history of being very vague about promo end dates and then suddenly pulling the promos with very short notice. It’s not likely that anyone will find out the end date for it this early.

Worth mentioning that you can PC to the generic Rewards MasterCard and redeem for cashback at 1cpp.

You can’t redeem points as travel credit once you PC to the Rewards MC?

Can’t wait to see how the DPs look for approvals in July. Hoping they’ve gotten lax on 6/24… otherwise I have no option but to pass on a great card.

Just cancelled my no-fee Arrival card in anticipation. 🙂

If you’d apply July 1st and make your spend by the end of August, would the purchases that you want to use the points on have to be made after your bonus posted? We are going on a trip to Australia in the middle of August, but I’m sure the bonus would not have posted by then, so didn’t know if I’d be able to use the points on expenses from that trip?

With the no-fee Arrival card, you would spend first and request a statement credit online for the purchase within a few statement cycles. So you can even use the same expenses from the trip to earn and redeem the sign-up bonus.


Got the offer in the mail today. Says I must apply by August 10th 2018.

Maybe starts July 2?

Yeah probably, usually offers go live on the Monday

Hmmm. I wonder if the pushed back the re-launch. Can’t find anything on it.

Any update on this? I’m not seeing the public offer yet. I’m trying to decide whether to apply for this one or the Marriott Premier (which expires today). I’d move forward with the Marriott if I knew this one wasn’t going to materialize.

Maxine Dombrow
Maxine Dombrow

It is July 3rd 2018 why are we not seeing applications available for the Barclay Arrival Plus bonus card?

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