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Published on November 8th, 2017 | by William Charles


Barclaycard JetBlue Plus 60,000 Point Offer (Highest Ever)

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Barclaycard is offering a sign up bonus of 60,000 JetBlue points after $1,000 in spend within the first 90 days of account opening on the JetBlue Plus card.

Card Details

  • Offer valid until 12/31/17 based on e-mail sent out advertising offer
  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 6x points per dollar spent on jetBlue purchases (previously 2x points)
    • 2x points per dollar spent on restaurants and groceries (previously 1x point)
    • 1x points per dollar spent on all other purchases
  • Annual fee of $99 (not waived first year)
  • Free checked bag for the primary cardmember and up to three companions on the same reservation when you use your JetBlue Plus Card to purchase tickets on JetBlue-operated flights
  • Earn 5,000 bonus points every year after your account anniversary
  • Enjoy all Mosaic benefits for one year after you spend $50,000 or more on purchases after your anniversary date
  • Get 10% of your points back every time you redeem to use toward your next redemption
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • $100 statement credit after you purchase a Getaways vacation package with your card
  • 50% savings on eligible inflight purchases including cocktails, food and movies

Our Verdict

Highest bonus on this card was 40,000 and that was an offer released recently, the standard bonus is 30,000 points so this is double the normal sign up bonus and 20,000 points more than the best previous offer. JetBlue points are worth between 0.97¢ & 1.89¢ and award flight prices are tied to the cash rate. That means this bonus is worth between $582 and $1,134 in JetBlue/Hawaiian flights minus the $99 annual fee. You can also currently earn 3x JetBlue points on all Amazon purchasesand JetBlue frequently has flights on sale that we post about.

If you signed up under the previous 40,000 offer, it’s always worth trying to get matched. Barclaycard usually doesn’t match bonuses, unless it’s within 30 days of signing up but it’s always worth a try. Other questions you might have about Barclaycard will be answered here and you can read our full review of the JetBlue Plus card here. If you can make use of JetBlue flights then this is a great offer, up to $1,000 in value after taking into account the annual fee and it has a low minimum spend requirement as well. This will be added to the best credit card bonuses.

Hat tip to jkelly17

111 Responses to Barclaycard JetBlue Plus 60,000 Point Offer (Highest Ever)

  1. Dima says:

    I clicked on the link and it showed me 40k offer.

  2. Dan says:

    Can JB points be used to fly partner flights?

  3. Evan says:

    That is a great offer! The link goes to an app for 40k point though

  4. Dan says:

    Doc has a wrong link somehow. Need to go through reddit link.

  5. Harry says:

    Link is for 40K only, incognito gives the same…

  6. vijay says:

    Here is the link

  7. Raj says:

    I got the card 2 months back with 40K. Any idea if they match 60K?

    • If only this was answered in the post…

      “If you signed up under the previous 40,000 offer, it’s always worth trying to get matched. Barclaycard usually doesn’t match bonuses, unless it’s within 30 days of signing up but it’s always worth a try. “

  8. Updated post with the right link

  9. joe says:

    good offer!

  10. Dima says:

    Applied ~50 days ago, didn’t receive the bonus yet. Let’s see if Barclay’s matches.

  11. Josh says:

    Instant approval for $9k CL using 60k link. Hard pull on TU (score:743). I opened an AA Aviator Red with Barclaycard less than 2 months ago, less than $100 spend on that card since opening.

  12. Donnie .D says:

    Had the card in the past, closed it in April, think I can get the bonus?

  13. HardTacoKit says:

    I was just approved for a JetBlue card at the 40,000 level a couple days ago.

    I called to match the 60,000 offer and the CSR was pretty optimistic that I would get it and he put in a “ticket” for the request.

  14. Mike L says:

    Ugh… I wish they flew west from Chicago :/

  15. Jay A says:

    Anyone seeing a deadline on this? I’d like to put a few more miles between me and my last hard pull to hedge my bets.

  16. Andrew says:

    Jetblue or the Uber card? Or both? I really wanted the Uber card as my everyday spend card for right now, but the jetblue offer seems too good to pass! Recent DPs suggest Barclay no longer combines HPs. What to do! 🙁

  17. Bemywife says:

    Currently have Arrival plus and Red aviator. Just applied this card 1 hour ago but got denied. No hard pull alert from my credit monitor. Maybe they did soft pull. Such a kind bank unlike BOA.

  18. Steve says:

    I can’t get approved for BarclayCards anymore. Think I’m going to throw in the towel on these guys.

  19. Ben says:

    Just called to get matched and they only offered 1K points as courtesy since beyond the 30 day window.

  20. escot says:

    ah, my favorite airline — in terms of legroom and in-flight experiences (even for coach)….. Yet passed on previous offers as I anticipated at some point they’d double their miles offer. 😉 Good things come to those who wait. (except, alas, I’m now lined up next two years for the SWA companion pass…. ) So now we’ll be pausing over the annual fee.

  21. dizzy says:

    Denied :/ Kinda ridic bc I have my highest CL with Barclay’s…might try recon and see if I can move over some of that limit? Is this a good shot?

  22. Ray says:

    Any increase on the business version?

  23. Kev says:

    “Thank you for recent JetBlue Plus Card application.

    We are reviewing the information you provided. We will contact you within 10 days with an update on your application status. If we require additional information to complete the application process, we will reach out to you using the contact information you provided on the application.”

    Any DP for this kind of response? Approve or not approve. Thank you.

  24. Brandon says:

    Applied just over a month ago using the 40k link. Closer to 5 weeks. SM’d barclaycard instead of calling in as it seems you have better lick that way if outside the 30 days. Hope it goes well but with the 40k and 60k offers not being standard, we’ll see.

    • RW says:

      I messaged them and here is the reply:
      Upon review, our records do not indicate that a welcome bonus of 60,000 TrueBlue points is currently available. ..
      I’ll call tomorrow.

      • Brandon says:

        Yeah they asked me to fax or mail proof of such offer when i had already included the link to the 60k app since apparently it does not exist. Is the link to the app with the 60k offer not proof enough or did they just not bother to click it? I’ll call and see what happens.

        • Brandon says:

          Called. Denied since i didnt receive an email as it supposedly as special instructions. Even though its not targeted or anything. Might try twitter DM or HUCA.

  25. Derek says:

    Contacted Barclays on how a match can be done for account, this what Evelyn told me:

    If you have had the card more than 30days, match not likely to be done, unless their is something unique like card not activated.
    If less than 30 days, there is a high match likelihood if you have had card recently, it is still in mail, or not activated.

  26. sunny says:

    if only they fly for dallas (DFW) :/

  27. Dan says:

    Got Aviator Red today (since I value AA miles more), but want to get this one too… Any chance of two approvals in a day?

    Had 1 old NFL card with them and now the new Aviator.

  28. ihl says:

    I currently have this card and was thinking of cancelling and applying again. However, the fine print excludes people who have had the card before:

    “Bonus TrueBlue Points
    The primary cardmember will earn sixty thousand (60,000) bonus TrueBlue points after you spend $1,000 in Net Purchases on your Account within ninety (90) days of Account opening and your annual fee has been paid. This one-time bonus points offer is valid for first-time cardmembers with new accounts only. Existing cardmembers and existing accounts are not eligible for this offer. This is a limited-time offer and may be canceled at any time without notice. Please allow 4-6 weeks for bonus points to be deposited into your TrueBlue account after qualifying transactions have posted.”

    It seems that that’s the standard language on their applications (i.e. I see it on the Arrival+ as well), so I’m assuming that it’s not enforced given that you say that Barclay cards are churnable. Is that correct @William Charles?

  29. Thomas says:

    Just called. Applied last month at 30k offer. They are submitting a request to ask to have the extra points posted to my account within 72 hours. I’ll see what happens. I had already hit the spend and the annual fee payment

  30. Dave A says:

    Just in case anyone was wondering, I have the base JetBlue card (only spent the ~$1000 last year to get the bonus when I signed up) and I was approved for this. So they don’t seem to care if you have the base JetBlue card.

  31. Blue says:

    Just when I think I’m out…I dropped to 4/24 just before the Merrill+ died, picked it up. Just went 4/24 yesterday and now this….

  32. progapanda says:

    Denied match even though card was opened with the 40,000 points offer less than 30 days ago. I’m going to try again and maybe DM the Twitter reps.

    • Brandon says:

      SM(said they needed proof even though I sent a link to the app with the offer), phone call(rep said it was a targeted offer sent through email with special instructions, which I did not receive an email but its clearly false anyway as its public, albeit not official) and DM all denied me a match straight away. Not sure what to do at this point. Pretty annoyed with the lies/lack of clicking through from Barclaycard. The rep on the phone was friendly but straight up lied to me. I even said to her it wasnt targeted. But nope. Got nowhere.

  33. Bo says:

    Pending upon completing the application. Called recon line and got instant approval. Thanks Doc!!

    Doc you need to provide this things you need to know about barclay card link 🙂

  34. Kevin says:

    Applied, call recon, security department requesting copies of DL, SSN and Utility Bill mailed to them, no way around it.

    • Bill says:

      Same here. Applied, denied, called and they requested copies of SS, drivers. Didn’t want to send copy of SS so offered my passport instead of SS but was rejected.

      Requested to be removed from the queue. Might try and apply next month.

    • VL says:

      Got the same request when applied for Wyndham back in August. They also actually wanted the original utility bill or bank statement. No way around. Mailed it all, and was approved.

      Good luck.

  35. TravellerAtoZ says:

    Bummer – I clicked on the RSS feed link after reading through all these comments, and didn’t realize until it was too late that the RSS link doesn’t get updated with the edits to this page. Now I need to get through the “7-10 days” hurdle AND try to get matched to the higher offer after. =/

  36. greyhk says:

    I had just applied and got approved for the 40k offer earlier this week. I haven’t even received my card yet. I just called customer service to get the 60k offer, and I was told no. And that I would have to be targeted for the 60k offer.

    Should I try contacting costomer service online? Any other ideas?

    • Leepen says:

      Same with you. I also applied this card this early week, and the card is still on the way to my home. Called the customer service this morning to claim to match the 60k offer, and I was told they can not find this offer in their system and I was denied.
      Please let me know if you have any progress.

  37. Tony Brock says:

    I received a 30k bonus last January, closed it today in hopes of re-opening to get this bonus. Anyone have experience churning this card despite the once-in-a-lifetime language?

    • greyhk says:

      Per this doctorofcredit website, you can churn despite the language. However, wait for six months after you close the account before trying again.

  38. James B. says:

    Barclay has tightened their anti-churning rules in the last few years. In general, one should wait at least 6 months between new Barclay apps.

    I reluctantly pulled the trigger on this offer even though Jet Blue does not have service in my main airport. My app went to pending so I called Barclay recon. Barclay recon asked why I had so many accounts opened and closed the last 6 months. In particular, he asked why US Bank closed a card account (the US Bank team closed my Altitude CC account because I purchased VGCs to meet the bonus requirement).

    LESSON: The churning rules are tightening, thus YMMV……..

  39. David says:

    Can you use the points to pay down AF?

  40. dizzy says:

    Pending…waited overnight and app said denied. I called recon and they said it was still pending, and apparently the issue was fraud maybe? I have to send in proof of address, ID, and Soc card. I have moved recently and that was a no-no in their system. So fingers crossed. Got denied for Amex as well yesterday and thinking potentially it was the same/similar issue (they wanted to do a hard pull tho upon recon- apparently they only did soft for the initial app. not sure what I will do yet)

  41. Ricardo says:

    Quick question, I’m hoping someone could help me with: I have the regular Jet Blue Card, the one without the annual fee. Would I still be eligible for this promo?

  42. Olga says:

    Is this card is as hard to get approved for as Arrival+ now?

    • James B. says:

      My guess is yes. Only the gods in Barclay can answer that question.

      If one has a low number of new account openings and closings, and have not applied for a new Barclay card in the last 6 months, the odds of approval go up significantly.

      Barclay is trying to weed out any type of card churning. Good luck!!!!!!!!

  43. Dima says:

    This is a bit OT, but is Barclay’s tightening the screws on apps? I didn’t have that many card opened (3-4) ytd, but I am 20+ / 24 and closed a number of accounts this year already. Got JB and AA cards on the same day in Sept without much questioning, but now I see people are getting denied left and right.

    • James B. says:

      YMMV………If one really needs this card, one can throw the dice and report their results here.

      Yes, Barclay is tightening the spigot on card churning.

    • James B. says:

      You were lucky to be approved for the JB and AA cards on the same day. You probably had a generous Barclay account review manager who is not super picky. Your few new card accounts (3-4) over the last 12 months also helps.

      Are the JB and AA cards your only cards with Barclay?

  44. Flea says:

    Hard pull from TU with a score in the high 700s; right to the consideration stage with a projected 10-day waiting time. CreditKarma also lists this as my only hard pull.

  45. Dhunter says:

    Was approved instantly with a 725 TU on Credit Karma. Was approved last month for Arrival Plus after calling reconsideration. Put a lot of spend on the Arrival over the past month and paid it off before statement closed so don’t know if that had anything to do with the instant approval for the Jet Blue Plus. This was my 3rd new card in 24 months, the other was Discover it, 6 inquiries when I applied.

  46. Mike says:

    To receive the 10% points back do you need to pay the taxes and fees with the Jetblue card? Or, can i use my CSR so i can receive the travel insurances?

  47. LC says:

    So someone thats at 25/24 should not even consider applying for this right?

    • Kid says:

      I’m at 25/24 and applied. Went to pending, moved some existing credit and was approved.

      • James B. says:

        Hi Kid,

        1) How many Barclay cards do you currently have?

        2) How many Barclay cards did you open in the last 6 and 12 months?

        3) How may total new card accounts did you open in the last 6/12 months?

        These are some of the questions Barclay account credit managers review before signing off.

        • Kid says:

          1. 2 prior to getting the jet blue plus
          2. opened 1 in the last 6 mos. and 2 in the last 12 mos.
          3. 7 in the last 6 mos. and 13 in the last 12 mos.

  48. Brandon says:

    So it is a public offer recognized by barclays, not targeted or not known about likethere reps claimed. So you lie to me 3 times and only give 1k compensation for troubles as its 40 days from opening now(it was like 34 amd 28 from activation when i first contacted them about the match and got the targeted lie in response). Abysmal customer relations from barclays. Stark contrast to JetBlue whose customer service is fantastic. Im okay not being matched. Its the constant lies that upset me. Ive spent 3k on this card already so im not really churning it either. But when the AF comes up unless I get a really good retention offer like 10k bonus and AF waived, i will 100% cancel and give this bs as my reasoning. Lying is not okay, barclaycard!

  49. VL says:

    Is that true that JetBlue points never expire?
    Google says so, but if somebody knows for sure and can confirm that would be great.

  50. JB says:

    I applied for the card, received the ten day notice. I then clicked on the status link and saw the denial. Called the recon line, answered some questions and was approved with a 1k CL. I was hoping for more. Should I call recon (again) when I receive my card asking for CL increase?

    • EH says:

      Pretty much same deal, except they extended no further credit than what I had on my Aviator Red, so shifted half of the CL over the Barclays. (My previous long-winded post was deleted by Doc. Not sure why. Anyways, wanted to add data point: 13/12, FICO >750.)

  51. EH says:

    Applied for this credit card today. (Previously applied and got approved for 13 cards in past 12 months, *including* the Barclay Aviator Red. That Aviator Red approval required a brief phone call–unlike any cards from Chase, Citi, or Amex.) Initially, I was denied for too many inquiries on my report (automatically through system). Called recon line, and the CSR said the same thing. Kept my cool and remained polite. Asked very calmly to speak to manager to see if they could move credit around or do something else to get me approved. Was put on hold 5 minutes. But I spoke with the manager. My FICO is >750, never missed a credit card payment (pay in full each cycle), and annual household income well north of $100K. Explained I opened several cards in the past few months to accrue points for large family vacation to Asia, which is true. We discussed those details, and the manager said she would see if she can do something to overturn the automatic denial. Was placed on hold for 5-7 minutes. Finally, she said she could approve me for this card with no additional credit, so moved over half of my Aviator Red CL to the new JetBlue Plus, and I’ll get this card in 7-10 business days. Clearly, Barclay is quite sensitive to the number of inquiries on your credit report. I will not try for another Barclay card for a good long while (well, not until more of my inquiries are much further behind in my rearview mirror). Compared to Amex, Barclay is much, much tougher. Doubt I would have been approved if I had not the Aviator Red already.

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