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Published on September 28th, 2018 | by William Charles


Barclays Choice Privileges 64,000 Points Offer [Highest Ever]

The Offer

Direct link to offer (scroll down to terms & conditions to see details of bonus or just ctrl+f and search for ‘32,000’)

  • Barclays Choice Privileges is offering a sign up bonus of 64,000 points. Bonus is broken down as follows:
    • 32,000 points after $1,000 in spend within the first 90 days of account open date
    • An additional 32,000 points after an additional $2,000 in spend within the first 180 days

Card Details

  • Valid until November 30th, 2018
  • No annual fee
  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 5 points per eligible $1 spent at over 5,500 Choice Privileges locations
    • 5 points per eligible $1 on additional Choice Privileges points or Choice Hotels gift card purchase
    • 2 points per eligible $1 spent on everyday purchases
  • 8,000 anniversary points if you spend more than $10,000 in the previous calendar year
  • Elite gold status:
    • A 10% Elite points bonus for eligible stays, plus an exclusive reservations phone number
    • Choose an elite welcome gift or bonus points at participating U.S. hotels.
      • 250 bonus points at Ascend, Comfort Suites and Comfort Inn hotels
      • 200 bonus points at Clarion, Sleep Inn, Quality and MainStay hotels
      • 100 bonus points at Econo Lodge, Rodeway and Suburban hotels
    • Choose an elite welcome gift or bonus points at participating Canadian hotels.
    • 250 bonus points at Ascend, Clarion, Comfort Suites, Comfort Inn and Quality hotels
    • 200 bonus points at MainStay and Sleep Inn hotels
    • 100 bonus points at Econo Lodge, Rodeway and Suburban hotels

Our Verdict

Previous best offer on this card was 40,000 points. Keep in mind you can now book hotels up to 100 days in advance (previously it was 50 with this card). Points expiration policy is also a bit better than it has been as well. With Choice it’s important to keep in mind most of the properties in North America aren’t great (the one in Rapid City, SD for visting Bad Lands and Mount Rushmore is good value at 8,000 points per night is good value). The real value to be had is in Europe and especially Scandinavia. Free nights start at 6,000 points per night and up to a maximum of 35,000 points per night (except in Australasia where it’s up to 75,000 points) and there isn’t any award chart (prices are flexible and somewhat tied to cash rate).

I’d recommend doing a bit of searching first before applying for this card so you can get a feel for the different types of properties and their pricing.  If you have any questions about Barclays and before you apply for this card, I’d strongly recommend you read our post: 25 Things You Should Know About Barclays Credit Cards. It’s also worth remembering that Barclays cards are hard to get approved for. I’m not sure if the 6/24 rule applies to this card or not (update: based on data points in the comments it appears this does not apply). Other Barclay cards also have increased bonuses such as:

Hat tip to reader Kasey C, docterred & My Points Life

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this is great. previous versions of htis offer gave 8,000 pts for the first purchase (?), and another 24000 after your first *paid stay* (within 6mo, i think). It was a hassle.

Not to mention that I had to hound them for over a year, maybe two, just to get the 24,000 after my paid stay. It was ridiculous.

Interesting news, thanks. Nice they finally upped the offer. In recent years, have accumulated a “ton” of Choice points via various Chase => Amtrak => (3:1) Choice transfers. (thanks again to Drew @ TIF)

Am hanging onto them for international travel, and yes, the nasty choice expiration policy is an “outlier” in the industry. That welcome reminder prompted the discovery that even minimal spending on this card will keep Choice points alive. (for another 18 months)

This is not targeted? The public offer still says 32k and this just takes you straight to the application page. The hat tip people received this via their email.

Just got approved with about 8 new accounts visible in credit reports in the last 24 months. Most of the cards are on the older side though. Had our first baby about 24 months ago, thus less time for the hobby 🙂

Could I get an explicit clarification on the points expiration? I’m not seeing a discussion of points expiration on the linked terms & conditions when I search “expir.” Thanks.

Never mind. Google to the rescue, and I found this:

Any specific redemption options in Scandanavia worth noting?

Ya id really like to see this

Any approval/denial data points would be appreciated. I’m 13/12, doubtful I’d be approved.

I am at LOL/24. Applied and got declined. Called, moved some credit and got approved. Call in immediately if you are declined.

How many Barclay cards do you have? Canceled my Aviator Red a few weeks ago, I have the JetBlue & Wyndham cards, both opened less than a year ago. Combined CL is $12.6k

What is your ?/24 number? Remember not to count biz cards that don’t report. I was declined at 18/24 for having too many accounts today. Rep said they are not allowed to recon a too many accounts denial.

great offer too bad it’s barclaycard wish it has bysiness version i’m going under 5/24 soon

Could someone please post if they can see this offer with affinityy?

Is this 5/24 like the Wyndham Barclay?

I was 6/24 and opened Barclay AAviator, Barclay Wyndham and two BoA cards on the same day. Perhaps I’m missing some more recent DPs but that would seem to suggest Barclay Wyndham is not subject to 5/24.

Appears to be, I got denied at 8/24 yesterday

Just called recon, the rep said I was denied for too many accounts w/i the last 24 months and that was an automatic, no way around it, denial. I offered to move credit from my Aviator card, and still no good. I asked him if there was a hard number and he said no, but if their system denies you for that reason you’re sunk.

What do you mean 5/24, like Wyndham? I was approved for Wyndham last year, but denied today for this card for too many accounts in 24 months. I am 18/24.

Yeah sometime this year Barclay implemented 5/24 on Arrival plus and Wyndham.

Barclay does not do 5/24. They do YMMV/24. (Read the other posts, some people get approved with at least 6/24.)

Hopefully their properties in Scandinavia aren’t bed bug infestations also!

Krista check my posts
Krista check my posts

Ha ha, makes me think back to one stay at A Rodeway Inn. It was near a tourist area and the only affordable option. Never saw any evidence of bed bugs, but a negative review online had mentioned them. Place was so-so clean which didn’t help.

– Did not sleep well that night.

What are these points worth cash wise?

Correction: You wrote: “Elite gold status:
Ability to book free nights 50 days in advance instead of 30 day”

Actually, Choice changed this about half a year ago, and now ALL members get the ability to book free nights 100 days in advance. There is no longer any difference in the free night booking window depending on Choice status.

For more details about how this (confusingly) unfolded, see this FT thread:

Meanwhile, there are other new elite benefits, including a welcome gift/points. See here:

Opened this card less than 10 days ago and they refuse to match this offer. Sent a message and called. So disappointed.

What are these points worth cash wise ?

Varies – around .5 or .6 is the average.

Do you mean $0.005 to $0.006 per point? In other words, 64,000 points are worth $320-384?

yes that’s the case.

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